5 Women Share The Beauty Rules They Love To Break


Beauty can be contradictory. On the one hand, it's all about self expression, but on the other, it seems to be surrounded by definitive dos and don'ts. It's like there's a rule for everything — don't wear a smoky eye if the rest of your makeup is bold, or only style your hair according to your face shape. Tips and tricks are one thing, but rules that make your routine feel restricted rather than liberated? That's something nobody needs in their life.

That's why Bustle has partnered with Victoria's Secret Beauty to celebrate the rule-breaking spirit of the new Tease Rebel fragrance (the edgy younger sister to the iconic Tease scent). I've personally been inspired by it, too, and have started to identify the beauty rules I'm willing to break. Whereas I'm vigilant about my skincare routine — I have to use my jade roller in the right direction, religiously apply eye cream, and keep my skin super hydrated with plenty of serums and moisturizers — I'll kick plenty of other "dos" to the curb. For example, I'll forego foundation on a clear-skin day, wear a bright-colored nail polish in the winter (or something moody in the summer), and wear my signature fragrance on my hair even though some say it can be drying.

I firmly believe that beauty is an art form, and what better way to express yourself than by just doing you? So I asked real women which beauty rules they unapologetically love to break. Like Tease Rebel's defiant combination of ingredients such as wild rose, two types of violets, and a hint of white leather, these women prove that following the rules can be totally overrated.

Heather, 32

Courtesy of Heather Furlow

"I like keeping my beauty routine simple and letting my skin breathe, so I don't wear foundation or concealer. Occasionally, I'll use a spot concealer if I have a really red pimple. But for the most part, I let my blemishes be. They usually come and go relatively quickly, and I'm totally ok with looking a little 'imperfect' and real, like me."

Mara, 24

Courtesy of Maria Santilli

"Sometimes, I just wear a bold hot pink or red lipstick and no other makeup whatsoever. It sounds weird, but it actually makes a difference and pulls together a look — especially if you run out of time to put on a full face of makeup."

Kelly, 30

Courtesy of Kelly McDonough

"Most people associate putting perfume on with the a.m. hours., but I like to spritz a little bit of fragrance on my sheets and pillowcases before bed. When I wake up, there's just a hint of my favorite scent on my skin... it's so natural."

Lee, 27

Courtesy of Lee Fabiaschi

"The beauty rule I love to break is wearing an eye mask only when your eyes are puffy. I recently started wearing a frozen gel eye mask in the morning and in the evening, and I have seen my 'crow's feet' drastically decrease. I bought [it] almost as a joke, because my apartment gets so hot that I thought having something cool against my skin would help ease the summer heat. I look a little bit crazy walking around with a blue gel eye mask on, but hey, can't beat those results!"

Julia, 27

Courtesy of Julia Murphy

"I never wash my face before bed! I found whenever I [did], my skin would break out. Instead, I always make sure to wash my face in the shower and apply face cream as soon as I'm out."

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Images courtesy of: Heather Furlow/Instagram, Mara Santilli/Instagram, Kelly McDonough/Instagram, Lee Fabiaschi, and Julia Murphy