5 Things All Cat And Dog Owners Should Know About Nutrition

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We are living through a veritable food renaissance. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, new modes of distribution, and intense public interest in the health benefits of certain foods, there are more dietary options than ever before. The revolution extends to pet nutrition as well. Between 2014 and 2015, pet food production increased by 22.5 percent, culminating in 29.5 billion dollars spent on pet food in 2015 in the United States alone. This sales boom is accounted for, in part, by pet parents who understand that what they feed their beloved pets can have a profound impact on their quality of life.

With optimal pet nutrition in mind, some pet food companies have risen to the occasion. New dietary supplements and pet foods with organic ingredients are available to meet the demands of cat and dog lovers. Unfortunately, there continue to be less healthy options on the market, and clever marketing can lead well-meaning pet parents to make less-than-healthy choices for their cats and dogs.

But now, thanks to NomNomNow, healthy pet nutrition is more accessible than ever before. Under the direction of Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a board-certified Veterinary Nutritionist and a leader in veterinary nutrition, NomNomNow has released a line of products that optimize pet nutrition via delicious, human-grade recipes that are pre-portioned for your furry friend and delivered straight to your door. NomNomNow offers customizable meal plans, including a variety of unique recipes and additional supplements to improve your pet’s gut health, meet their weight goals, and boost their immune system.

And bonus: NomNomNow is currently offering a 50% discount on your first order when you subscribe.

Read on to discover five key facts about pet nutrition, and how NomNomNow is addressing them through their specially formulated products.


There Are Independent, Scientific Standards For Pet Nutrition Just As There Are For Humans

When shopping at the grocery store, most consumers take for granted that the food for sale has had some level of oversight by an independent regulator. Commercially available food for humans is clearly labeled with ingredients and nutritional facts, and menus increasingly advertise the calorie content of their items. Such oversight exists in the pet food industry as well, though most consumers don’t know where to find it. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets standards and regulations for pet food nutrition formulas, including for cats and dogs. When shopping for pet food, check for the AAFCO nutrient profile symbol to ensure that the pet food you’re considering meets these standards. (Fun fact: NomNomNow’s pet food meals not only meet AAFCO standards, but exceed them at all life stages.)


The Health Of Cats & Dogs Is Largely Determined By Their Microbiomes

Gut health in cats and dogs is a key factor in their overall health and wellness. Just as with humans, the digestive systems of cats and dogs contain all kinds of clues about their overall health. A simple, easy-to-administer test of your pet’s microbiome can help diagnose issues related to their immune and digestive systems, weight issues, and skin conditions. Luckily, NomNomNow offers a comprehensive Insights Microbiome Kit, which not only provides a detailed analysis of your pet’s gut health, but also suggests ways to improve gut health based on the results.


To Stay Fit, Your Pet Needs As Much Protein As You Do

If you’ve ever committed to a weight training or weight loss routine, you know that a high-protein diet is essential. For humans who seek to gain muscle mass and lose weight, macronutrient diets suggest that as much as 40 percent of the nutrients you eat be protein. For cats, that number can be even higher. While the AAFCO recommends at least 30 percent protein per serving of cat food for growth, a 2013 study found that cats may require significantly more protein than that. NomNomNow takes pet nutrition seriously, and adjusts these numbers to make sure your cat is as fit as can be. Their Chicken Chow Meow recipe, for example, packs 56 percent protein, ensuring that your cat’s diet is calibrated for optimum health.

Curious about dogs? The National Research Council recommends that puppy diets consist of about 29 percent protein, whereas adult dogs need about 18 percent dietary protein. NomNomNow has your dog covered too, with recipes like Heartland Beef Mash coming in at 28 percent protein.


Probiotics Can Be As Beneficial For Your Pet As They Are For You

It's common for humans to be directed to take a probiotic when facing a variety of health and dietary issues. Probiotics are “good” bacteria that help with digestion and boost the immune system. While humans encounter probiotics through some natural foods such as yogurt, for cats and dogs these nutrients can be harder to come by. But when taken regularly, probiotics can help cats and dogs to maintain normal digestive and immune functions. NomNomNow makes it easy to give your pet an extra boost of probiotic assistance through their specially formulated Full Spectrum Probiotic For Dogs and Full Spectrum Probiotics for Cats. Just one daily scoop of these supplements can significantly improve your pet’s health.


5. There Are Common Ingredients You Should Avoid

When shopping for pet food, you probably make the same assumptions you do when shopping for human food. For example, habits like looking for the cheapest food probably isn’t the best. But beyond these basic instincts, there are particular ingredients you might not know to avoid in cat and dog food. Corn and wheat gluten, which are commonly found in cat food, are common allergens for cats. Food dyes are also to be avoided, as there is no nutritional basis for their inclusion in pet food: they are added late in the production process only to appeal to the pet owner. Certain preservatives, especially Butylated hydroxyanisole, or BHA, should be avoided as well. While used in some dog foods as a preservative, BHA has been shown to be carcinogenic. That’s why NomNomNow uses only real, whole food ingredients that are of such high quality that they are safe for human consumption. Their all-natural and gluten-free recipes contain additional natural ingredients to pack their food with healthy vitamins, proteins, and Omega Fatty Acids to keep your cat or dog eating, feeling, and looking well.

Now that you’re up to speed on the latest facts about pet nutrition, head on over to NomNomNow to create a customized meal plan for your cat or dog that will have them feeling healthier and happier than ever.


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