5 Snacking Habits That Prove You're Finally An Adult


There are certain life milestones that signify the perennial transition from "almost grown" to "actual adult." Getting your first apartment is one. Opening up a bank account is another. The most resonant is definitely when you start to eat like an adult.

One day, you might be munching on corn chips like a carefree kid, and the next, you're swapping chips for almonds. Where in the past, you've only become excited about chicken nuggets and grilled cheese, suddenly you're into kale. And where you once totally eschewed briny or spicy things, your induction to adulthood is all about olives and chili sauce. All of a sudden, you're getting excited about vegetables, when you used to only get excited about cake. At noticing your newly adult habits, part of you will be like, "How did I even get here? Who am I?!?" But then the larger part will be all, "Look at what a mature snacker I am! Kudos, me... You've come so far."

So you can get on patting yourself on the back, we've teamed up with Hidden Valley® Simply Ranch to compile the exhaustive list of snacking habits that fully evidence that you're officially an adult. But of course, when it comes to some things — like flavor — you'll always be a kid at heart.

1. You Sometimes Snack On Vegetables Instead Of Chips

You'll never fully kick potato chips to the curb, but you've now fully embraced the beauty of a vegetable for the occasional mid-afternoon snack. Peppers? Why not! Carrots? Yum! Celery? Live your best life! And while you do love a good veggie, you're always smart enough to pair it with a dip — like Hidden Valley Ranch Simply Ranch — to kick up the flavor. And an even smarter feature of Simply Ranch — it's got no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors and it’s gluten free.

2. Kale Legitimately Excites You

For real though. When you're an adult, something about this bitter, hearty green just shoots your spirits to the moon. Sure, it's also ~super trendy~ and of the moment, but now that you're an adult and you like slightly bitter leafy greens, this is your go-to roughage. You like it even more when there are eggs and bacon on it. Pro tip: Marinate your kale in some Simply Ranch overnight, and you've got a tasty coated salad.

3. Avocado Excites You Even More

If you're a grown up, avocado is likely your religion. It is your Alpha and your Omega. The concept of "too much avocado" is a simple impossibility. And especially when you have a little bit of ranch to drizzle alongside it, you've been known to scoop it straight out of the shell. They don't call it "nature's butter" for nothing.

4. Spicy Things Get You Fired Up... In A Good Way

Spice is one of those things. You probably couldn't handle it as a kid, but now that you're one of the grown ups, suddenly you find yourself curious and drawn to this exciting new sensation. From hot pepper, to chili sauce, to anything with a Jalapeño bite, spice is suddenly on the menu for you. It hurts SO good!

5. You Put Condiments In Ramekins Now

Not only do you snack like an adult; you have the appropriate dishware and food accessories that adults have. Meaning, instead of letting your condiments bleed onto everything else on your plate, you put them in ramekins like a civilized mature person. And while your Hidden Valley Simply Ranch tastes great on the side of your plate, it tastes even better in your cute ceramic cup.

Illustrations by Shea O'Connor.

This article is sponsored by Hidden Valley® Simply Ranch.