5 Things You’ll Relate To On A Spiritual Level If You’re Literally Always Busy

Valentina Barreto / OFFSET

Most days, I feel like I’m ahead of the game if I’m only running 20 minutes behind schedule. Just when I think I can pull off a yoga class before work and make it to my office before my 9 a.m. meeting, the universe is bound to throw an obstacle my way — be it a line 10 people long for a shower at the gym or a crowd of slow pedestrians blocking my access to the closing subway doors. Maintaining a stacked work/social/self-care routine is a complicated balancing act. Anyone trying to juggle a handful of priorities every day can relate!

My baseline level of existence hovers somewhere between “being pulled in three different directions at all times,” and, “let me send you a calendar invite!” so it’s safe to say that I identify as a Busy Human Being. When you’re living your life in a whirlwind of unpredictable activity, you come to appreciate the not-so-small things that make your day-to-day run a little more smoothly. That’s why we partnered with Tampax Pocket Radiant at Walmart, the discreet, pocket-sized tampon that helps busy women live a more streamlined life. So, without further ado (I know you have places to be) — here are five things you’ll relate to if you’re constantly in motion.

1. Neglecting Your Cell Phone For an Hour and Coming Back to a Barrage of Unread Messages

Jenny Garbutt

Nothing spells instant S-T-R-E-S-S like trying to determine which texts, messages, snaps, and emails to respond to first after some time away from your phone. It’s nice to feel needed — but you know what they say about having too much of a good thing.

2. Realizing That You've Double-Booked Yourself

Jenny Garbutt

Technology has given our already-stacked social calendars permission to be in a constant flux of booked solid, ridden with cancellations, and rain checks to boot. That's why keeping on top of your schedule — whether by mental note, or actual note— is pretty much impossible. If you've caught yourself in the unavoidable trap of overcommitting yourself, know you're not alone. (Pro tip: the “add to calendar” feature is your friend. Use it.)

3. The Incredible Convenience Of Pocket-Sized Tampons

Jenny Garbutt

There’s truly no greater nightmare than having a full day when you’ve got your period. Thankfully, the Tampax Pocket Radiant, available at Walmart, travels discreetly and can be tucked away in the pocket of your favorite blazer or jeans. The best part? Despite their discretion, they pack just as much protection as larger tampons.

4. The Unparalleled Joy of a Surprise Discount When You Need It the Most

Jenny Garbutt

Sometimes, the universe just knows when you need a tiny win to break up the chaos of a go-go-go lifestyle. Whether your cosmic reward comes in the form of a free coffee at your favorite java house on a morning you're awake before the sun, or a timely promo code for a ride service across town that arrives precisely the minute you realize you're running late, there’s nothing quite like indulging in time-saving luxuries that won't break the bank.

5. Not Quite Knowing How To Do “Alone Time”

Jenny Garbutt

Speaking of luxuries: Let’s talk about the flood of relief you experience when your plans get cancelled at the last minute. You know, the pure euphoria that accompanies an unexpected night without an agenda. Of course, it lasts for all of five minutes before you start to worry about how you’ll fill your time. Who knew it was possible to stress out over an opportunity to hang in sweatpants and spend your night powering through a new show?! You, that’s who. Take some advice from a fellow Busy Human: Park yourself on the couch and enjoy the solitude while you can.

This post is sponsored by Tampax Pocket Radiant at Walmart