5 Reasons Reality TV Will Always Have A Place In Our Hearts

by Kevin Trester

We all have different ways of coping with life. Some exercise, others go to therapy, and others take up knitting. But how does this humble writer stay sane? Simple. I watch as much reality television as I can.

Not only is reality TV superior to most other forms of self-care, it was basically my first love. As I experienced the triumphs and pitfalls, heart-leaps and heartbreaks of my teens and 20s, I watched the cast members of my favorite reality shows do it on TV.

When I heard that the producer emeritus of all great mid-aughts reality TV, Adam Divello (Laguna Beach, The Hills, The City), was back with another show, I immediately stood at attention. Divello's latest endeavor, Music City, follows a group of creative (not to mention incredibly attractive) musicians looking to emerge as the next big act in Nashville. They're young, hungry, and while they chase their dreams, they're also juggling increasingly complicated personal lives and hookups.

In anticipation of the premiere of this new venture, we're counting down all the reasons reality TV will always have a place in our hearts. Be sure to tune into Music City, Thursday, March 1, at 10/9 c, only on CMT!

1. We Get To Know Worlds Beyond Our Own Hometowns

When I first dipped my toe in the proverbial reality TV pond, I was in high school living in a small New Jersey town, fostering big dreams of one day escaping to the nearest city. Getting to know the bright lights of New York, the hills of Los Angeles, or the coast of California though reality television in my youth was pure wish fulfillment. Now, with the premiere of Music City, we'll have a chance to get to know a totally new town — one full of friendly people, big dreams, and even bigger heartbreaks. You might walk away wondering, "Should I move to Nashville?"

2. The Characters Grow To Feel Like Friends

Hey... I welcome these folks into my living room for hours upon hours a day, so who's to say they aren't my friends? With the Music City cast in my life, I'm looking forward to getting to know a whole new group of compatriots. There's touring musician Kerry and law student and mother Rachyl (who happens to be married to Kerry). There's Lothario/singer songwriter/fitness instructor Jackson. Rounding out the gang, we have Jessica, a singer songwriter looking for love, and California girl Alisa. Welcome to my home!

3. The Love Triangles

With all the supremely attractive cast members, it's no surprise that few reality shows are without a love triangle or two. This crop of warm young Southerners are also gorgeous, creative, and fun, so there are sure to be plenty of romantic entanglements in Music City. I've got my money on some drama between gorgeous player Jackson, and sweetheart singer Jessica. Let's just say that I'm living out all the romantic intrigue vicariously through them!

4. It's Nice To Focus On Other People's Drama... Especially At Restaurants

In my book, relatable television equals eating delicious meals, sipping cocktails, and spilling serious tea about everyone you know while sitting at brunch/lunch/dinner/happy hour. And sure, you and your friends probably do this on the regular, but it's nice to watch other people do it for once, free of any repercussions from your own social circle. I'm curious to see the gang on Music City do this, because this time-honored reality issue just never gets old. (Plus, I like seeing what others order at brunch compared to me.)

5. Watching Other People Hustle Feels, Well... Real

Not to get sentimental or anything, but at the end of the day, I love reality TV for the stories about people with dreams. Like us fallible humans in the real world, our reality friends are constantly chasing something — love, a big break, or themselves. It might be Jackson sidelining his career as a fitness instructor and going for his dream as a singer. It might be Rachyl chasing her dreams of becoming a lawyer. It might be Alisa learning to overcome self-doubt. Whether you’re working a monotonous 9-to-5 office job, bartending until 2 a.m, or singing your heart out at an open mic night, we can all relate to pursuing your ambitions and figuring life out along the way.

This article is sponsored by CMT's Music City, premiering on March 1 at 10/9 c, only on CMT.