50 Of The Most Clever Inventions That You Can Buy On Amazon With Only $20


You don’t have to blow through your entire savings account to find cool things on Amazon. The online retailer is littered with amazing new products and genius gadgets that make life easier while being affordable, too. In fact, you can typically find clever inventions on Amazon for under $20.

The gamut ranges from things like kitchen appliances to cell phone accessories to miraculously effective makeup and cosmetics. Some of the products you find are things anyone would be excited about (hello, handy avocado slicer) whereas others are so bizarre, you're almost embarrassed to admit just how useful they are (see: a wine holder that's made for your shower). Yet each of these odd new inventions is practical or useful in some way.

If you're on a budget and can't afford expensive novelty items, yet you find the “weird but useful” product genre strangely addicting, don’t spend all of your time walking the aisles of Sharper Image wishing you made more money. Amazon is full of plenty of affordable gadgets and inventions if you know where to look. Check out this gallery of clever products on Amazon under $20 — and prepare to have your life changed forever.

1. An Impossibly Comfy Travel Pillow That's Also A Hand Warmer

Napa 4-In-1 Fleece Travel Pillow, $16, Amazon

More than just a travel pillow, this innovative accessory works as a seat cushion, lumbar support, and cozy hand warmer, too. The four-in-one pillow features soft polyester that's easy to clean and a reversible zipper. With its own sleek carry pouch, the pillow is compact, cute, and sensationally comfortable.


2. A Brilliant Slicing Gadget That De-Pits Avocados In An Instant

Joakari 5-In-1 Avocado Tool, $10, Amazon

Taco night will never be the same after trying this genius five-in-one avocado slicer that allows you to cut, peel, skin, pit, mash, and scoop your favorite topping in one fell swoop. No more getting out a sharp knife, butter knife, spoon, and fork, all while risking slicing your hand off attempting to shell out the pit. This easy, ultra-durable tool makes the job safe, easy, and fun.


3. The Soothing Light Bulb That Uses Science To Help You Fall Asleep

Lighting Science Goodnight LED light Bulb, $16, Amazon

If you have trouble falling asleep, try out this scientifically-engineered light bulb that casts a warm, soothing, soft glow in the evening to help prepare your body for sleep. Using patented lighting technology, the innovative bulb bolsters your body's natural melatonin production and regulates your ever-important circadian rhythm. The result is that you'll fall asleep faster and stay that way throughout the night.


4. A Badass Multi-Tool That Performs 18 Tasks And Fits In Your Wallet

Wallet Ninja 18-In-1 Tool, $13, Amazon

You will truly feel like a ninja warrior walking around with 18 separate tools cleverly tucked inside your wallet. This brilliant multi-tool incorporates a bottle opener, a Phillips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, a can opener, a cell phone stand, six hex wrenches, and two eyeglass screwdrivers — all into one small rectangular gadget that's small enough to fit in your credit card sleeve. The rust-free device is made with heat-treated black steel and guaranteed to not bend or break. It can even double as a phone stand.


5. A Miracle Facial Peel That Makes Your Skin Glow And Shine

Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel, $12, Amazon

With over 1,700 reviews on Amazon, plenty of reviewers think this peeling gel is "incredible." The refreshing exfoliant rids skin of dead skin cells and is suitable for any skin type. With soft, non-irritating ingredients, the facial peel scrubs away dirt, gets rid of blackheads, and leaves your face invigorated and smooth.


6. A Genius Cutting Device That Protects Your Fingers From Kitchen Mishaps

Halo Va Stainless Steel Finger Guard, $7, Amazon

Unless you're Gordon Ramsey, you can't chop up veggies at a fast and furious pace without the serious possibility of slicing through your index finger. That is until someone invented this brilliant finger guard that protects you from kitchen catastrophes. The anti-corrosion, stainless steel protector fits over your fingers to allow you to cut faster and more efficiently without risking harm to your digits.


7. A Fantastically Weird Yet Useful Coil That Removes Facial Hair

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover, $16, Amazon

If your skin is sensitive to waxes or depilatories, this unique hair removal device offers a less painful, chemical-free option. The hypoallergenic coils remove hair from the root for your cheeks, chin, and upper lip. When you pull it away from your skin, your facial hair will come with it, leaving your face smooth without any redness or damage to your complexion. This clever option is cheaper than seeing an esthetician, and helps hair grow back finer over time.


8. A Magical Anti-Anxiety Balm That Dissolves Your Stress With A Dab Of Chamomile

Tranquil Living Natural Anxiety Balm, $15, Amazon

This soothing anti-anxiety balm is a quick way to get some relaxation whenever you need it. When a stressful situation presents itself, just take the small case out of your purse, rub some balm on your temples, and allow the magic of chamomile, lavender, oatstraw, and catnip to work its wonders. As a bonus, it moisturizes your skin, too, because it's also made with olive oil and beeswax.


9. A Cute And Innovative Microwave Lid Shaped Like A Piggy Snout

Marna Pink Piggy Steamer, $12, Amazon

This adorably ridiculous multi-purpose lid helps veggies cook evenly in a pot and also keeps food covered in a microwave. With secret vents at the top (aka the "piggy snout"), food will stay warm without moisture building up. The silicone lid is safe and durable — and you'll love watching the cute little creature fume.


10. A Set Of Egg Poachers That Will Make You Seem Like A Gourmet Chef

COZILIFE Silicone Egg Poaching Cups, $14 (4 Pack), Amazon

If you're not the Martha Stewart type who can create the perfect poached egg in your sleep, this silicone device can help. Simply add a little water to a pan, spray or rub the egg poacher with oil, and crack an egg into it. Cover the boiling pan and five minutes later you have beautifully poached eggs. You can also use the little devices to make hard boiled eggs without the shells, and the BPA-free, food-grade silicone is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


11. A Relaxing Lamp That Provides The Perfect Space For Meditating

ORBit Calming LED Mood Lamp, $13, Amazon

Behold, the calming powers of softly oscillating lights. This LED mood lamp cycles through a soothing medley of colors and hues that create a relaxing, meditative space for you at home, and also works as a mini-lantern you can use to have natural spectrum white illumination. Powered by three AA batteries, the single-touch lamp is the perfect thing to use to unwind.


12. A Ridiculously Easy Way To Prevent Nail Polish From Getting On Your Hands

CreaClip Original CreaNails, $19, Amazon

If every time you attempt to do your own nails it looks like someone let a kindergartner play with finger paint, you have to check out CreaClip's ingenious nail polish guard. The brilliant device keeps your fingers and cuticles blocked so you can't get nail polish on them, making it easy to apply polish to your non-dominant hand. It also aids you when applying decals and other press-on accessories, allowing you to smoothly attach the various stencils without a hassle.


13. A Reusable Silicone Sponge You Can Use To Clean Literally Everything

Bump It Off Cleaning Tool, $10, Amazon

Made of durable yet soft silicone, this innovative multi-purpose cleaning brush has the ability to tackle stubborn laundry, clean makeup brushes, scrub pots and pans, remove pet hair, and even doubles as an excellent shower massager. The knobs of the brush remove anything you need it to, and won't mildew over time. On top of that, the reusable sponge is eco-friendly and dishwasher safe so you can feel good about your purchase.


14. A Potion-Like Serum That Makes Your Eyelashes Grow Longer

ToullGo Eyelash Growth Serum, $11, Amazon

A magic serum that makes your eyelashes grow kind of sounds like something out of a fantasy movie but this mystery potion is real. Just apply the blend of clover, tetrapeptide-3, phenoxyethanol, and other ingredients to the base of your eyelashes twice a day and watch in awe as your eyelashes start to get thicker in 15 to 20 days. Within four to six weeks, lashes will be fuller and darker.


15. A Stainless Steel Bar That Absorbs Food Odors From Cooking

Amco Rub-Away Bar, $12, Amazon

Onions are delicious but the smell of them can linger on fingers for too long. Same for garlic, fish, and other aromatic foods whose smells tend to stick to your fingers after chopping them. This clever stainless steel scrubbing bar lifts odor from your hands by bonding its steel molecules to the sulfur. It can be used with or without water, is dishwasher-safe, and it's super durable.


16. A Super Convenient Fruit Slicer That Performs 10 Functions

NEX Multi-Use Fruit Slicer, $17, Amazon

There's never been a more efficient and convenient way to slice up fruit or squeeze juice than with this exceptionally handy multi-use kitchen tool. The gadget has the ability to perform a whopping ten tasks — the sharp stainless steel blade can cut apples, slice oranges and lemons, grate zest, squeeze grapefruits, scoop avocados, and mash pulps, among other things. It's the perfect assistant for smoothies, fruit salads, or fancy cocktails.


17. A Shockingly Absorbent Hair Towel That Prevents Heat Damage

Desired Body Microfiber Hair Towel, $18, Amazon

This amazingly soft hair towel is made of microfibers that remove most of the liquid from your hair, cutting down on blow dry time while preventing hair breakage. The ultra-absorbent material cuts down on frizz, using a fine waffle weave to soak up moisture almost instantly. It's odor-free, machine-washable, and comes with a stretchy tie to keep your hair wrapped up.


18. A Handheld Milk Frother That Morphs Your Kitchen Into A Starbucks

Zulay Kitchen Electric Milk Boss Frother, $12, Amazon

Using two simple AA batteries, the surprisingly powerful milk frother is able to stir up a thick, delectable foam almost instantly, giving you an affordable way to make cappuccinos, macchiatos, hot chocolates, and other warm beverages at home. Just pop the handheld device out of your drawer, stick it in your coffee, and press a button to create savory caffeinated delights. It also works with cold drinks, and even serves as an easy way to scramble eggs.


19. An Astonishingly Simple Bottle Opener That Cracks Your Beer With One Push

ICCKER Magnet Beer Bottle Opener, $8, Amazon

A powerful magnet with ultra-durable stainless steel construction makes this little gadget capable of cracking your beer open with one simple push. To use the awesome bottle opener, simply place it on top of your beverage, push it down, and pop the top off. It also holds the caps inside for easy clean-up, and won't bend the caps if you like to collect them.


20. An Innovative Folding Cutting Board That Funnels Your Food Into Bowls

Joseph Joseph Foldable Plastic Cutting Board, $14, Amazon

The fact that you can fold it up and store it in a drawer isn't the only thing that makes this clever cutting board unique — it's also designed to act as a chute for your veggies and meats, easily guiding them into whatever bowl or pan you are using. With sturdy hinges and a compact, ergonomic handle, this kitchen accessory will save space while also making the chopping process easier and less messy.


21. A Heavenly Shoulder Pad That Heats Up With Divine Aromas

Dreamtime Spa Microwavable Shoulder Wrap, $15, Amazon

Made with an aromatic blend of soothing lavender and peppermint herbs, it's almost physically impossible not to feel relaxed while using this ultra-comfortable, microwaveable shoulder wrap. The mega-soft material fits around your neck to create a warm, spa-like cocoon that instantly diffuses stress and anxiety. The cushion is infused with oils that seep out when you heat it up, providing aromatherapy to add to your sense of total relaxation.


22. A Luxurious Bath Holder That's Made For Wine

SipCaddy Portable Bath Suction Cup Holder, $14, Amazon

Hot baths and wine are like soul mates and this fantastic bathtub accessory makes sure they will never have to be apart. With durable ABS plastic and super-strong suctioning powers, the caddy-style cup holder can accommodate wine glasses, coffee cups, beer cans, plastic bottles, and whatever other bath beverage your heart desires. The sturdy device can also hold up to seven pounds, so you don't ever have to worry that your Cabernet will come plummeting down on your bubbles and scented candles.


23. An Easy-To-Use Spiralizer That Creates "Noodles" With The Turn Of Your Hand

OXO Good Grips Handheld Spiralizer, $15, Amazon

Whether you're doing Whole30 or just like the look of your veggies styled into spiraling wonders, this handheld spiralizer has you covered. Unlike standard countertop spiralizers, which tend to be clunky and take up lots of space, this convenient handheld device curls your zucchini and sweet potatoes quickly without the bulkiness or added weight. Not only that, it makes single-servings easier, and saves your kitchen from a giant mess.


24. A Steel Rod Massager That Brilliantly Fights Off Muscle Soreness

Idson Muscle Roller Stick, $12, Amazon

If you're prone to muscle aches after tough workouts, you'll appreciate this simple device that helps you prevent soreness. The ergonomic muscle roller is made of sturdy thermoplastic rubber and has a strong, steel rod core. The nine ABS rollers are constructed independently to deliver the ultimate deep tissue massage along your legs, arms, back, shoulders, or other muscle regions that typically get aches and pains.


25. A Genius Lip Gel That Stains On Your Color Like A Tattoo

Silvercell Long-Lasting Peel-Off Lipstick Tattoo, $8 (6 Pack), Amazon

If you're sick of your lipstick wearing off before you finish your breakfast, you'll be obsessed with this genius lip peel. To use it, just apply the gel to your lips and wait for it to dry. Once it's firm, peel it off and you'll have a lip stain that will last through food and drink. The waterproof gel comes in a set of six colors, including peach and cherry red, and one reviewer writes: "Love this and goes on easy and peels off easy. And leaves lips a very pretty tint."


26. A Lightweight Travel Towel That Packs Down Small And Doesn't Smell In Your Bag

MyQuest Microfiber Quick-Dry Towel, $18, Amazon

This fabulous microfiber travel towel is super compact and dries in practically a second. Unlike cotton, which is bulky and slow-drying, MyQuest's mini towel is made with millions of micro-woven loops that absorb moisture like a sponge without getting soggy — and it's as great for the beach as it is in a yoga studio. It also won't smell, it's naturally antibacterial, and comes with a mesh carrying case.


27. A Smart Plug That Connects With Alexa Or Google Home To Power Things Remotely

Martin Jerry Mini Smart Plug, $14, Amazon

This game-changing smart plug allows you to turn the power off on any appliance or electronic you plug in there — just by using your phone to connect with Alexa or Google Home. Use voice control or the push of a button to power off sketchy appliances like curling irons, space heaters, and ovens from afar, or set it up on a timer to schedule when you want your lights to turn on and off.


28. A Cutting Edge Technology That Dry-Cleans Your Tablet With Carbon Molecules

CarbonKlean ScreenKlean Device Cleaner, $17, Amazon

This brilliant dry screen cleaner puts an end to soggy wipes and sprays, offering dry-clean technology that utilizes an invisible carbon compound to clean and sterilize your electronic devices. No more fingerprints, no more bacteria — just easy, dirt-free screens. It's what NASA uses to clean their glass, too.


29. A Car Phone Mount That Uses High-Tech Magnets To Keep It From Falling

MartsWOW Magnetic Car Phone Mount Holder, $11, Amazon

Ever stuck one of those plastic car phone mounts on your dashboard, only to knock your phone off every time you try to use it? This genius phone holder uses four extra-strength magnets to ensure that your phone stays in place. The device itself can mount to a car with a strip of 3M adhesive that will clamp onto your dash and never let go, and it won't damage the car surface.


30. A Nightlight For Your Electrical Outlets That Doesn't Use Up A Plug

SnapPower Guidelight LED Wall Plate, $16, Amazon

This clever gadget fits over your electrical outlet to offer a nightlight when you're walking around in the dark and is better than a standard plug-in nightlight in every way — it doesn't get hot, it won't hog up one of your plugs, and it's super energy-efficient. They're also easy-to-install, and the three LED lights on the bottom have a sensor, so they only turn on when you need them to.


31. A Clever Book Weight That Lets Your Read Completely Hands-Free

Superior Essentials Bookmark Weight, $11, Amazon

Whether you're trying to crack eggs while following a cookbook recipe, or eat dinner while reading your favorite novel, this hands-free book weight will make the job easier. The rubber placeholder has sturdy weighted ends with textured backs that grip the pages and won't slide down. The book weight, which comes in red, green, or black, is fully waterproof and compatible with both soft and hardback books. You can also use the clever device to read outside and stop the pages from blowing around, too.


32. A Fantastically Simple Sets Of Gadgets To Hang Your Keys Anywhere

Tescat Magnetic Key Holders, $10, Amazon

File these magnetic key holders in the "simple yet utterly brilliant" category. The small round magnets can be mounted virtually anywhere and have ultra-strong grips capable of holding keys with multiple rings and attachments. The sticky adhesive pads are fantastically easy to mount and won't leave residue on your walls. Best of all, they can double as fridge magnets or be used to hold up other metal items such as USB cords, cables, and other accessories.


33. An Amazing Tool That Makes Grocery Shopping A Breeze

Mighty Green Solutions Mighty Handle, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

With this ingenious device that lets you carry tons of groceries at once, you'll never have to loop six plastic bags around your forearm while struggling with keys again. The patented handle evenly distributes weight among the bags so you can walk home with ease from the supermarket, or avoid multiple trips from your car to the house. As a bonus, the gadget's cool twist-lock feature seals up your bags so you don't have to worry about wayward apples spilling out in the car.


34. A Bendable Contraption That Holds Your Cell Phone In Any Position

LONGKO Gooseneck Cell Phone Desk Mount, $15, Amazon

This bendy, flexible cell phone and tablet desk mount lets you go hands-free with ease. The sleek design makes it impossibly simple to use — just screw it onto your desk or coffee table and slide your phone in. It has a bendable gooseneck and 360-degree rotary clamp so you can adjust it to the perfect angle, along with a sturdy aluminum alloy pole that ensures it will stay in place. The clamps are all coated with silicone, so they won't scratch the tablet or the surface you rest it on.


35. A Brilliant Beauty Tool That Massages The Under Eye

SUNMAY Ionic Heated Eye Massager Wand, $19, Amazon

You'll be blown away by the magic of negative ion pulsation with this heated eye massager that helps to reduce puffiness. Using gentle vibrations paired with warm, relaxing heat, the massager soothes the skin under your eyes and stimulates blood flow, opening pores and promoting skin cell regeneration. The result is that you'll sleep better, feel more rested, and have fewer bags under your eyes in the morning.


36. A Superbly Effective Facial Mask That Treats Patches Of Blackheads

Toullgo Suction Black Mask, $9, Amazon

Blackheads will be a thing of the past courtesy of this miracle suction mask that you can use to spot treat specific areas of your face. Prior to applying the mask, use a hot towel to open your pores. Dab on the cream where you're prone to blackheads and let it dry. All of the dirt and grime will be absorbed and lifted when you peel it off, leaving your face feeling amazing. One reviewer writes: "I'm so grossed out - in a good way!!!! This mask pulled so much crap out of my pores."


37. A Uniquely Shaped Self-Massager That Delivers The Perfect Amount Of Pressure

LuxFit Neck And Shoulder Massager, $13, Amazon

After a long day of work or school, this handheld self-massager will rid you of any aches or pains. Built with extra-strong massage balls and a sleek ergonomic grip, the tool can be used to roll under your sore feet or glide up and down your neck, back and shoulders to melt away the stress. The unique shape offers total control over how much pressure you apply, allowing you to customize the perfect self-massage. The germanium knobs are even made to mimic the feel of hands.


38. A Phenomenally Useful Light For Your Purse To Find Things In The Dark

Wasserstein Round Purse Light, $18, Amazon

A purse light is the sort of thing you never knew you needed, but once you have it you won't believe you ever lived without. Just clip it inside and it will turn on automatically so you can actually find your keys, wallet, or lipstick in places that have no light. The soft glow stays within your purse and won't bother others. Plus, it's small and discreet so it won't take up space in your bag.


39. A Pair Of Shoe Laces That Transforms Regular Sneakers Into Easy Slip-Ons

Lock Laces, $8, Amazon

These amazing time-saving shoelaces are engineered to instantly convert any pair of lace-up sneakers into easy slip-ons, which is great for those who work out a lot and are afraid of tripping while running, or anyone who has trouble tying their shoes. On top of making it ridiculously easy to throw your shoes on, the design also creates a better fit — the added compression on the pressure points of the feet make for a more comfortable wear.


40. These Insanely Smart Hair Clips That Also Work As A Screwdriver

Green Beret Tactical Hair Clips, $11 (3 Pack), Amazon

You never knew your hair clips could also be used as secret survival weapons but these high-tech barrettes will make you feel like James Bond. Made out of sturdy stainless steel, each clip also works as a small ruler, saw cutter, screwdriver, wrench, and mini-slingshot. The solid hairpins are cute, lightweight, and can also be used as keychains if you don't want to wear them in your hair. When the zombie apocalypse arrives, you will surely be ready.


41. A Luxuriously Soft Scalp Massager That Also Removes Dead Skin

Zinnor Electric Scalp Massager, $13, Amazon

Whether you have dry scalp, want to make your hair grow faster, or simply love the feel of the soft vibrations, this electric scalp massager will stimulate hair follicles and scrub away dead skin. The soft silicone brush, which can be lathered with shampoo, conditioner, or massage oil, removes dirt and dandruff while preventing the buildup of shampoo residue. It massages your hair at the rate of several thousand times per minute, leaving you clean, refreshed, and relaxed.


42. A Collapsible Colander Set That Saves Mega Space In Your Cabinets

Tansung Collapsible Colanders, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

If your kitchen has like no extra space whatsoever, these brilliant collapsible colanders will change your life. Made to slide inside drawers or small nooks in the cabinets, the colanders can nevertheless hold up to four quarts of food such as pasta, beans, berries, rice, or veggies. They're BPA-free, heat-resistant, and the colander's rounded holes promote efficiency by pulling water from the food and speeding up the straining process.


43. A Set Of Sleep Foam Hair Curlers That Feel Divinely Soft

Allstar Innovations The Sleep Styler, $18 (12 Pack), Amazon

Featured on Shark Tank, these silky overnight hair curlers are made from unbelievably soft memory foam that feel like heaven to sleep on and will never poke or prod your scalp. They're covered in a highly-absorbent material, so if your hair is still damp from showering before bed, they will soak up the extra moisture. Best of all, your hair will be spared the heat damage from irons and hot rollers.


44. A Nightlight That Goes On Your Toilet To Guide You In The Dark

Vintar 16-Color Motion Sensor Toilet Light, $13, Amazon

Let there be light — in your bathroom at night so you don't have to fumble around in the dark looking for the toilet. This genius toilet nightlight attaches to any porcelain throne with an easy hook that fits all seat sizes. The strong LED light, which is triggered by a motion sensor when you approach it, rotates between 16 colors, guiding you to the seat and then shutting off automatically behind you. If you prefer, you can set the light to remain on one color, and turn the brightness up or down through five levels.


45. A Genius Kitchen Strainer That Attaches To The Side Of Your Pot

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer, $17, Amazon

Save space and crush time with this awesome clip-on kitchen strainer that fits on the side of your pot. The durable, heat-resistant colander frees up room in your cabinets while also making cooking easier. With the strainer attached directly to the pot, you won't splash water out transferring veggies or pasta, avoiding burns as well as noodle-soaked counters.


46. A Travel-Sized Bottle Of Magnesium Oil That Treats Headaches And Menstrual Cramps

Magnum Solace Magnesium Oil, $13, Amazon

Magnesium oil is good for so many things — it makes you sleep like a baby, soothes sore muscles, eases migraines, relieves stress, treats headaches, helps premenstrual cramps, calms anxiety, and remedies an assortment of body aches and pains. This 2-ounce travel-size bottle, which fits easily into your purse, is filled with 100 percent absorbable elemental magnesium that will go for 375 sprays.


47. A Sweet-Smelling Organic Nail Balm That Improves Your Cuticle Health

Fig + Yarrow Nail And Cuticle Salve, $15, Amazon

Featuring a majestic blend of jojoba, shea butter, beeswax, hemp oil, rosemary, tea tree, carrot seed, horsetail, oatstraw, vitamin E, and other ultra-nourishing natural ingredients, this nail and cuticle balm will give you soft, strong fingernails and leave them smelling good, too. With organic botanical essences, the hand-crafted, small-batch Fig + Yarrow salve will improve the health of your cuticles and keep hands hydrated.


48. The Handy Little Stand For Your Tablet Or Phone

PopSocket, $10, Amazon

Perfect for anyone who drops their phone a lot, this handy little socket secures to any phone or tablet with a reusable adhesive that won't damage the case. Once attached, it becomes a secure grip or stand for your phone, and then it collapses to fit comfortably in a pocket or a purse. One reviewer writes: "Definitely my favorite phone accessory in the ten years I've had a smartphone. It's stuck perfectly across 4 cases."


49. A Dead Sea Mud Bar Made With Essential Oils

Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar, $10, Amazon

Made with shea butter, organic extra-virgin olive oil, and mud from the Dead Sea, this mud soap bar detoxifies skin, cleans pores, and can help clear up acne over time. It's also effective on eczema, hydrates skin, and the fine grains in the soap act like an exfoliant. It's also scented with essential oils like lemongrass and peppermint, and leaves skin radiant and glowing.


50. A Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator That Makes Everything Smell Great

Natural Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

These supremely effective odor eliminators forego the heavily-perfumed deodorant pouches in favor of bamboo charcoal technology that passively absorbs odors without emitting an aroma. The charcoal essentially acts like an odor sponge, soaking up particles that trap scent and neutralizing the smell. They last for 365 days and can be placed inside shoes, gym bags, closet, vehicles, pet areas, and other places you want odors eliminated.

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