5 Women Show Off Their #NoMakeUpRequired Selfies


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You may have noticed that there’s a just tiny bit of societal pressure put on women to look perfect. (Ha, kidding, there’s a lot.) From what we wear, to the shapes and sizes of our bodies, to how much or how little makeup we use. The collective critiquing of a woman's physical appearance is nothing short of a national pastime, and, to be honest, we’re over it.

So let's ditch the insane expectations and focus on the important stuff: confidence. And the first place we're going to start is with our skin. Because when it's healthy, it doesn't matter whether you want to walk out with a tap of moisturizer or full-coverage contour—you're free to choose.

In that spirit, we’ve partnered with Olay to bring you five women who are, without apology, rocking their #NoMakeUpRequired looks on social media.

Want to join us in putting our best faces forward? Share your selfies with us by using the hashtag #NoMakeUpRequired, then rock that total confidence IRL.

Chantel, 24

"While I do love makeup, I'm not a big fan of foundation, so skin care is super important to me. There's just something about a naturally radiant complexion that I love, and I believe the way to achieve that starts with loving your skin and taking care of it. When you think about it, confidence starts with loving yourself, and I've learned to appreciate the skin I'm in—flaws and all."

Mia, 19

"I only wash my face once a day because it's slightly sensitive, and I've found that this keeps my skin looking fresh. If anything, I'll use light blush and highlighter. [But] I love the skin I'm in, just the way it is!"

Nancy, 23

"While I enjoy wearing makeup and playing with different looks, there’s nothing like the confidence I feel when going makeup-free and donning a fresh, natural face. Showing off my own skin makes me feel empowered, beautiful, and just happy to be me."

Lauryn, 28

"The older I get, the more obsessed I become with caring for my skin. The less makeup I need to put on during the day, the better, so I make sure my skin is properly nourished and requires as little covering up as possible."

Arielle, 28

"I go makeup-free on most days, purely out of convenience. But when I do, I feel like I look like my most authentic self."

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