5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Matching Tattoo With A Friend Or Partner

by Alice Broster
making a tattoo on a man’s hand

When it comes to changing up your look there are few things more permanent than getting a tattoo. Sure, laser removal is an option but it’s notoriously expensive and painful. When it comes to getting inked, you want to be sure that you’re making the right decision for you. In 2019 it isn’t exactly uncommon to see couples of best friends getting tattoos together. I you’re considering it, here’s five things to consider when getting a tattoo with someone else, according to tattoo expert Justine Morrow from Tattoodo. Whether it’s inking a wedding band onto your finger to profess your everlasting love or getting a meaningful symbol with your bestie to remind you of the good times you shared together, tattoos aren’t something to go into lightly.

As someone with a fair few tattoos, I’m all for changing up your look with ink. Yes, tattoos are a big commitment but they’re also a really fun way to express your individuality. While some couples may decide to buy a dog together or buy matching Christmas PJs, getting a tattoo together can be a really big expression of your love. Plus, being tattooed doesn’t exactly tickle, so having someone there to hold your hand and then get in the chair themselves is quite comforting. Before you book your appointment with a SO, here’s five things to consider.


Choose a discreet place

Gael Cleinow

There’s no getting away from the fact that getting a tattoo with someone is a big commitment. Whether it’s on the middle of your chest or hidden away on your ribs it’s there for life unless you laser it off. A Justine Morrow from Tattoodo, the world's largest tattoo community, suggests, “you can lessen the pressure by putting your new ink somewhere hidden. There are places on the body that are great not only for first timers trying to tone down the glaring evidence of body modification, but for couples making their mark on each others skin. Spots like the ribs, ankle, hips, even the side of your foot; these can all be spaces that you may not immediately think of, but can work perfect for your piece.”


Small & simple

Christopher Vasquez

Another way to get inked with someone else without committing to a day under the tattoo machine and an entire arm sleeve is picking something smaller and more dainty. Morrow says, “from fineline cursive to miniature sparrows in flight...or even your lovers handwriting or simple smiley faces. Just because they’re small or simple couple tattoos doesn’t mean they don’t pack a big punch to the proverbial heart.”


Matching tattoos don’t have to be identical

West 4 tattoo

A common misconception about getting a tattoo with someone else is that you have to get matching art work. In reality the ink is going on your body so you can do whatever is most meaningful to you. According to Morrow, “the cool thing about friends and lovers is that opposites do attract, and even if you’re really similar, you’re still different people. This may be a great time to celebrate those differences.”


Relationship Tattoos in UV or White Ink

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As an art tattooing is constantly changing and developing. There is so much variation in style, design, and ink. If you want to get a tattoo with someone but it’s either your first and only tattoo or you want to put a little twist on it then UV and white ink are both options. Morrow explains, “at first a white ink tattoo will look a bit red and irritated, like any other new ink, but after it heals and settles, and depending on your natural skin tone, it can actually look almost invisible. UV ink can also be another way to go. Many of these inks are not highly visible in the’s only under UV light that these babies glow.”


Have fun with the experience

Ann Gilberg

There’s so much emphasis on the permanence and seriousness of tattoos but it’s important to remember that getting inked should be a really positive, fun experience for both you and whoever you go with. You should never get a tattoo for someone else so it’s important that you love the design for yourself. Morrow says, “the more fun you have with the experience, just as with the design, the happier you will be with the tattoo even if that “forever” turns into “for right now”."


Getting tattooed can be a little bit scary, especially if it’s your first time. Considering your design, finding the perfect artist, and having fun on the day is all part of the experience. And getting a tattoo with someone who means a lot to you can be a great way to bond.