50 Of The Best Things On Amazon Prime People Are Most Adding to Wish Lists

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Ah, Amazon Prime. What did we ever do without it? Is there anything better than free shipping, 2-day delivery, and the ability to shop for everything in pajamas? Then there are all of the genius products — the best things on Amazon Prime are all of those little gadgets and inventions. The ones that don’t seem that earth-shattering at first, but then when you look closer you see they solve everyday nuisances, or make life better in some small way. A gadget that instantly de-pits avocados, for instance. A hair straightener that’s also a brush. A wine glass that’s impossible to shatter. You get the gist.

One of the best ways to acquire one of these brilliant inventions is by using Amazon’s Wish List. Kind of like virtual window shopping, the feature allows you to browse items you're interested and save them for later, the idea being that you’ll come back when you have the money — or a relative who is gift shopping. For the latter, you can set up special Amazon gift lists to send to friends or relatives to let them know exactly what you’re dreaming of. Just scroll through Amazon’s fabulous maze of new electronic gadgets, miracle hand creams, genius kitchen items, and other life-changing products and wish away.

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