50 Of The Most Clever Inventions That You Can Buy On Amazon With Only $20

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You don’t have to blow through your entire savings account to find cool things on Amazon. The online retailer is littered with amazing new products and genius gadgets that make life easier while being affordable, too. In fact, you can typically find clever inventions on Amazon for under $20.

The gamut ranges from things like kitchen appliances to cell phone accessories to miraculously effective makeup and cosmetics. Some of the products you find are things anyone would be excited about (hello, handy avocado slicer) whereas others are so bizarre, you're almost embarrassed to admit just how useful they are (see: a wine holder that's made for your shower). Yet each of these odd new inventions is practical or useful in some way.

If you're on a budget and can't afford expensive novelty items, yet you find the “weird but useful” product genre strangely addicting, don’t spend all of your time walking the aisles of Sharper Image wishing you made more money. Amazon is full of plenty of affordable gadgets and inventions if you know where to look. Check out this gallery of clever products on Amazon under $20 — and prepare to have your life changed forever.

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