50 Hidden Gems Under $25 On Amazon Prime

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I'm a bit of a subscription addict. Makeup, cooking, or clothing, you name it, I've tried out the monthly box for it. But no matter how many subscriptions I opt into, try out, and cancel, there's one I'll never, ever be without. Amazon Prime is absolutely filled with hidden gems that'll change your life, and that's why I'll remain a Prime member forever. Or, y'know, until they figure out a way to beam products Willy Wonka-style through your TV.

If you're also a subscriber, you know that the free two-day shipping is a life-saver. Something you might not realize? Just how many dope things are on Amazon Prime, or how affordable they actually are. In August of 2017, Amazon had roughly 918,000 Prime-eligible products in ten major categories. Tons and tons of these items are actually ridiculously clever things under $25, so you don't even have to feel guilty about adding them to your cart.

If you're looking for fast, affordable, and brilliant, and I've scoured everything from most-wished-for lists to new releases to find you the best Prime has to offer. Check out these 51 hidden gems that can be on your doorstep in two days' time.


The Desk Lamp That Folds Up Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket

It folds down to the size of an iPhone, but when extended, this TOMOL travel lamp has three brightness levels to light up any activity. Its extra bright LED light makes it great for reading or seeing into those dark corners and can be extended up to 13 inches. Either plug it into an USB port or add four AA batteries (not included) to power it up. "I’ve been looking for a portable light for working at a desk when I travel and all I found is bulky things that didn’t fold flat like they said they would or things that had to be plugged in to my computer. This is small and mighty and folds flat and thin. [...] I’m probably going to get another one because this thing would be handy in a lot of situations," one fan wrote.


This Smart Way To Keep Your Hair Tools Organized & Your Counter Burn-Free

Organize, travel with, and protect your tools with a Hairizone styling case. It offers one big thermal pouch and five small ones for straighteners, irons, brushes, and clips, and it has a built-in cord management system to prevent knots and kinks. When rolled out, it even doubles as a protective mat to keep your counters safe.


A Mini USB-Powered Fan To Keep You Cool Anywhere

Reviewers say that the Fred & Friends fan is "powerful but very quiet," and since it plugs into any USB port, it's great for work desks, bedside tables, and on-the-go. Its portable, space-saving design is lightweight for easy travel, and it's available in aqua, pink, or white.


A Lash And Brow Serum That Encourages Growth, Strength, & Length

Using ingredients like vitamins, plant extracts, and polypeptides, this growth serum lengthens and strengthens brows and lashes. It nourishes the hair follicles to improve health and fullness, all without irritating the skin. "I was very surprised at how well this product works. It looks like great long natural eyelashes," one fan wrote.


These Brilliant Tongs That You Can Use For Everything

Because of their flexible silicone tips, this set of three kitchen tongs give you way more control when flipping, serving, or transferring food — whether it's on the stove, grill, or in the oven. The squeezable stainless steel frame makes it easy to grip food, and since it's BPA-free, heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and scratch-resistant, you don't have to worry about damaging anything. This set comes with three different lengths of tongs: 12-inch, 9-inch, and 7-inch.


These Delicious Brownie Batter Balls Packed With Protein & Probiotics

Odds are you've heard about the incredible health benefits of probiotics, but adding them to your diet just got a whole lot more enjoyable. These gluten-free, organic brownie batter balls have 8 grams of protein in each bite and provide high-quality Bacillus Coagulans in each bite. Developed by a dietician, they're also available in Chocolate Almond Coconut, Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter, and Peanut Butter Honey Almond flavors. "The balls are nutritious but also taste great! My kids love to eat them after school and they can easily go through a bag in one day. I eat them before or after a workout and it always satisfies me. Also great to eat on the run!" one customer noted.


This Tiny Bluetooth Speaker That Packs A Serious Punch As Far As Sound Quality

Even though it fits in the palm of your hand (or your pocket), this dodocool speaker packs a serious audible punch. It connects via Bluetooth over a 33-foot range, it ensures up to four hours of playback time, and it has an all-in-one button that controls music, hands-free calling, and remote selfies. Apparently, reviewers "can't believe how loud this is," and say the sound quality is "amazing."


A Natural Setting Spray That Keeps Your Foundation Matte & Fresh For Hours

Whether you're headed to a long party or the temperatures are just hot, prepare for your makeup to melt off at barbecues — unless you're wearing bellajade's setting spray. Extracts of rooibos, green tea, and fruit acids lock in your foundation without causing any dryness or irritation. Reviewers with especially oily skin say that their makeup still looks matte after ten hours, even after weddings, workouts, and outdoor concerts.


9.The Little Press That Will Have You Serving Stuffed Burgers At Your Next Barbecue

Why settle for cheese on top of a burger when you could stuff them full of it? The Cuisinart burger press is a three-in-one tool that makes uniform patties stuffed with all sorts of great ingredients, like onions, bacon, mac and cheese, and peppers. It even comes with a convenient slider insert if you're looking to make mini-burger snacks or appetizers. Each piece is dishwasher-safe and has a non-stick coating, too. Reviewers especially loved it for making meal prep and batch cooking easier. "This burger press makes easy work of large batches of hamburger meat. We buy bulk quantities and pre make burgers then vacuum seal and freeze," one customer wrote.


These Two Jade Facial Tools To Ease Puffy Eyes & Get The Blood Circulating

Made from natural jade that stays cool and glides effortlessly over the skin, this jade roller set helps to reduce inflammation, ease puffiness, and improve circulation. It has two different sizes for under eyes and full face, and comes with a gua sha stone to release tension and get lymph moving.


This Genius Appliance That Automatically Cooks Eggs & Steam Veggies

With this Dash egg cooker, you can make up to 12 eggs (hard, medium, or soft-boiled) in less than 20 minutes. It can also handle scrambled eggs or omelets, and can even steam veggies or dumplings with the press of a button. No wonder this genius little appliance has a 4.4-star rating after thousands of reviews. "I bought the deluxe size because I wanted to be able to cook enough poached eggs so my husband and I could eat at the same time. This is so perfect for me because it saves me time in the kitchen," one customer commented.


A Gentle Rosewater Spray You Can Use Anywhere

It might look relatively unsuspecting, but this Heritage Store rosewater spray can be used to moisturize hair, soften skin, tone pores, balance pH levels, and cleanse excess oil. It's made with purified water and real rose petal essence, and even those with extremely sensitive skin say this stuff works wonders. It also smells incredible and has a convenient spray nozzle.


These Droid Salt And Pepper Shakers Make A Brilliant Gift For Your Favorite Star Wars Fan

These are not the droids you're looking for. Just kidding; they definitely are. These adorable Star Wars salt and pepper shakers are made from molded ceramic, have accurate detailing, and include a removable base for easy refilling. According to reviewers, the holes are large enough that you don't have to worry about clogs — which is a major issue people often encounter with other specialty shakers.


This Sleek, Modern Modern Himalayan Salt Lamp

For the traditional air-purifying capabilities in a modern design, there's this Levoit Cora lamp. It's filled with real Himalayan salt crystals that produce negative ions alongside a soothing orange glow, but it's encased in a clear basin for a sleeker look. It even has a USB port and an easy-touch dimmer switch to adjust the brightness.


This Combination Micro USB Charger & Bottle Opener

Never be without a micro USB charging cable again. This micro USB charging cable syncs and charges your smartphone or tablet whether you're at home, at work, or in the car. The attached carabiner fits right onto your keychain or bag for easy access. It's available in six colors and it's a must for the person whose phone is always dead, but can never remember to bring her charger. The best part? There's a built-in bottle opener — because why not?


A Foundation, Setting Powder, & Sunscreen All In One Easy Step

Get coverage, protection, and a matte finish in one simple step. MISSHA Magic Cushion uses long-wearing silica bead powder combined with micro-cover pigment for a lightweight application that absorbs sweat throughout the day. It's also infused with SPF 50 to keep your face safe from the sun. "This wears for hours, and is seriously the only foundation I have ever worn that earns me compliments," one reviewer writes.


A Whale Tea Infuser That's Easy To Retrieve Without Burning Your Fingers

This adorable whale tea infuser dives to the depths of your favorite cup to impart loads of flavor — but due to its water-spout handle, it's always easy to retrieve. The food-safe silicone is both non-toxic and easy to clean, and reviewers say it works best with large-leaf blends. If whales are not your favorite sea creature, manatee, seahorse, and other shapes are also available.


This Extremely Affordable Makeup Bag That Lays Out Flat, So You Can See Everything

Rather than digging endlessly for your favorite eye pencil, there's this brilliant two-in-one makeup mat. When you're on the move, the drawstring turns it into a secure clutch, but when it's time to get ready, it lays out flat so you can see absolutely everything. It's also stain-resistant, so spills come off using nothing but a makeup remover wipe.


These Super Cute Dessert-Themed Bath Bombs That Also Smell Incredible

They're extra fizzy, super colorful as they melt in the bath, and made with shea butter and essential oils — but the best part? Many of these Supertrip bath bombs look just like dessert. They come in a pretty box as well, making it a favorite for those looking for a gift, too. "I bought these for my niece for her birthday and she loved them! They are packaged really nicely, are super cute and have a great smell. She also noted that they made her skin feel really soft, which is great for these colder/dry months," one customer wrote.


This Self-Massage Tool That People Say Works Better Than Most Other Options

Whether you use it on your feet, neck, thighs, back, or arms, this Coolife roller relieves aches, pains, and knots while increasing circulation and stimulating pressure points. It utilizes intensive (but relatively soft) spikes that reviewers say are "better than anything else [they've] tried," and due to its long handles, it's really easy to reach most areas on your own. "Couldn’t have picked something better! We use this for massaging and muscle tension relief and LOVE it! So easy to use and sturdy. Great to give massage to someone else or even yourself," another wrote.


These Gorgeously Colorful Serving Spoons That Won't Scratch

Give your kitchen a personalized pop of color with this set of two French Bull serving spoons. These feature a cute chevron design and are made from high-grade glazed melamine, which is resistant to scratches, shatters, and heat, and won't absorb germs or flavors. They're also BPA-free and safe to put into the dishwasher.


A Retractable Lint Roller That Gets Rid Of Fur, Dust, & Fuzzies

If you own a single pair of yoga pants, you need this Flint lint roller. Not only does it retract into its case to keep the adhesive sheets clean, but you can purchase 100 percent recycled refills when you run out. It's available in 18 awesome colors, works wonders on pet hair, dust, and fuzzies, and is as lightweight and travel-friendly as they come.


These Silicone Penguin Squeeze Bottles Makes Travel So Much Easier

Say goodbye to leaks, overly drying hotel shampoos, and throwing out your hair gel because it doesn't meet TSA standards. These penguin travel bottles are made from food-grade BPA-free silicone, so they're squeezable, refillable, and reliable. They even have a triple seal to prevent drips and the clever rotating labels make identifying what's inside super easy.


Just 2 Minutes A Day Gives You An Overview Of Your Life Over The Span Of Five Years

If you feel like you'd get a lot out of journaling, but find the process a little intimidating, try Living Well One Line A Day. It's a five-year notebook that gives you five lines a day to record a thought, conversation, reflection, or gratitude. That way, you can observe your growth over time and document important events in just minutes a day.


An Advanced Argan Oil Serum That Provides Moisture Without The Heavy Feeling

According to reviewers, this USDA-certified organic MyChelle advanced serum makes their face "softer, smoother," and gives it a "beautiful glow." It's made with baobab-enhanced argan oil, which boosts moisture while nourishing skin with fatty acids and vitamin E. It also remains lightweight and absorbs quickly, so you can use it underneath your foundation.


26.These Peach-Scented Sponges That Are Resistant To Odors, Mold, & Bacteria

Because it's made from silicone, this Peachy Clean scrubber is resistant to odors, mold, and the growth of bacteria. It's also durable enough to get rid of caked-on stains, but won't scratch your stoneware, cast iron, crystal, or non-stick pans. Even months later, it still smells like peaches — not mildew. "First off, they smell great! Second off, they don't end up smelling bad! Since they don't hold water, they don't hold stuff to get moldy and rotten... it stays fresh!" one customer noted.


This Set Of Ten Wand Brushes That Speaks To The Wizard In You

Unicorn makeup brushes are cute, but these wizard wand brushes? Just a little more magical. The metal handles are comfortable, durable, weighty, and unique, while the fiber wool bristles are dense and super soft. The set of five brushes includes a foundation, eyeshadow, contour, eyebrow, and lip brush as well as a gift bag. "Sturdy & well made," one shopper wrote. "This are really nice! I got them for someone as a Christmas gift and they were very pleased. I've seen these in the store for a lot more money - these were well worth it. Plus they came in a very nice bag!"


These Genius Vertical Hangers Lets You Revamp Your Entire Closet

Get the most out of your closet with Wonder Hanger Max. Each one holds up to five standard hangers and then sits vertically to save space on your closet rod. They can handle up to 30 pounds a piece, and are also great when it comes to organizing purses, scarves, and coats.


This Automatic Light Brightens Up Your Purse Every Time You Open It

Every time you open your bag and stick your hand in, this Wasserstein purse light automatically turns on. That way, you can find your phone, wallet, or keys in seconds. Its intelligent sensor also turns off after a few seconds to conserve energy, and it has a string so you can attach it to clasps, straps, and zippers.


These Color-Coded Mixing Bowls That Double As Toxin-Free Storage Containers

Mix, store, and save everything from batters to leftovers with these mixing bowls with lids. They're made from durable, toxin-free stainless steel and they come in five different sizes with color-coded lids. When they're not in use, they stack one inside the other to save loads of space in your cabinets. Plus, they're dishwasher safe.


These Seamless Hair Ties That Securely Hold The Thickest, Curliest Hair

They're seamless, slide-proof, and retain their elasticity indefinitely. No wonder reviewers have given Burlybands a 4.5-star rating. They're the preferred hair tie for people with extra thick or curly hair because they "actually hold [their] hair securely" without leaving a massive crease.


This Magnetic Eyelash Set For Applying False Lashes Like A Pro

Bid farewell to messy and imprecise glue-on false lashes. These magnetic lashes don't use any glue whatsoever. First apply the magnetic eyeliner and then the silk false lashes gently sit on top adding length, thickness, and curl. The lashes are surprisingly lightweight and can be used again and again. This set even comes with a storage case to keep them safe. Best yet, with more than 1,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, customers report that these really work. "I was so skeptical but I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. They actually work…as long as the eyeliner is dry," one wrote.


This Charcoal-Infused Cushion Supports Your Tailbone & Promotes Better Posture

Infused with state-of-the-art memory foam for support and activated charcoal for freshness and ventilation, this CYLEN orthopedic cushion makes any chair ridiculously comfortable. Whether you use it in your car or your office, it hugs the tailbone and promotes better posture to ease back pain, and its non-slip cushion cover is removable and washable.


This Makeup Sponge Is Better Than The More Expensive Brands

Because of its teardrop shape and extended flat edge, BOUNCE makeup sponge is a favorite among beauty enthusiasts. Its soft foam allows for flawless application — especially around the eyes and nose — and it can be used wet or dry to cover blemishes or apply foundation. Reviewers love it because it's "one thousand times better than" leading brands, and it's only a fraction of the price


This Affordable And Versatile Sound Machine For Anyone Who Has Trouble Sleeping

Six soothing sounds create the ideal environment for sleep, and you can use it with batteries or the included adapter. The SoundSpa white noise machine blocks out background sound no matter where you are, and even though it's made for babies, adults are loving it, too (because who doesn't have trouble sleeping?): "I have ALWAYS wanted one of these for myself," one reviewer writes. "Calming sounds as an adult, but it also worked on my daughter."


A Quick Defrosting Tray That Works Like Magic

Defrost most kinds of meat in less than 60 minutes with this Chiachi tray. It uses antimicrobial, food-safe aluminum to thaw food without heat, water, or power, and it's super easy to clean when you're done. "I don’t understand why, but this thing really helps thaw out meat faster! And it helps to soften butter and cream cheese. My husband was skeptical but he is a believer now," one customer wrote.


This Mirror With Three Magnifications, LED Lights, & A Travel-Friendly Design

With its three different magnifications on multiple panels and 21 built-in LED lights, this vanity mirror makes it easy to apply makeup in any setting. It stands any counter or desk with its sturdy catch-all base and 180-degree rotating head, but it can be folded up and taken apart when it's time to hit the road. With a 4.6-star rating after more than 2,000 reviews, customers love it.


The Kitchen Gadget That Lets You Make Your Own Loose-Kernel Popcorn In The Microwave

The Ecolution Micro-Pop lets you make popcorn at home with your favorite ingredients and toppings. Just measure the kernels and pour them into the borosilicate glass container. You can place butter or coconut oil onto the lid, and when the popcorn is cooking in the microwave, it'll melt down to coat the kernels. It's even dishwasher-safe and great for serving.


This Smart Way To Keep Your Socks Paired & Organized

Maybe you have zero drawer space or maybe your socks are constantly going missing in the wash. Either way, this sock organizer is here to help. An elastic rope and adjustable sliders hold pairs in place during washing and drying, so you'll never lose a sock again on laundry day. Then, when they're clean, you can use the hook to clip onto a closet rod or door knob for easy, space-saving storage.


The Sleek Ceramic Travel Iron For An Incredible Price

Due to its extra-portable size and worldwide dual voltage, this SABUY flat iron makes a great travel tool. But due to its floating ceramic plates, negative ions to reduce static and frizz, and adjustable temperatures, some reviewers have made it their everyday go-to. It's also great for curling and people say it heats up quickly, works really well, and looks really sleek.


These Durable Mesh Bags For Just About Anything Around The House

Forget plastic bags. Purifyou mesh bags are durable, reusable, and have a drawstring closure, so they're great for produce, food storage, washing delicates, organizing toys, traveling, and carrying sports equipment. They come in a set of nine with three different sizes, and they're color-coded for simple organization.


This Recliner-Like Lounger That Inflates In Seconds

A comfortable seat that inflates in seconds and you can bring virtually anywhere? No wonder this inflatable lounger is skyrocketing in popularity. Simply roll it out, hold it against the wind, and fasten the straps. Then you have a recliner-like chair that's perfect for concerts, beach days, fishing, backyard parties, or even when you need an extra seat at home. It's also resistant to water, flame, and mildew, and comes in four super fun prints.


This Silicone Mug That Collapses When You're Done, So You Can Throw It In Your Bag Until You Need It Again

If you fall back on disposable cups because you don't want to carry your travel mug around all day, then this is for you: The mug is made from flexible silicone that collapses down to a 1-inch disk shape. That way, when you're done with your coffee, you can just slip it in your bag. It's also BPA-free, comfortable to hold, and reduces spills with its special lid.


The Touch-Sensitive Light That Also Charges Two Devices Simultaneously

The EAAGD two-in-one charger powers up to two devices at once with its double USB-output, and it functions as a lamp or night light with its three touch-sensitive brightnesses. It's great for desks, bedside tables, or travel, and reviewers love it because it's bright, convenient, and takes up minimal space.


This Charcoal Wash Reviewers Say Is "Effective Yet Gentle" & "Leaves Your Skin Glowing"

According to its 4.2-star rating, Safe House Naturals detox charcoal wash is your solution to breakouts, clogged pores, dry skin, and irritations. It uses activated charcoal and bentonite clay to pull out impurities, coconut and aloe to moisturize, and a blend of great essential oils to heal and calm skin. All of its ingredients are natural, straightforward, vegan, and cruelty-free.


A Really Cute Way To Keep Your Open Bottle Of Wine Fresh & Spill-Proof

Slow down spoilage and prevent spills with this cute Stop Kitty wine bottle stopper, who's obviously a little too curious for his own good. It's made from pure, food-safe silicone, it fits most standard-sized bottles, and reviewers say it makes a unique gift for the lover of both wine and cats. "This little kitty stopper is funny and cute, and really works as a wine stopper, I'd highly recommend!" one customer wrote.


A Top-Reviewed Planner That Organizes Your Life While Boosting Happiness

Since it's crafted using proven techniques within positive psychology, the Simple Elephant planner does so much more than keep you organized. It has daily, weekly, and monthly pages for meetings and to-do lists, but it also has vision boards, mind maps, goal-setting exercises, and gratitude prompts to boost happiness and productivity. It even comes with a ton of freebies, like stickers and eBooks.


This Silicone Draining Tool That Fits Virtually Any Container & Takes Up Minimal Space

Drain pasta, vegetables, potatoes, or fruit in virtually any container with the Snap N Strain — and throw it in the dishwasher directly after. It's made from flexible, BPA-free silicone that adjusts to fit nearly all around pots, pans, and bowls, and since it's barely half the size of your average strainer, it's way easier to store.


These Magnets Screw Into Your Light Switch So You Have A Convenient Place For Your Keys

These super strong neodymium magnets hold up to three pounds and screw into your existing switch plate, so you can store your keys right by the door. They can also handle other small metal objects, like tools or office supplies, and since they're attached to your light switch, you'll always remember to grab your essentials before you go.


This Cup Makes Incredible French Press Coffee On-The-Go

Yes, it's a spill-proof and BPA-free travel mug, but it also makes amazing coffee (and even tea) in the same container. "Before I had this travel mug, I used to have to unpack [the whole French press] and it was a hassle," one reviewer writes. "This is so much better and I'm really impressed!" Just fill it with coarse-ground coffee, pour in boiling water, wait four minutes, and press the plunger down. Then you're ready to go.

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