5 Things That Happen Before Your Saturn Return That Astrologers Want You To Know About

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I so wasn't prepared when my Saturn Return came around. Truth be told, it happened before I knew what Saturn Return even was, and that meant I was wholly unprepared for its effects; as a result, I pretty much blew up my life. If you're not familiar with this term either, "Saturn Return" refers to the time when Saturn "returns" to the same position in the sky as it was in when you were born. It usually happens for people when they hit between the ages of 27 and 30 — coincidentally, the time when many people feel like they're having a quarter-life crisis. Being aware of what to know about the period before your Saturn Return can help make it easier.

If you're not sure when to expect your Saturn Return, you can find out by using a Saturn Return calculator. Several astrological factors can affect your Saturn Return, and some people could begin feeling the effects a year before it even begins. The more you know ahead of time, the easier it will be to wade through the emotional upheaval that's pretty much unavoidable during Saturn Return.

"The Saturn Return is often experienced differently for different people, depending on the way that Saturn is situated in the natal chart. For some it is an important period of accomplishment, while for others it is a more difficult period that is associated with obstacles and setbacks," The Astrology Dictionary explained on its website. If your Saturn Return is coming up, here's what astrologers recommend you know before it starts.


Be Willing To Make Changes

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Your Saturn Return is going to happen no matter what, and fighting the life transitions that accompany it will only make it more difficult. If you're someone who hates change, spend the year before your Saturn Return getting more comfortable with uncertainty.

"Saturn’s job is to help us define ourselves a little more. Saturn does this by changing the structure of how we’re thinking, which is truly the foundation of our lives," Sandy Sitron, a hypnotist and astrologist, said in her Saturn Return guide. "So the best thing you can do to prepare is practice being open minded. Practice looking for new ways of being. Look in the mirror everyday and say to yourself, 'I am willing to change.'"


Start Meditating & Journaling

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Aside from helping you develop coping skills, adopting a meditation and journaling practice allows you get clear about what you want out of life before your Saturn Return begins. "One way to prepare for a Saturn Return is to start journaling during meditation about what your true purpose is and if you’re living a purposeful life," Astrologer Shannon Yrizarry explained on Astrology Answers. "Write down what fears may be keeping you from following a path of higher purpose and what people in your life are influencing your way of thinking."


Practice Being Patient

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The time before your Saturn Return is ideal for practicing patience. Because trust me, you're going to need a lot of patience during the next few years. During your Saturn Return, things will feel like they're always going sideways, and you could feel out of control most of the time. But it won't last forever.

"Saturn will bring you hard work, delays, possibly loss, and disappointment. The advice that is usually given to anyone undergoing a Saturn transit or Saturn Return is to button up and get to work, be patient, stay calm," The Soul Sisters, Dixie Gladstone and Sharon Russell, explained on Feminine Astrology.


Think Of Saturn As Your Life Coach

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Remember, your Saturn Return will help you learn and grow — it's not your enemy. "We prefer the term life coach or personal trainer since Saturn is 'cruel' to be kind," the AstroTwins Ophira and Tali Edut said on their website Astro Style. "It breaks you down, makes you lift the heavy weights so you can build those rock-hard muscles and get into fighting shape! Wherever Saturn is in your chart will point to your toughest lessons, but the ones you might become obsessed with breaking through." Like any good coach, Saturn will push you out of your comfort zone. This is a good thing because that's where the magic happens.


Accept Responsibility

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For many people, the years between 20 and 30 are an extended adolescence. Before your Saturn Return, it's important to know that you're going to have to start adulting full time, whether you like it or not. This is particularly important when it comes to your career.

"For those who haven’t quite found their niche, or are in need of a job overhaul, the return can signal a time of change in a new direction, or to a different and more satisfying vocation. For those who have worked toward a particular goal, taking on more responsibility or making a more significant work commitment becomes the next step toward succeeding in a chosen vocation," Astrologer Karen Christino wrote on her website. "Sometimes the responsibilities of career and other obligations weigh heavily upon us at the time of a first Saturn Return. We must then prioritize things, decide which activities can be meaningful in the future, and which have merely become a burden and need to be dropped."

Overall, it's important to note that Saturn Return is not about karma and you are not being punished. It's about learning and growth, which can sometimes look like total destruction. While this will no doubt be difficult, you'll emerge stronger on the other side.