These Wildly Creepy TV Dramas Will You Scare You Silly After A 'Dirty John' Marathon
by Emma Madden

Ever since the podcast turned TV show Dirty John premiered towards the tailend of 2018, it's taken trie crime fans by storm. Its depiction of real events, inspired by the cruel, shambolic behaviour of the real John Meehan is seriously gripping. While more generally, Dirty John seems like an appropriate show for the #MeToo era, as it showcases the largely unchecked ways in which men can (and do) damage women's lives. So, if you were sucked in by the show, and want to watch something similar, here's my list of TV shows that are like Dirty John to get stuck into.

As the Daily Mail reported on Weds, Feb. 27, Dirty John has been recommissioned by Netflix for a second season, but it doesn't look as though an air date has been announced yet. However, there are plenty of shows to fill that indefinite wait with.

If you want something like Dirty John, I expect you might want some more true crime, intensely complicated characters, and a creepy drama that'll hook you in right from the get-go. Luckily, there are quite a few shows out there in the world, so let's leave John for the moment, and get watching.



With the traditional gender roles reversed, Naomi Watts' character Jean —a therapist living in New York— is the bad guy (or gal.) As she starts to forge intimate and illicit relationships with her clients, she lets her desires get the better of her, and it impacts the lives of her and the people around her to disastrous ends. Netflix made the rubbish decision of cancelling it in 2017, as Vanity Fair reported, but it's still available to stream.


'Escape at Dannemora'

Escape at Dannemora is what you'd get if you were to cross Prison Break with Dear John. It's disturbing, intense, and complicated by conflicting moods in the characters. It's relatively new, having made its debut on Showtime on Nov. 18, 2018, according to its IMDB page, and bizarrely enough, it's directed by Dodgeball actor Ben Stiller. Veering away from Stiller's comic roots, the mini series tells the story of a prison employee who falls in love with a pair of inmates at a women's prison, and wants to aid their escape. It's currently available to stream on Now TV.



If you've been living under a rock for the past few months, or tried and failed to become a monk, then you won't have heard of Netflix original You. For everyone else, this is another nudge to get you to watch the super popular, super goosebump-inspiring show. Startlingly true to life, You follows (or stalks) the story of a bookshop manager who falls in love with a writer who visits his shop. What ensues isn't romance but sheer creepiness, as he follows each of the writer's IRL and URL moves. Stream it on Netflix.


'The Catch'

Two brilliant people — one a powerful investigtor, the other a savvy conman — make the most dramatic couple ever. That's the premise of ABC's The Catch, anyway. They both try to outwit one another in this brutal game of cat and mouse, as the husband works to take everything away from his wife, while she's trying to do everything she can to protect her legacy. It's scintillating stuff, and it can be streamed on YouTube.



OK, so Hannibal Lecter might make John Meehan seem like Mother Theresa in comparison, but he must be the ultimate shady man. If you loved Silence of the Lambs, then you'll love this series which is also based on the books by Thomas Harris. Hannibal's played by the phenomenal Mads Mikkelsen, and in my opinion, he's much more effectively creepy than Antony Hopkins. Be warned though, it's much gorier than Silence of the Lambs, and yep, Dirty John too. Stream the series on Netflix.