5 Women Share Their Go-To Beauty Secret For Winter


Whether it’s the cold, windy weather outside or the dry air from heaters and radiators, there are a lot of skin saboteurs to look out for in winter — especially if you're already a sensitive or dehydrated type. And if you have oily or combination skin, don’t think you’re exempt, either. Cold weather can affect all skin types. It can make dullness even duller, oiliness even oilier, and redness... you get the idea. Add to that the fact that the season can also put stress on your hair (looking at you, wool hats), and you’ve got the perfect reason to make sure your winter beauty routine is in tip-top shape.

To help you do that, we asked five women to share their most trusted beauty secrets for surviving winter. In partnership with Kroger, they’ve dished on their best tips and favorite products, from oil-free gel creams to hydrating sheet masks, moisturizing lip balms, and more. So read on to learn their must-haves and work a few into your own routine this year.

Rahel, 27

Courtesy of Rahel

"My skin is super dry throughout the year, so you can only imagine how winter season is looking for me! I really have to make sure that the products I use help me lock in as much moisture as possible. After using a rich and hydrating body wash in the shower, I apply a body cream rather than a lotion. This helps my skin feel moisturized and soft."

Priya, 26

Courtesy of Priya

"My top winter skin-care secrets include anything glowy, hydrating, and oil-free. Specifically, I love an oil-free moisturizer, because it’s lightweight, keeps your skin hydrated, and is perfect for oily skin."

Genesis, 21

Courtesy of Genesis

"I have really sensitive skin, so my routine in the winter is pretty simple. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser once or twice a day, depending on how oily my skin is. Then, I'll apply a hydrating face mask for super soft and glowing skin."

Léanne, 27

Courtesy of Léanne

"In the winter, my skin will get very dry and flaky, so I have to make sure that the products I use are super hydrating and gentle. I love a creamy, thicker cleanser. I find it to be more gentle on my skin than gel or foaming cleansers, which tend to strip my skin's natural oils."

Stephanie Nadia, 30

Courtesy of Stephanie Nadia

"My lips need TLC morning and night. I always start off by using a lip exfoliator — so good! Then, I apply a moisturizing lip balm. It leaves me with softer, fuller-looking lips."

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