5 Ways This Year's MTV Movie & TV Awards Will Be Like No Other

When MTV puts on an award show, you never know what might happen. That's the thrill of it! Miss it, and you might miss the next "I'mma let you finish" moment. And while the VMAs always bring the fire, the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards are sure to be one for the books. So you can take the usual thrilling question of "What's gonna happen this year?" and add approximately four more question marks.

Hosted by the hilarious Adam Devine, this year's MTV Movie & TV Awards (yes, you heard right.... movies and TV) represents plenty of firsts. For one, it's the inaugural year that what you love on the small screen and what you love on the big screen will be judged alongside each other. There are also plenty of awesome and inclusive category additions being made, most notably "Best Fight Against The System" and "Best American Story." One thing that's not gonna change is that it's gonna be a real banger, especially with Devine at the helm. Plus, with all the significant changes, this year's show is poised to be the most inclusive, buzzed-about, and unexpected show we've seen so far.

Without further ado, we're getting into the nitty gritty of how the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards are seriously breaking the mold. Check out all the nominees here, and make sure to tune in on Sunday, May 7th at 8/7 c. only on MTV. It's gonna get weird in the best of ways.

1. TV Has Finally Been Invited To The Party


Thus far, only movies have been up for the Golden Popcorn. But with streaming services pumping out more high-quality shows than you can make time for in your busy life to watch, TV has never been better. So naturally, MTV is adding TV to the mix, expanding the categories to include "Best Show," "Best Actor in a Show," and by putting movie and TV stars head-to-head in categories like "Best Hero," "Best Villain," and "Best Comedic Performance." Sigh... How lucky we are to be alive right now.

2. There Are Now Non-Gendered Categories

Break that glass ceiling! In a progressive move that hopefully starts a chain reaction in other award shows, MTV has fused the "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" category so that the top performances of the year are judged alongside each other — regardless of gender. It's about darn stinkin' time.

3. The New Categories Sound Super Exciting

From "Best Kiss" to "Tearjerker," MTV has always delivered on giving us imaginative categories that really get the conversation started. This year is no different, but some of the categories are! "Best Fight" has been changed to "Best Fight Against The System", prioritizing getting active to fight institutional injustice. "Best American Story" is also a newbie this year, highlighting the portraits that express the diversity of American stories.

4. If We Know MTV, There Will Definitely Be A Massive Stunt


Speculating on what this stunt may be is futile, because you can always depend on MTV for a surprise. All we can do is ask questions. Will there be a drag queen flash mob? Will Adam Devine be airlifted into the stage by a helicopter? Will I just have to wait until the night of the show to figure it out? (Short answer — yes).

5. What Ever Happens, It'll Be The Biggest Party Of The Year


Welp, this isn't much of a thing that will be different, rather than a thing that will be bigger than ever. With all the biggest stars in TV and movies all in the same room, how could it not be a legit rager? Pro tip... you miiiiight want to take the next day off. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Also, stock up on some popcorn. Extra points if it's golden.


This post is sponsored by the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Sunday May 7th at 8/7c. only on MTV.