5 Sneaker Styles You'll See Everywhere in 2017

If you take a glance at 2016's year in fashion, I think it's suffice to say that athleisure and athletic wear dominated the scene. Though I'm a gal who loves to get dolled up for a girl's night out, there's nothing better than a fashionable trend that quite literally is all about comfort. I mean, who doesn't want to look good and stay comfortable at all times? But what's on the horizon for this year? I'm predicting 2017's sneaker style trends to be an extension of what was popular last year, only more colorful and more fabulous.

The sneaker trend became bigger than ever in 2016, and it churned out some of the most diverse shoes I've ever seen. So many sneakers have made the top trends that I've started thinking of myself as a purist: one who only wears sneakers to the gym! Purist I may be, I always find myself looking longingly at the ladies who seem to have nailed the sneakers of 2016 effortlessly. As for 2017, my stubborn ways are definitely going to change. I'm turning over a new leaf, which means new shoes, obviously.

This year, it's doubtful that the sneaker trend will fade out any time soon. Perhaps they'll be like skinny jeans; what once was trendy soon became a classic. The white sneakers may reign supreme but there are definitely varying trends of the shoe style. I've rounded up five sneaker styles I think are going to be huge in 2017. Indulge alongside me!

1. Satin


Zara Sateen Sneakers, $50,

Satin may as well be called velvet's little sister. You'll see these shoes everywhere.

2. Velcro


Adidas Originals Stan Smith Velcro Sneakers in White, $90,

If you're loving the white sneakers but need an update, look no further than nostalgic velcro shoes.

3. Metallic


Puma Basket Metallic Platform Sneaker, $100,

Add some fun to your everyday life with these eye catching babes.

4. Streetwear


Turin Metallic Elastic Trainer, $30,

Yeezy has a Midas touch on fashion, and shoes are no exception. People are taking queue from Kanye.

5. Embroidered

Free People

Ash Vanina Hi Top Sneaker, $160,

I'm betting money that these will be all over the music festival scene.