5 Running Meditations To Do To Make The Most Of Your Time On The Track

Gray Mortimore/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Starting a meditation practice for the first time can be challenging. Most people think of meditation as having to take place while you're seated, with your eyes closed, which has the potential to be really boring even if you're trying your darnedest to quiet your mind. Many people find that physical movement, and running in particular can naturally have meditative qualities; the repetitive motion and distinct focus can make it easier for you to filter out distracting thoughts. So, why not do both at once? Running meditations can help you double up on self-care.

If sitting meditation is more annoying than peace-producing for you, you’re not alone; a sitting practice is great, but it’s not for everyone. Lots of folks meditate via other means, and many runners, for instance, report the profoundly calming and mind-clearing effects of their daily trek outside. So merging the two practices can work really well.

Psychology Today notes that running is one of the oldest forms of exercise, and in addition to the many physical health benefits of running, it can also help clear and center the mind in a pretty profound way. So if you’re a runner, and you’re also looking to deepen your meditation practice — or maybe you’d prefer to adapt your current practice to a movement based one — check out these meditations you can do during a run.