5 Women On The Most Surprising Thing They Do With Perfume

by Michelle Guerrere

Perfume is one of those things that's so personal and memorable. I still remember my first encounter with it: My great aunt had a collection of fragrances that she kept on her windowsill. When we'd spend time together on Sundays, she'd let me play with the artful bottles, and one by one, I'd test each out on a different spot of my hand. Today, perfume is still a part of my daily routine, only now, I stick to one scent at a time instead of wearing an entire collection. I go for a few spritzes on my wrists, which I then blot onto my neck. For me, subtlety is key, but everyone is unique when it comes to how they wear their signature scent.

In collaboration with Bustle and Victoria's Secret Beauty, I decided to ask my friends what they do with their go-to perfume and how they master the art of smelling amazing 24/7. In fact, I took it one step further. Inspired by Victoria's Secret Tease Rebel fragrance — the brand's edgy new floral scent that colors outside the lines — I asked them about the most unexpected things they do with perfume. Because the only thing more signature than your scent is how you use it.

Austen, 23

“This may sound strange, but sometimes I spray my perfume onto my makeup sponge before I blend in my tinted moisturizer. Since I'm pressing the scent into my skin, I find it often lasts longer than if I had just sprayed it on its own.”

Caroline, 27

"I put my favorite fragrance on the back of my neck. I like to think that the aroma gets in my hair, and when the wind blows, people smell it. Plus, when people hug me, they always notice."

Andrea, 23

"I actually spray my perfume all over my bed sheets and pillows (yes, every night). I love the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. And my puppy loves it." 

Kate, 31

"I sometimes spray fragrance on my hair since I wash it every other day. I actually picked this up from hugging a coworker and thinking her hair smelled like perfume — it smelled SO good. I added that beauty trick to my book immediately."

Rebecca, 26

"The last thing I do before I walk out the door — no matter where I'm going — is spritz on perfume (sometimes even more than one, because I love to layer scents). Lately, because it's been so hot in New York City, I've started storing some of my fragrances in the fridge. I know it sounds super weird, but it feels so refreshingly cool on a muggy day, and I've heard it also makes the scent last longer."

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Images courtesy of: Austen Tosone/Instagram, Caroline Slattery/Instagram, Andrea Casanova/Instagram, Kate Wang/Instagram, and Rebecca Dancer/Instagram