5 Ways Twitter Users Celebrated 4/20


To many, April 20 is a day like any other. You get up, eat, work, relax, and do your daily routine with little fanfare. But to the wake and bakers, the midnight tokers, and the occasional weed smokers, 4/20 is a glorious excuse to celebrate the transformative and transcendental possibilities of marijuana. And, unsurprisingly, folks on Twitter were posting their thoughts about it high AF with the trending hashtag #Happy420.

The origins of 4/20 are shrouded in myth, secrecy, and purple haze. Apparently, the holiday in honor of all things ganj started with a group of Californian high school kids called The Waldos in the 1970s who would meet every day at 4:20 p.m. after school to search for a fabled patch of cannabis. Eventually, 4/20 became their slang for pot, which soon circulated amongst the Grateful Dead scene, and rest is history.

However, that's just one uniquely American aspect of weed lore, as marijuana culture spans continents and cultures and belongs to no one. Or, as any number of stoners might lovingly say while waxing poetic about weed: marijuana belongs to all of us, man!

Here are ways that Twitter users paid homage to 4/20:

1. They Posted Weed GIFs and Memes

2. They Posted About Legalizing Pot

3. They Posted About Cannabis Products

4. They Posted About Weed Stigma

5. They Posted About Racist Drug Laws