5 Women With Different Hair Types Share Their Go-To Hair Tips

Learning to style and care for your hair type can involve a lot of trial and error, as anyone who’s ever accidentally singed their hair with a curling iron could tell you. Only once we’re older and wiser we usually figure out that we should be working with our hair texture, not against it. And a good hair routine—a.k.a. one that’s suited to your hair’s unique needs, whether you have long, down-to-there curls or more extensions than you can count—is part of it. That includes your hairbrush, which can make a surprisingly big difference in detangling and styling your hair, because brushes aren’t one-size-fits-all.

We teamed up with Tangle Teezer to bring you hot off the press intel from five women with very different hair types. And what we've found is that the right hairbrush is essential to nailing some of their favorite looks. It's no wonder then how much Tangle Teezer's new Ultimate Line-Up collection is a part of these women's hair care and styling kits. The line offers three different hairbrushes with patented 'two tier' teeth technology, that detangles and styles hair without damage (even for the thickest and curliest hair).

So let's get down to it: here are the hero products and Tangle Teezer hairbrushes these women swear by. Scope out their routines to find out what might work best for you. Your hair will thank you.

Alexia, Sales Planner, 3C

“I typically ‘co-wash’ (conditioner only washing) my hair every other day with a lightweight, tea tree oil conditioner. I’ll shampoo and/or scalp cleanse once or twice a week. This seems to keep my curls happy! While in the shower, I’ll use The Ultimate Detangler Large Size to get out my knots. It's the largest hairbrush in the Tangle Teezer range - which means it gets through my curls in no time, without any snagging or damage. Once detangled and still wet, I'll style it with a leave-in conditioner mixed with a dollop of a no-crunch styling gel. I typically air-dry my hair to wear it down. By day two or three, I’ll start to rotate between a high bun, half updo bun, or a slicked back low pony.”


Molly, Digital Ad Sales Director, super-fine hair with extensions

"I've always had fine hair, but I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata a few years ago that left me with even less to work with. I was scared to do anything to my hair to further damage it, but my hair colorist introduced me to tape in extensions. I've been using them for 5 years and L-O-V-E them. My hair loss has entirely grown back, but I've kept using them for volume and length. When I tell people I have them, they always say "OMG I would never know." But like- that is the point. I wear them all the time, swimming, boating, working out, etc which also results in lots of tangles. That's why I love Tangle Teezer's The Ultimate Finisher. It's designed for dry-styling and helps maintain my tape in extensions on the regular. Because of the hairbrush's super-long, no-snag teeth, my extensions are never tugged at which ultimately helps me style my hair better. Lastly, I use a leave in conditioner and/or a moisturizing oil – and that's it!"


Irma, Branded Senior Beauty Editor, thick and straight hair

“My hair is super thick and long so the easiest way to maintain it is by washing it as little as possible. When I’m on second or third-day hair, I love to pull my hair back into a high pony or a topknot. The weight of my hair means I need to backcomb my roots to give my updo added volume and height. I use The Ultimate Teaser from Tangle Teezer because it gives my hair the texture and long-lasting volume I'm looking for without damaging it. The combs' teeth are also designed to not break or knot hair, so it's easily brushed out at the end of the day. Win-win!”


Lexi, Branded Beauty Director, fine color treated curls

“One of the best hair tips I ever learned was to use a microfiber towel to "plop" my curls after showering. Instead of using a traditional towel to rub or twist my hair up, I use a super gentle microfiber one. While my hair is still soaking wet, I lean forward, allow my curls to naturally pile onto the towel, then I gently wrap the fabric around my head so it's secure. Whether I air- or diffuse-dry after that, my curls are always so much healthier-looking.”


Shyema, Branded Beauty Editor, wavy

“My hair needs some extra styling to give it more volume and hold piecey waves. It all starts with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Before a rough blow dry, I spritz texture mist into sections to help hold my wave. Once dry, I add a few more defined waves with a flat iron and finish with a strong hold hairspray which helps my hair look a little more piecey.”


Images: Courtesy of contributors

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