5 Short YA Romance Novels If You're Still Searching For A Summer Fling

Aside from the obvious temperate markers, there are a few iconic symbols of summer we have all come to know and love, including cookouts and BBQs, beach days and binge-reading, and, of course, summer romance. The season may be winding down, but with the help of these short YA romance novels you can finish in a single weekend, you still have time to find that special (fictional) someone before the sun sets on summer.

If you’re a romance reader, than you know few genres offer the kind of starry-eyed, take-your-breath-away love stories that young adult novels do. That’s not to say romance books written for “grown-ups” aren’t great, but is there anything sweeter or more swoon-worthy than first loves, first kisses, and the kind of innocence and optimism that comes with that the first really magical relationship? Whether the teens in these book are simply falling for each other in drama club or taking their young love on a whirlwind adventure abroad, they sweep readers off their feet right alongside their characters.

Are you ready to fall in love this weekend? Then pick up one of these five short young adult romance novels, and be prepared to to wish you were a teen again.

'The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles)' by Amy Spalding

Hardcover Page Count: 284

Determined to make her dream of becoming a star in the fashion industry a reality, 17-year-old Abby Ives hasn't had much time for romance, and that's perfectly fine with her. That is, until she lands an incredible internship at her favorite boutique, where she finds herself falling for not only her new career but her fellow intern, Jordi Perez, who she's competing with for a paid job at the end of the summer. With both her future and her heart at stake, will Abby find a way to accomplish her goals without losing out on her chance at love?

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'Love, Hate and Other Filters' by Samira Ahmed

Hardcover Page Count: 288

If you're looking for a contemporary romance that doesn't shy away from the true experiences of the modern teen — prejudice, discrimination, violence, political unrest — this #OwnVoices book is perfect for you. Love, Hate, and Other Filters follows 17-year-old Maya Aziz, an aspiring filmmaker who wants nothing more than to go to film school in New York where she can finally create an identity of her own, away from her traditional Muslim family's expectations and closer to her long-time crush. But after a tragic terrorist attack, Maya is faced with the devastating effects of Islamophobia that threaten the very community she tried to run away from. A beautiful and balanced debut, this romantic coming-of-age story will make your heart flutter just as often as it will challenge you to think about the issues facing American teens today.

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'The Brightsiders' by Jen Wilde

Hardcover Page Count: 304

From the author of Queen of Geek comes a queer rock and roll romance that will have your heart singing. The Brightsiders tells the story of Emmy King, the star drummer for a hit band who is labeled a wild child by the tabloids after a night of partying lands her in the hospital. Luckily for Emmy, her bandmates are their to help her get her life and her reputation back on track, including Alfie, who she just can't seem to stop kissing. Does their doomed romance stand a chance, or will it become another scandal for the headlines? A fun and flirty novel featuring a diverse cast of unforgettable characters, The Brightsiders will win the hearts of teen and adult readers alike.

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'Meet Cute' by Various Authors

Hardcover Page Count: 320

In this swoon-worthy anthology about those people who "are destined to meet," readers will find 14 diverse love stories from some of YA's brightest stars, including Nina LaCour, Sara Shepard, Nicola Yoon, and Julie Murphy. Featuring romantic tales of love at first sight, missed connections, second chances, and more, Meet Cute will make you fall in love again and again.

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'The Summer of Us' by Cecilia Vinesse

Hardcover Page Count: 320

In this globe-trotting romance novel, five best friends take a trip of a lifetime through Europe, where they find not only beautiful sights, fascinating history, incredible art, and delicious food, but the possibility of love. A charming tale of first kisses, friendship, and that one experience that changes everything, The Summer of Us is the perfect way to wrap up your own summer.

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