50 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Men

Whether he’s your father, brother, son or significant other, the last thing you want to give him is yet another tie — and it’s almost certainly the last thing he wants to receive. This year, get him something awesome. Here are 50 gifts dudes actually want.

THE Headphones

Are these not the most gorgeous headphones you’ve ever laid eyes on? But don’t give them for their looks, do it for the hand craftsmanship andsuperb sound.

VK-1 Classic Edition Headphones, $350,

Margiela Sneakers

They’re basic and go with everything, yet constructed of luxury materials and utterly, undeniably cool. This is the sneaker you wear with jeans to a board meeting because you know you’re the smartest guy in the room.

Maison Martin Margiela Replica Low Top, $475,

Champagne Sabre

You will forever be the sister/daughter/girlfriend/wife who gave him asword for Christmas or Hanukkah. How will he ever repay you?

Laguiole Champagne Saber, $190,

Exotic Car Club Membership

He’s always dreamed of driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Now’s his chance. This experience will put him behind the wheel of a car that’s more expensive than some houses and allow him to drive as fast as he wants.

Imagine Lifestyle Exotic Car Driving Experience, $149.99,

Everyman Skinny Tie

If you must buy a man in your life a tie, let it be this can’t-go-wrong one. Dude is bookish? The houndstooth feels professorial. Preppy? It’ll look good with a navy sport coat. Too cool for school? The skinny silhouette says Williamsburg/Omaha/Portland. And the style-conscious guy will love the bright blue twill facing.

Modern Woven Skinny Tie, $10,

'The Papa'

If he’s been talking about getting back in shape or wants to reduce his carbon footprint, this is the bike to buy. The rider can switch back and forth between fixed gear and single speed, and the bike comes 90 percent assembled so you won’t be up until 2 am on Christmas Eve. Feel-good bonus: the manufacturer, Pure Fix, donates a portion of its profits to charity.

Pure Fix Cycles “The Papa” Bike, $321-$350,

A Man Bracelet for the Guy Who Likes Man Bracelets

So he enjoys braided jewelry. Giving is about him, not you, right? This one’s classic, made from exceptional materials, and won’t stand out too much. Wrap it up and remind yourself that at least now there is (probably) no danger of him wearing a hemp necklace ever again.

Men’s Black Braided Leather Bracelet, $27,

iPad Air

One of this year’s hottest gadgets, the Air is 28 percent lighter and twice as powerful as the original. The wifi, camera and display are better, too. If he lives for his iPad, give him the next generation.

iPad Air, $410,

Felt and Leather iPad Sleeve

Soft, strong and renewable, felt is the ideal material for housing his tablet. This sleeve’s separate compartment for documents and earplugs makes it extra functional, and the leather detailing (hand-dyed with earth-friendly dyes) makes it a case he’ll want to show off.

Mujjo iPad Sleeve, $45,

Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro

He may have taken a golf lesson before, but has he taken a golf lesson? Through Cloud9Living, you can get him paired with an instructor who’s a regional PGA Teacher of the Year, a collegiate golf coach, or a former professional golfer. The improvement in his game will last a lifetime.

Golf Less With a PGA Pro, $129,

Image: Fotolia

Cards Against Humanity

This may be the greatest game I have ever played in my life. It’s about time he let his “despicable and awkward” side loose.

Cards Against Humanity, $25,

FU Loafers

The ultimate statement loafer. No one he knows has shoes this cool.

YRU Lavish Statement Loafers, $70,

Superhero Cuff Links

For the present or former comic book junkie, a way to make black tie occasions or French cuffs a little less serious.

Superhero Cuff Links, $89.95,

The Art of Shaving ‘Royal Shave’

Getting a shave is one of those things that you don’t know you love until you finally get to experience it. It’s amazing how relaxing having someone hold a sharp blade to your neck can be.

“Royal Shave”, $55,

Battle Scene Watch

Going to work can feel like going into battle. Help him do it with valor with this wrist watch picturing a battle scene from classical art. Perfect for the history buff.

Battle Group Watch, $100,

Roxbury Boot

I’m not sure if boots ever went out of style, but recently it seems like everyone is wearing them. These motorcycle style boots are just the right amount of rugged. Note: bike not included.

Andrew Marc Roxbury Boot, $155,

Globe Lamp

Feed his wanderlust with a gift that highlights the array of destinations still left to explore. A good companion for late nights at work.

Orion Relif Globe, $59,

Zombie Bow Tie

Right, another tie. But this is no ordinary tux topper. It looks standard from afar so he won’t look weird in pictures, but up close, he becomes the guy who dared wear a zombie tie to your cousin’s wedding.

The Walking Dead Bow Tie, $24,

Ceramic Speakers

These speakers are gorgeous, but that’s just the beginning. Made from simple materials — porcelain, cork, birch, sheet metal — they deliver nuanced sound, whether he listens to mp3s or is a vinyl geek. If you don’t want to spring for the whole system, you can purchase just the speakers and amp or just the subwoofer.

Joey Roth Complete System, $1095,

'Dark Knight' Poster

This is no dorm room movie poster. The graphic print captures The Dark Knight’s timeless themes in a striking, unforgettable representation of the film.

“Dark Knight” by Brandon Schaefer, $20 and up,

Classic Duffel

Rustic and luxe at the same time, this classic, take-anywhere bag will get compliments for years.

Ralph Lauren Duffel Bag, $498, Check It Out

He’s a huge football fan, but he lives in a city where his home team’s games aren’t broadcast. If he has DirectTV, he’ll never miss another touchdown.

DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket Package, $59.99/month,


If he loved Fight Club enough to read the book, he’s likely a Chuck Palahniuk fan for life. Palahniuk’s 2012 novel Damned was acclaimed for its hilarious depiction of Hell. With Doomed, the author takes on Purgatory. It’s exactly the kind of holiday reading that makes a few days with the fam bearable.

Doomed by Chuck Palahniuk, $12.30,

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

A watch that allows him to answer calls, emails and texts all from his wrist? If he’s a gadget geek, this is the timepiece he needs.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, $290,

Canvas Messenger Bag

Clean-cut, casually elegant, and the coated canvas is water resistant. He’ll take it everywhere.

Men’s Canvas Messenger Bag, $33,

A Message from Jesse

He can’t quite let go of Breaking Bad, and now he doesn’t have to.

Keep Calm Bitch T-Shirt, $27,

Yamaha Guitar Starter Kit

You once caught him standing on his bed, air-guitaring to “Stairway to Heaven,” and he’s a recovering Guitar Hero addict. Help him graduate to the real thing with a starter kit that will actually get him somewhere.

Yamaha Guitar Starter Kit, $260,

Beer and Cheese Class

If he’s NYC based, this class will teach him how to pair his favorite brew with a cheese that brings out all of the flavors of both. The session concludes with private, after-hours shopping at Murray’s at a 10 percent discount.Murray’s “Harmony of Beer and Cheese” Class, $75/person,

Stance 'Don P' Socks

If there’s a skater guy in your life, who’s also not afraid to rock bold fashion choices, he needs these socks. Don Pendleton’s artwork has decorated skateboards for years – now your recipient can have it underfoot even when he’s not on wheels.

“Don P” Socks, $14-$22.50,

Top Siders

Known for their timeless design and bold colors, these classic shoes flex some serious fashion muscle while also being comfortable. After he wears them once, they’ll be in constant rotation.

Authentic Original 2-Eye Relaxed Leather Boat Shoe, $50-$95,

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Sometimes he wants a beer and doesn’t want to root through a packed drawer for ten minutes trying to find a bottle opener. Save him the time and frustration.

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet, $14,

UP Band

One of the most popular fitness trackers on the market, the UP band allows users to track their activity, sleep, and diet to optimize health. If wearing a wifi-enabled device doesn’t freak him out, you may want to fork over another $20 for the new UP24, which will automatically and wirelessly sync with his phone.

Jawbone UP Band, $149,

All-Inclusive Poker Set

If he wants to learn poker, the best way is by playing with friends who don’t mind busting his chops. This set has everything he needs to play casino style poker and practice until he can play with the pros.

Da Vinci Premium Poker Set, $60,

Bond-worthy Poker Set

Another gift worthy of 007. If the poker player in your life already knows the ropes or is especially décor-conscious, this pricier but also more handsome set might be an even better bet.

Bond Poker Set, $543,

Nixon ‘Big Player’ Watch

This watch is demure enough to go nicely with a suit, but the square face and numberless dial make it a little different.

‘Big Player’ Watch, $200,

Bacon of the Month

For the meat lover, this is a no-brainer. He’ll get a new variety of bacon delivered each month, and for extra, you can throw in a “Bacon Jerky Sampler” and something called a “Bacon Pancake Pack.” Prepare to score major. points.

Bacon of the Month Club Membership, $39.66/month,

Round of Golf at Pebble Beach

This is the course that most golfers dream of playing someday. It’s almost impossible to become a member (not to mention financially prohibitive), but if you land a tee time, he’ll start the story with, “Want to know the best gift I ever got?”

18 holes of golf, $495,

Derby Shoes

These are not your typical wear-to-work shoes, but he’s not typical either. The canvas material keeps these light weight, and the bold neon laces give them edge.

Men’s Derby Shoes, $44-$170,

Monday Sweatshirt

Brighten his and everyone else’s least favorite day of the week with a garment that perfectly captures that Monday defeatism we all know so well.

Monday Sweatshirt, $37,

The Original Wayfarer

There’s no replacing a classic. Here’s hoping they’ll inspire him to go allRisky Business on you.

Original Wayfarere Classic, $84, Check It Out

Tarantino Movie Collection

In this writer’s humble opinion, Tarantino is a god. He creates big-budget features without sacrificing his art house influences, usually to huge critical acclaim. Give the gift of eight bloody, sexy and irreverent films from the master.

Tarantino Movie Collection, $75,

Slingbox 500

This is the stuff dreams are made of: a device that allows you to watch anything on your DVR anywhere you want. A lot of people don’t know this device exists. He’ll wonder how he ever lived without it.

Slingbox 500, $190,

Homemade Leather Bound Book

He’s a writer, or just a dreamer. Either way, he’ll appreciate this handsome, handcrafted notebook for the ideas and thoughts that won’t wait until he gets back to his computer.

Homemade Leather Bound Book, $17.50,

Olive Camo Toms

Classic Toms comfort and ease, and in an unexpected hue for camo. A stylish gift that’s gentle on your wallet.

Dark Olive Camo Canvas Men’s Classics, $33-$85,

Nokia Lumia 1020

Some people are iPhone people and some people are foolish. Just kidding, but if you happen to be anti-Apple, this is a phone worth looking into. Designed for those who want an upgraded camera, this phone takes crystal clear photos, and it’s ideal for folks who prefer a Windows operating system.

Nokia Lumia 1020, $199.99 w/ contract, Membership

Bombfell won’t just send him designer duds every month, although that in itself is cool. Based on his answers to a few questions and his social media activity, the startup’s algorithm chooses clothes tailored to his body, taste and lifestyle. Then a personal stylist makes the final selection. And if he doesn’t like it, he can send it back.

Bombfell Membership, $69/item and up,


This gift lets him play contemporary games like Zen Pinball with the manual controls the iPad is missing in a setup that conjures the arcades he used to love.

iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad, $60,

The Perfect Pocket Square

He doesn’t just wear suits, he chooses them with care. Maybe it’s time he added this classic finishing touch.

100% Woven Silk Pocket Square, $12,

'VOLT ink.'

Since the Voltaggio faced off on Top Chef , they’ve been on a straight path to culinary domination. For the chef who likes pushing his own limits, this cookbook offers a wealth information about specific foods and ingredients – buckwheat, citrus, mollusks — and how and why the Brothers do what they do.

VOLT ink.: Recipes, Stories, Brothers, $26,

Authentic Yankee Stadium Seats

This is the most expensive item on the list, but it’s a showstopper. Before Old Yankee Stadium was torn down, the seats were removed, and you can now purchase a pair for the Yankee fan in your life. If you have the funds, he’ll cherish them forever.

Authentic Yankee Stadium Seats, $1,360 per pair,