50 Nasty But Necessary Items Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists


Personally, I'm of the belief that the human body is a beautiful, astonishing thing — and yes, that includes all of its functions, filtering abilities, and excretions. That being said, not even I am gung-ho about cleaning old hairballs out of my sink drain, which is why there are hundreds of items on people's Amazon wish lists that take care of life's "grosser" tasks. In fact, weird but genius grooming tools are some of the most wished for items on Amazon — for a few solid reasons.

For one, the quick shipping and reliable reviews apply to almost all items on Amazon (including the ones in this category), so it's a great way to forego lines, unnecessary returns, and that whole "leaving your house" thing. For another, not everyone wants to look a cashier dead in the eye while they buy underarm sweat pads or fart-neutralizing pads that stick to your underwear. By purchasing these things from the comfort of your own home, you don't have to feel self-conscious (not that you should feel that way in the first place).

So go ahead — check out these 55 strange hygiene products and bizarre items that'll make your home more sanitary. Loads of other Amazon users can't wait to get their hands on them, too, so there's absolutely no judgment here.

1. This Modern Neti Pot So You Can Clear Out Your Sinuses

This neti pot is a must-have when it comes to cleaning out your stuffed sinuses. Just fill it with water or solution and hold it upside-down to wash out pollen, dust, and excess mucus. It even comes with 30 pre-mixed saline packets.

2. This Highly-Rated Tongue Scraper Made From Superior Materials

This Ayurvedic practice helps freshen your breath and get all that gunk off your tongue — and it may even help your food taste better. Since it's made with stainless steel, this tongue scraper is hygienic and durable. It even has a rustproof exterior to help keep it looking good over time.

3. This Brilliant Way To Get Rid Of Bugs Without Hurting Them

My Critter Catcher, $20, Amazon

Alright — so you don't want to kill it, but you don't want it in your house, either. My Critter Catcher uses a hand-held lever and a gentle grabbing mechanism to capture that spider, cricket, or moth and transport it outside without hurting it. There's also a very long pole, so you don't have to get anywhere near it.


4. This Genius Tool That Grabs Onto All The Hair Clogging Your Drain

FlexiSnake Drain Weasel, $19, Amazon

Attach the flexible wand to the handle, stick it in a clogged drain, and rotate it 360 degrees. The FlexiSnake will grab onto all that stuck hair thanks to the barbed micro-hook attachment on the end. "Best gadget I ever bought," one reviewer says, and it's much "cheaper than a plumber or Drano."


5. A Brush For Your Brush, So You Can Get Rid Of Those Hair Tumbleweeds

MIŠEL Hair Brush Cleaner, $13, Amazon

Using its steel prongs, this MIŠEL brush cleaner reaches between bristles to remove hair and product build-up. It has a sleek wooden handle and works well with both nylon bristles and boar's hair brushes. "Really love this little tool," says one reviewer, while another says it makes the chore, "quick and easy."


6. A Super Satisfying Vacuum That Sucks The Gunk From Your Pores

Quit picking at your skin with your fingernails. The blackhead vacuum is USB-rechargeable and features a strong suction mechanism that pulls the oil, dirt, and gunk from your pores. It also has a built-in LED light and several interchangeable heads.

7. These Special Bamboo Pads That Soak Up Under-Boob Sweat

Belly Bandit Don't Sweat It Bra Liners, $20, Amazon

These Don't Sweat It bra liners are made primarily from absorbent, moisture-wicking bamboo. They fit comfortably under your bra to soak up unwanted moisture and odors, so chafing and wet clothes are no longer an issue. They're also washable and available in three colors.


8. These Cinnamon Shoe Inserts That Prevent & Reduce Foot Odor

Nature's Steps Deodorizer Inserts, $12, Amazon

Infused with cinnamon powder and real essential oils, these Nature's Steps inserts deodorize your shoes and absorb unwanted moisture from your feet. They're also thin, flexible, and easy to cut to size, so you can put them in virtually any pair of shoes.


9. The Filters That Help Neutralize Fart Odors

Everybody farts — but if you'd rather yours be discreet, these special pads can help. The antimicrobial activated charcoal absorbs odor before it can reach anyone else's nose. They're also covered in a soft fabric and adhere to your underwear, so no one will ever know you're wearing them.

10. These Sharp, Durable Nail Clippers That Catch The Clippings For You

MrGreen Nail Clippers, $15, Amazon

MrGreen's nail clippers are made with Japanese stainless steel to cut through thick nails "like butter" — but they also have a special compartment that catches all the clippings before they can fly across the room. They're also durable and ergonomic enough to slice through 10 sheets of paper at a time, so yes, they can handle toe nails.


11. This Strange Foot Mask That Peels Away Rough, Dead Skin

Lavinso Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask, $16, Amazon

Cut a hole in the booties, slip them on your feet, and let them sit for an hour. Then rinse your feet clean, and within a few days, the Lavinso foot mask will cause the dead skin and callouses to literally peel off like a snake. The result? Smooth, baby-soft feet.


12. These Aptly-Named Flushable Wipes To Keep Things Extra Hygienic

Asswipes Flushable Wipes, $22 (Pack of 2), Amazon

If you're going to use a cleansing wipe down there, it should probably be well-suited for sensitive skin. Asswipes are aptly-named cleansing sheets made with chamomile, aloe, and vitamin E. They don't contain any alcohol or fragrances, and they're biodegradable and flushable to protect the environment and your pipes.


13. This Strange Charcoal Toothpaste That Actually Whitens Teeth

Given the fact that it's jet-black, this whitening toothpaste may seem counter-intuitive — but simply put, reviewers say they can “see a difference.” The activated charcoal absorbs stains and odors in the mouth, while real coconut oil fights bacteria. It's also vegan, fluoride-free, and way less messy than the powder.

14. A Foot Brush With A Built-In Pumice Stone

This miracle brush thoroughly cleans your feet without requiring you to bend down in the shower. On one side of the head, you get hundreds of tough bristles, and on the other, there's an exfoliating pumice stone. It also hangs up to dry neatly.

15. This Travel Bidet So You Can "Take Clean Wherever You Go"

Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet, $10, Amazon

You don't need a fancy, built-in bidet to ensure a clean behind. The Brondell GoSpa travel bidet utilizes a soft-squeeze bottle and an airlock mechanism to ensure a strong, consistent spray every time. It also comes with a discreet travel bag and angled nozzle for hassle-free use.


16. This Essential Oil Balm That Tackles All Kinds Of Skin Issues

Yes, it deeply hydrates like any good skin balm should, but this tea tree balm also helps with itching, inflammation, fungal infections, bacteria, burns, bug bites — you name it. How? It's packed with gentle but effective essential oils, like antibacterial tea tree and soothing lavender.

17. This Set That Includes Everything You Need For Baby-Smooth Feet

Calluses are your body’s way of protecting your feet, but if you want to revert to baby soft feet, then give this callous-remover kit a try. Thanks to the extremely powerful exfoliation formula and the tough foot rasp, you can remove up to 20 years of dry callouses and rough, cracked skin with just a few uses.

18. A Spray That Neutralizes Toilet Smells Before They Even Happen

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, $11, Amazon

Everybody poops, but if you spray Poo-Pourri in the bowl before you go, and the essential oils and other natural compounds will create an invisible barrier on the surface of the water so no one will smell it.


19. A Pair Of Tweezers Made Specifically For Grabbing Ingrown Hairs

TweezerGuru Ingrown Hair Tweezer, $10, Amazon

Thanks to their superior alignment, calibrated tension, and hygienic stainless steel tips, reviewers say these TweezerGuru tweezers are "so precise and comfortable to use." They're ideal for loosening and grabbing ingrown hairs, but they also work for splinters and ticks, too.


20. This Strange Device-Cleaning Goo That Grabs Dust And Crumbs

HomeDoReMi Keyboard Cleaner, $13 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Non-toxic and biodegradable, this bizarre cleaning goo clings to dirt, dust, and bacteria without damaging your devices. Since it's malleable, it's also a great way to get in between keys, into tiny camera parts, and between vent slats.


21. This Wide-Mouthed Piggy That Separates Your Eggs

Peleg Design Piggy Egg Separator, $13, Amazon

Strange? Kind of. Satisfying? You bet. The Peleg Design egg separator is shaped like a little piggy. Just squeeze the body to suck up the yolk and leave the rest behind. Since it's made from silicone, it's durable and easy to clean.


22. This Multi-Purpose Microfiber Glove For Hands-On Cleaning

Detailer's Preference Microfiber Cleaning Glove, $7, Amazon

Dust your furniture or vents. Wipe down your glass shower enclosure. Wash your car. Thanks to its countless microfiber fingers, this cleaning glove makes chore day a whole lot easier. It's even double-sided for effortless scrubbing and you can throw it straight in the machine when you're done.


23. These Double-Sided Charcoal Wipes That Seemingly Do It All

Remove makeup, exfoliate skin, and detox pores simultaneously. These Blaq wipes are dual-sided and soaked in charcoal, glycolic acid, and chamomile extract. After trying them out, reviewers "quickly became addicted" because of how "purifying and refreshing they are."

24. These Grooming Gloves That Both You And Your Pet Will Love

Remove loose pet hair and bond with your cat or dog. These grooming gloves feature tiny nodes that remove shedding fur and massage your pet's skin — and thanks to their five-finger design, they don't feel bulky or obtrusive.

25. This Boot Scrubber So You Can Stop Tracking Dirt In The House

Not only does this boot scrubber get the dirt out of all the crevices that a regular door mat would never get to, but it also has multiple rows of bristles to effortlessly remove all the stuff you'd rather not track in your house. And even though it's portable and unobtrusive, it works for all shoes.

26. This Organic Oil To Promote Clear Sinuses

Lubricate your sinuses, hydrate the skin inside your nose, and maybe even clear your nasal passages. This nasya oil is organic and is a popular self-care practice in the Ayurvedic tradition. "I had really dry nostrils in the morning,” wrote one reviewer. “Using just a drop in each nostril and waiting a few seconds really makes blowing my nose an easy process.”

27. These Portable Toilet Seat Covers So You Don't Have To Hover

If you hover over public toilet seats, these portable seat covers and cleansing cloths will be a game-changer. They're made from a flushable, biodegradable material that protects your butt from germs, and they even come in five travel packs of 10.

28. A Mask Made With Nourishing Mud From The Dead Sea

This mask contains mud from the Dead Sea that helps exfoliates skin while simultaneously absorbing dirt and excess oil from pores. The result? Plus, it won’t leave you with any “yucky tight feeling or painful peeling," wrote one reviewer.

29. This Clipper/Tweezer Hybrid To Take Care Of Hangnails

Tweezerman Hangnail Tweezer, $9, Amazon

Because of its angled precision blades and sleek, unobtrusive design, these Tweezerman hangnail tweezers won't rip or pull the skin — just grab the hangnail and squeeze to snip it off. According to reviewers, they're "so much better" than clippers or cuticle nippers because you can actually see what you're doing.


30. This Cult-Favorite Cleanser Made From Rice Bran

SRB Enzyme Powder Wash, $25, Amazon

Rice bran may not initially seem like a likely facial cleansing ingredient, but this SRB powder wash has dozens of enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants because of it. Not only does it soothe inflammation, but this hypoallergenic formula also brightens, exfoliates, and removes makeup. No wonder it has a 4.7-star rating.


31. A Body Wash That Cleanses Your Skin With Algae And Seaweed

The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash, $12, Amazon

This is not your average body wash. The Seaweed Bath Co. utilizes blue-green algae, neem oil, actual seaweed, and coconut oil — but reviewers challenge you to "pry this out of [their] wet, incredibly soft, dead hands." That's because it's extremely effective when it comes to soothing sensitive skin and it actually hydrates while it cleanses.


32. This Lint-Remover Tool With Various Interchangeable Heads

Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover, $20, Amazon

Most lint removers can handle yoga pants — maybe. The Gleener ultimate fuzz remover has two ends and three interchangeable heads to get your sweaters, sofas, upholstery, coats, and curtains looking like new. It doesn't have any motors or batteries, but it can tackle lint, hair, and pilling like a champ.


33. These Velcro-Bottom Slippers That Clean Your Floor While You Walk

The chenille soles on these slippers mop up moisture and cling to dust and hair while you walk from room to room. They work on all kinds of hard floors, and you can remove the Velcro soles and toss them in the washing machine when they get too gross.

34. This Three-Piece Tool Set Designed For Cleaning Electronics

Hapurs Keyboard Cleaning Tools, $8 (Set of 3), Amazon

The rubber blower gets rid of dust, the cleaning brush has super-soft bristles for dirt and smudges, and the keycap puller reaches in between your keyboard to loosen crumbs and other debris. Whether you're an avid gamer, a professional photographer, or just a person with a laptop, these Hapurs tools will come in handy.


35. This Sleek-Looking Shower Strainer That Catches Every Hair

Chrome TubShroom, $13, Amazon

Ever since it came out, the TubShroom has used its magical mushroom-shaped design to catch every hair without disrupting the flow of water. Now, there's this chrome version, which saves you headaches and plumber fees while blending in with your chic bathroom fixtures. Since it fits any standard tub drain and wipes clean in seconds, it's a total no-brainer.


36. These Acne Patches That "Absorb All The Gunk" Overnight

Le Gushe Acne Patches, $12, Amazon

Now when you catch a budding pimple right before bed, you can do something about it. Le Gushe's acne patches are subtly translucent and coated in hydrocolloid, which pulls all that fluid to the surface to speed up the healing process. They're protective, non-irritating, and come in two sizes.


37. This Quirky Deodorant Cream That's "An Excellent Choice" For Sensitive Skin

The name is definitely unique, and so is the creamy consistency that you apply with your fingers. But according to reviewers, this deodorant lasts "throughout the day," even though it uses all-natural plant butters, arrow root powder, and essential oils instead of baking soda or aluminum.

38. These 100-Percent Natural Toothbrushes Made From Sticks

Eco Compassion Miswak Sticks, $15 (Pack of 12), Amazon

Who knew that chewing on a stick could freshen your breath and whiten your teeth? These Miswak sticks are sourced from the roots of the arak tree and actually help support dental hygiene — especially since the end splinters off into a bristle-like texture. They're also vegan, biodegradable, and free from pesticides.


39. This Cult-Favorite Cleaning Sponge — But Made Into A Toilet Scrubber

Mr. Clean Kit Magic Eraser Toilet Scrubber, $16, Amazon

If you, like me, use the Mr. Clean magic eraser on everything, then this is the toilet scrubber for you. It uses that same miraculous technology combined with Febreze freshness to leave your toilet sparkling-clean in seconds. This set even comes with a storage caddy and six refill disks.


40. This USDA-Certified Organic Facial Cream Made With Real Honey

BeeFriendly Face and Eye Cream, $28, Amazon

"Best. Moisturizer. Ever," says one reviewer whose skin has "become increasingly [more] sensitive" as they get older. Not only does BeeFriendly face and eye cream moisturize with USDA-certified ingredients, but it also fights bacteria with real honey, so buyers' skin looks "clear and soft and amazing."


41. A Deeply-Hydrating Serum Made From Real Snail Goo

If smearing hydrating snail goo all over your face seems less than appealing, real reviewers might be able to sway you: "I have been using it for almost 2 months and I AM IN LOVE!!” raved one. “I saw a small change within the first day of use, skin has NEVER been this amazing and I can go without makeup even, at certain times!”

42. These Pads That Absorb Sweat Stains, So Your Shirt Doesn't Have To

Kleinert's Underarm Sweat Pads, $13 (Pack of 24), Amazon

Rather than sweating through your shirt or dress, sweat into these underarm pads instead. They're absorbent, self-adhering, thin, and noiseless, so no one will have any idea you're wearing them. They're also disposable and work for both short and long sleeve-shirts.


43. This All-Natural Mouthwash That Neutralizes Bacteria By Changing The pH

Uncle Harry's Alkalizing Miracle Mouthwash, $16, Amazon

Unlike typical mouthwashes that use alcohol and other harsh ingredients, Uncle Harry's alkalizing miracle mouthwash neutralizes acids and bacteria with its pH-balancing formula. It's also free from triclosan, fluoride, and artificial sweeteners, so even those with sensitive mouths or general tooth pain say their mouths feel "fresh and clean for hours afterward."


44. A No-Rinse Shower That You Can Use On The Go

Whether it's after work, after the gym, or after a hike, these body wipes cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize all in one go — and without the need for rinsing. This skin-sensitive formula won't clog pores or cause breakouts, and even though they're individually-wrapped and compact, they're big enough so you can clean your entire body with a single wipe.

45. This Goat Milk Lotion That Leaves Skin Amazingly Soft

Dry skin is no match for this lotion, as the fragrance-free formula penetrates deep into skin to help leave it feeling oh-so soft. The best part? It’s made with goat milk that’s rich in lactic acid, which can help naturally exfoliate away dead skin.

46. This Strainer That Turns Inside-Out For The Easiest Clean Ever

MIBOW Kitchen Sink Strainer, $9 (Pack of 2), Amazon

Unlike your average metal strainer, this one from MIBOW is made from flexible silicone and plastic, so you can turn it inside-out when you empty it. It also has an anti-clogging shield that promotes water flow, as well as a silicone underside that won't scratch your sink.


47. These Weird Silk Finger Pods For Cleaning Your Face

TTSAM Silk Cocoon Facial Cleansers, $13, Amazon

Instead of a bulky, coarse towel that harbors bacteria, these silk cocoon cleansers fit right on your fingertips and are way more sanitary. They effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin, but they also "leave behind a nourishing protein" and "pull out blackheads," according to reviewers.


48. A Set Of Steel Toenail Tools That Has A 4.7-Star Rating

FAMILIFE Toenail Tools, $10, Amazon

Clean, file, and lift with these double-sided toenail tools. They're made from surgical-grade stainless steel, which is both durable and easy to sanitize, and they come in a sleek organizational case. "These definitely do the job," one reviewer says. "I've always had issues with ingrown to nails and these have made it easy for me to deal with at home."


49. An Ingrown Toe Nail Corrector That Looks Like A Torture Device

This may look like a medieval torture device, but it's actually designed to reposition your toe nail and relieve the pain from ingrown nails. Despite what it looks like, its painless and easy to use.

50. This Anti-Odor Shoe Powder That's Left Reviewers "Completely Amazed"

Foot Sense Shoe Powder, $14, Amazon

Made with arrowroot, zinc, cinnamon bark, and lavender essential oil, this Foot Sense powder absorbs moisture and neutralizes odor in any pair of shoes — that includes ballet slippers, work boots, and hockey skates. "Within minutes, the funky smell was gone," one reviewer says, while another raves, "I'm completely amazed and will be purchasing again and again."

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