5 Surprising Home Updates To Make For Fall

Courtesy of Marshalls

Did you have a light-bulb moment this year while making your summer-to-autumn clothing swap, realizing that not only were you over your current wardrobe, but you also completely wanted to refresh your home décor for fall? Suddenly, your color palette was all wrong, your floor plan not quite right, and your design aesthetic was, well, lacking. Although it may not be talked about quite as often, it is easy to find yourself in a home design rut (aka utter and total boredom when it comes to your humble abode). And guess what? It's very likely to happen when the seasons are in flux.

Now for the remedy — one that doesn't involve blowing all your savings to completely redo every furnishing in every room. The trick? Shop stores that offer variety for a whole lot less, like Marshalls, who we've partnered with to bring you the best, easiest, and most surprising home pieces to spruce up your place. No need for a total overhaul to achieve a state of renewed décor bliss — just a little sense of adventure. Get ready to discover a big selection of small updates that will make everything look and feel brand new.

In The Entryway

In case you missed it, the round wall mirror has become the ultimate home adornment over the past few months (hello, fashion-meets-function). Take it one step further by adding a gilded catch-all tray for keys or a framed pic of friends and family below — or both! You're not spending first and last month's, so feel free to really play up that entryway. The glimmering corner will become a new space for organization where you can give yourself a once-over before leaving the house. Win-win? Totally.

In The Kitchen

Say goodbye to the random, hand-me-down dishes your roomies have left behind over the years. Go the boho route, and browse stores for new replacements to mix and match with your collection. Whether on display or not, your bowls, plates, and the like are items you use the most — so you'll enjoy adding a few carefully chosen upgrades to your stash. Plus, the next time you host a dinner party, your new pieces will make old favorites shine all the brighter. Everything will instantly feel elevated, even if you're serving a certain two-dollar wine (hey, it happens).

In The Living Room

Are you familiar with that crew of influencers who always post the most stunning coffee table photos? Well, the one thing they all have in common is that they have mastered the art of the coffee-table-book stack. Check out your nearest store to explore a selection of interesting tomes in your favorite subjects — art, travel, fashion — and stack them from largest to smallest, bottom up. While you're shopping, keep an eye out for smaller discoveries, like jewelry boxes and vases that you can place on top or layer inside of a large tray.

In The Bedroom

If you love fresh-cut flowers but hate the weekly expense, then hunt for some faux succulents in awesome planters that have the organic look you want and require way less maintenance. Cluster a trio in different sizes atop a desk, shelf, or dresser in your bedroom. You can also find luxe planters for less that range from ceramic to brass to even pedestal-style. If you'd rather skip the faux route, houseplants are another relatively low-maintenance option. Oh, and did we mention that greenery like the dracaena, ficus, and bamboo palm all boast awesome air-purifying properties?

In The Bathroom

Our sense of smell is overlooked sometimes, but there's no better place for a fragrance update than your powder room. Head somewhere with plenty of variety, so that even if you plan on using your favorite traditional scent like rose or lily, you can still surprise yourself with seasonal options with pumpkin spice or apple orchard. If you still want to inject a bit of visual fun into the room, add in some essential oil diffusers or tea lights and festive holders that go well with your existing furnishings.

If all these design ideas have you itching to go all home decorating channel on your place, we're with you. In fact, we'll probably see you at the store (we'll be browsing the kitchen aisle)!

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Design: Dana Leonetti/Bustle