50 Products On Amazon That Are So Clever, They're Blowing People's Minds

What does it take for a product to be considered mind-blowing? Does it need to have a super-low price so that you're saving money, or should it be something clever that helps solve life's little annoyances? Regardless of what your qualifications are, one thing holds true: there are tons of genius products on Amazon that are blowing people's minds, if you know where to look. There's something there for everyone — there's plenty of brilliant ideas that you've always dreamed of, and some you've never even thought of before.

Case in point? There's a bath mat in here with silicone bristles on the top so your feet get a massage while you shower. It's completely genius. And don't get me started on the power block that has four USB ports on it so you can charge four devices at once — because whoever invented that is a total genius. I'm sure they're now raking in stacks of cash, because he's chock-full of ideas for clever Amazon products, and I'm happy to reap the benefits by purchasing them all.

And don't feel discouraged if you haven't come up with clever inventions — because we can all be winners when it comes to snapping up the latest and greatest mind-blowing products on Amazon.

1. The Container That Keeps Your Guacamole Fresh And Green

Progressive International Guacamole Keeper, $13, Amazon

Messing around with plastic wrap is wasteful in the long run — and doesn't even keep your avocados from turning brown — so try the Progressive International guacamole keeper and save the environment some waste while you're at it. This handy container keeps your guacamole looking fresh and green for longer than plastic wrap or containers, as the sealing lid keeps the air out and makes sure that your guac won't turn brown for several days.


2. The Button That Lets You Play Games Through Your Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Buttons, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

Alexa may be great at turning lights on and off, but she can also play games with you by using the Amazon Echo Buttons. Simply ask "Alexa, what games can I play with my Echo Buttons?" to dive into over 60 available games (including Trivial Pursuit) that all use the buttons to interact with Alexa — and you can even connect up to four buttons together via Bluetooth, so more people can join in on the fun.


3. A Set Of Storage Containers That Keep Food Fresh

VERONES Airtight Storage Containers, $25 (6 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're storing dog food, cereal, chips, flour, rice, or practically anything else you can think of, the VERONES airtight storage containers will keep your ingredients fresher for longer. The lids on these containers have a four-sided locking system that uses durable silicone to ensure the seal is airtight, and because each container is dishwasher-safe, they're all extremely easy and convenient to clean as well.


4. An Eyelash Curler That's Heated For Dramatic Results

TOULLGO Heated Eyelash Curler, $19, Amazon

If you try to heat your eyelash curler you'll probably end up frying your lashes off, so use the TOULLGO heated eyelash curler instead. Durable and safe so you won't wind up walking around lash-less, this curler is designed so that excess mascara won't wind up sticking to the curler, and since it heats up in only 10 seconds you won't be stuck waiting around to put the cherry on top of your beauty routine.


5. The Permanent Pen That Won't Clog Or Clump

Rite In The Rain Trekker Pen, $32, Amazon

Digging a pen out of the bottom of your purse just to discover that it's clogged and won't work is such a nuisance when you could just be using the Rite In The Rain trekker pen. This pen can write through grease and mud without clogging, and if you try to write in wet conditions this pen will still work without smearing. Bonus: because it's pressurized, you can even use it to write under water.


6. A Funnel That Minimizes Wasteful Drips

Cumberland Concepts Smart Funnel, $10, Amazon

Transferring thick liquids (like shampoo and lotion) to different containers can quickly become annoying and messy since they move so slowly, but the Cumberland Concepts smart funnel solves this problem by allowing you to attach the bottle to the funnel so that you can walk away while it drips. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "This is the absolute best way to transfer something from one bottle to another!"


7. The Chute That Attaches To Bowls So You Can Pour Without Mess

New Metro Design Universal Pouring Chute, $19, Amazon

Accidentally spilling flour or dry ingredients on the floor of your kitchen only means you have even more to clean up when you're done cooking, so save yourself the mess with the New Metro Design universal pouring chute. It attaches to practically every brand of stand mixer bowl (although it's not suitable for glass), and since it's made from durable surgical steel you can be sure it won't bend or warp with use.


8. A Bath Mat That Massages The Bottoms Of Your Feet

DonHill Non-slip Bath Mat, $9, Amazon

Instead of using a bath mat that only keeps you from slipping in the tub, why not use one that massages your feet at the same time as well? The DonHill non-slip bath mat has a unique brush top surface that gives your feet a massage as you stand in the shower. Made from antibacterial vinyl that's also mold- and mildew-resistant, this bath mat is also machine-washable for added convenience.


9. The Lap Desk That's Adjustable So You Always Get The Best Angle

Mind Reader Adjustable Lap Desk, $15, Amazon

Whereas most lap desks only offer one flat position, the Mind Reader adjustable lap desk offers eight different angles so that you can pick whichever one gives you the best view of your laptop, tablet, or book. The pillows underneath conform to your lap to provide extra stability as you work, and because this lap desk is designed to fold down flat, you won't be taking up an excessive amount of space whenever you go to store it. It also provides ventilation for your laptop.


10. An Eye Mask That Uses Steam To Reduce Puffiness

FRESHME Steam Eye Mask, $13, Amazon

Waking up with puffy under-eyes is no way to start your day, so combat them with the FRESHME steam eye mask. This mask comes filled with liquid that turns into a moisturizing steam, helping to not only reduce any puffiness under your eyes, but also to moisturize irritated or dry skin. Each mask only takes 15 to 20 minutes for the whole treatment, but will stay at 104 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 30 minutes.


11. The Power Block That Can Charge Four Devices At Once

Anker 4-Port USB Wall Charger, $26, Amazon

Hunting around your house for a stray power block so you can charge your devices is silly when you could just get the Anker wall charger and charge four devices all at the same time. It features four USB ports that will automatically detect the optimal charging speed for your electronics — and unlike other blocks, the charging speed is not affected by how many devices are plugged into it.


12. A Case That Protects Your Apple TV Remote From Damage — And Glows In The Dark

Elago R1 Intelli Case, $12, Amazon

Designed to be able to fit the Apple fourth and fifth generation TV remotes, the Elago R1 intelli case is made from durable yet soft silicone that helps absorb shock so that your remote won't get damaged if you drop it. And because the case adds some weight to the remote, it becomes easier to find when you inevitably lose it in your blankets and sheets. Best of all — it even glows in the dark and comes with a lanyard you can wear around your wrist.


13. The Gadget That Gets Every Last Drop Off Of Your Whisk

Whisk Wiper Kitchen Tool, $20, Amazon

Your whisk generally ends up with at least a few tablespoons of batter glued to its wires, and with the Whisk Wiper kitchen tool you can easily get every last drop. This tool wipes a whisk down in seconds, with each order arriving with an included 11-inch whisk. And because this tool has a rounded design, you can also use it to wipe down bowls until they're clean to the touch.


14. A Lighted Makeup Mirror That's Great For Traveling

KEDSUM LED Makeup Mirror, $15, Amazon

Getting the perfect lighting for your makeup while you're traveling can be hard when you're in a dingy hotel room, which is only part of why the KEDUM LED makeup mirror is such a great deal — you can also fold it down to use as a compact, unfold it to use on a vanity, or even hold it in your hands to get the best lighting for your makeup. And because the lights are LED, you'll never have to worry about replacing them.


15. The Carousel That Organizes All Your Loose Makeup

NIFTY Comestic Organizer Carousel Black, $25, Amazon

Makeup, hair accessories, office supplies — you name it, and the NIFTY cosmetic organizer carousel can take your loose items and sort them in one easy to reach place. The base rotates a full 360-degrees so you can easily find whatever you're looking for, and the black powder coat finish will look great with practically any style of decor.


16. A Silicone Mat That Keeps Food From Sticking To The Pan When Baking

Rozotti Silicone Baking Mat Bundle, $19 (6-Piece Set), Amazon

Sure it's marketed as a baking mat, but the Rozotti non-stick silicone baking mat can do so much more — use it as a placemat on your dining table, to knead dough, roll out all forms of pastry, or even use it for boiled sugar and chocolate work as long as the temperatures don't exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit. And because it's dishwasher-safe, clean-up is also a breeze. This set comes with two half-sized and two quarter-sized baking sheets, and also includes a silicone brush and spatula.


17. The Light Treatment That Helps Combat Stubborn Acne

Neutrogena Acne Clearing Light Therapy Spot Treatment, $15, Amazon

By using a targeted red and blue light that penetrates the skin without causing any flaking or itching, the Neutrogena acne clearing light therapy spot treatment helps reduce the time it takes for breakouts to fade away. The blue light targets the bacteria in acne, while the red light reduces inflammation. One Amazon reviewer even raved that her skin "looks so much better after just a few days" and that this handy device is a "miracle."


18. A Towel That Helps Cool You Down In The Heat

Chill Pal Cooling Towel, $9, Amazon

All you have to do is get the Chill Pal cooling towel wet and wring it out for it to become noticeably chilled. It's reusable since all you have to do is wet it again for the same cooling effect — but this towel remains chilled for several hours and can fold down to fit into the included carrying pouch, making it super portable to boot. It's great for hot days, long hikes, or workouts.


19. The Serum That Boosts The Hyaluronic Acid In Your Creams And Lotions

Paula's Choice Hyaluronic Acid Booster, $33, Amazon

Hyaluronic acid is a great way to reduce blemishes and keep your skin intensely hydrated, so if your favorite lotion doesn't have any in it use the Paula's Choice hyaluronic acid booster to add it in. All you have to do is add a few drops to any lotion or cream, and this serum will keep your skin full of moisture, as one reviewer writes: "I mix a couple drops with my daily moisturizer and my skin feels silky smooth and wonderful. I highly recommend."


20. A Hair Tie That Won't Leave A Crease In Your Hair

Invisibobble Rubber Hair Bands, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

Great for thick and thin hair alike, the Invisibobble rubber hair bands are designed so that they won't leave any annoying crimps in your hair. One Amazon reviewer even raved that these hair ties will hold her thick, curly hair even when it's wet, and if she ties her hair up before going to bed at night, "when I dry my hair the next morning, these don't leave any of the dents and bends I get from other hair ties!" These help with breakage, too.


21. The Insert That Helps Keep Your Backpack Organized

ZTUJO Backpack Organizer Insert, $23, Amazon

The average backpack usually only has one or two pockets in the main compartment, so keep the inside of your backpack organized with the ZTUJO backpack organizer insert. Made from soft yet sturdy felt, the smaller size organizer fits round-top backpacks up to 11 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide, whereas the larger size works for bags up to 13.5 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide.


22. A Pair Of Gloves That Gently Exfoliate All Over

Evridwear Exfoliating Body Scrub Gloves, $10, Amazon

Great for encouraging blood circulation and combating eczema or dry skin, the Evridwear exfoliating body scrub gloves gently exfoliate your entire body while removing toxins from the surface of your skin. These gloves work for all skin types, and one size will fit most people since the material will stretch to accommodate larger hands. And because there's a built-in hanging loop, you can easily hang these gloves so that they air dry.


23. The Wine Bottle Opener That Takes The Work Out Of Uncorking A Bottle

CUSIBOX Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $36, Amazon

It doesn't matter if the cork is short, cracked, or completely broken in half, the CUSIBOX electric wine bottle opener can still uncork your wine with ease. Not only does this handy device work in seconds, but it's also made out of rust-resistant and durable stainless steel that looks chic no matter where it resides in your home. It also works to seal bottles you've opened and don't finish — and come with two sealer tops. Each charge lasts eight to ten hours, too.


24. A Portable Heater That Boils Water In Minutes

Lewis N. Clark Portable Immersion Heater, $16, Amazon

Sometimes you just want a hot cup of tea without having to pay an upcharge for it, so on days like those try the Lewis N. Clark portable immersion heater. This heater can boil water in minutes, and is great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even soups. And because it comes with its own European adapter plug and travel pouch, this heater is great for international travel as well.


25. The Masks That Boost The Plumpness Of Your Lips

Genuva Pink Collagen Crystal Lip Masks, $10 (30 Pack), Amazon

Dry, chapped lips can be difficult to get rid of without the proper amount of hydration, which is why the Genuva lip masks use a combination of collagen and minerals to hydrate your pout. One Amazon reviewer even said that these masks "This worked so good! It kept my lips moisturized and plumped all day. [...]


26. A Facial Cleansing Brush That Helps Shrink Your Pores

Vinmori Facial Cleansing Brush, $33, Amazon

With 12 adjustable modes of varying intensity so that you can choose whatever feels the best on your face, the Vinmori facial cleansing brush removes dead and flaky skin while working to reduce acne, blackheads, and minimize the appearance of pores. And because the bristles are made from soft yet durable medical-grade silicone, this brush is not only safe for sensitive skin, but is also resistant to bacteria growth.


27. The Toothpaste That Uses Activated Charcoal To Whiten Teeth Naturally

Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, $5, Amazon

Charcoal is a great, natural way to remove stains from your teeth, so it makes sense that you'd want to use a toothpaste like the Hello Oral Care activated charcoal toothpaste if you're trying to get the pearliest whites possible. This toothpaste whitens naturally without using any peroxide, fluoride, artificial sweeteners, dyes, or sulfates — and because it's so natural, of course it's vegan as well. It's also made with mint and coconut oil.


28. A Balm That Keeps Your Skin From Chafing

MedZone Anti-Chafe Relief Balm Stick, $13, Amazon

Persistent chafing can leave your skin looking red and irritated, but with the MedZone anti-chafe relief balm stick all you have to do is swipe it on — that's it. This stick goes on smooth without leaving any greasy residues, and unlike other anti-chafe creams and powders, this stick goes on invisible and isn't at risk of spilling since the consistency is more like deodorant. You can use it on the legs, thighs, or under the breasts.


29. The Minimalistic Holder That Means You'll Never Forget Your Keys Again

Walden Theory Magnetic Key Holder, $14, Amazon

Stained wood will always look fancy no matter how trends and styles change, which means that the Walden Theory magnetic key holders will never go out of style in your home. The minimalistic design means that it'll blend neatly into your current decor, and installation is easy — all you have to do is stick the key holder to the wall or fridge, and the strong adhesive will keep it in place.


30. A Pitcher That Cools Down Hot Drinks In Minutes

ICECOLDNOW The Cold Wave, $40, Amazon

Waiting around for liquids to cool down is a waste of time, especially when you can just use the ICECOLDNOW the cold wave. This pitcher cools down super-hot drinks in under two minutes, and takes just 30 seconds to bring room temperature drinks down to a refreshing chill. Unlike other rapid-cooling devices, there are no chemicals used in the cooling process — only purified water.


31. The Water That Enhances The Flavor Of Your Coffee

Third Wave Water Enhanced Coffee Water, $15, Amazon

Water is exactly half of the equation for making coffee, which means if you want the best out of your coffee beans, you're gonna want to use quality water. Third Wave Water enhanced coffee water not only uses magnesium to add sweetness, and they've even added calcium to keep the flavors balanced. Each package can make up to 12 gallons of coffee, and these capsules work with Keurigs, French presses, drip coffee makers, and more. One reviewer writes: "This product is the solution to bland, bitter coffee. Take your cup to the next level and since I'm a huge nerd, I figured out it only ads about $0.17 cost to your coffee experience."


32. A Lip Balm That Prevents Red Wine Stains

WineBlock Red Wine Stain Lip Balm, $14, Amazon

Drinking a glass of red wine just to end up with stained teeth can be frustrating, so why not try the WineBlock red wine stain lip balm? This balm prevents red wine stains on both your lips and teeth, and each balm lasts for about 30 uses. It's made with zero parabens or petroleum, and has an orange blossom flavor that will not interfere with the flavors of wine.


33. The Pumice Stones That Can Remove Stubborn Hard Water Deposits

BATTLEHYMN Toilet Bowl Pumice Stone, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

Most pumice stones are meant for your feet, but the BATTLEHYMN toilet bowl pumice stone is special — this one is designed to clean rust and hard water stains off of toilets, tubs, pool tile, barbecues, and steel using its gentle abrasive texture. And because this pumice stone is denser than competing products, you can be sure that it'll last longer and get you more for your money in the long run.


34. A Pair Of Headphones That You Can Actually Swim In

Pyle Waterproof Swimming Headphones, $40, Amazon

Whereas most exercise headphones are only water- or sweat-resistant, the Pyle waterproof swimming headphones are fully submersible so you can do laps in the pool and still listen to your favorite music. Able to play music for up to 10 hours off of just one charge, these headphones are universally sized and flexible so that they'll fit practically anyone, and because the earbuds block water, there's also a reduced risk of getting water in your ear.


35. The Heating Pad That Soothes Aching Joints And Muscles

VIVE Heating Pad, $17, Amazon

Whenever you have soreness or body aches, try putting the VIVE heating pad on the pain for some quick and soothing relief. This heating pad is larger than average, and it has four different heat settings. It also comes with a super-soft micro-plush cover for added comfort, and it's machine-washable. It has automatic shut-off after two hours, an extra-long power cord, and can even provide relief for pets.


36. A Cute Flower Pot That Can Double As A Speaker

Envolve Bluetooth Music Flower Pot, $15, Amazon

You probably have a flower pot, and you probably have a speaker, but who says the two can't be combined into this fun and cute Envolve Bluetooth music flower pot? It can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device to wirelessly play music, and the built-in mood lighting changes color depending on what's playing. And because it's got a built-in night mode, this flower pot can also be used as a night light without any music playing.


37. The Massager That Improves Blood Circulation In Your Neck

Lindo Shiatsu Neck Massager, $14, Amazon

All you have to do is move the handles, and the Lindo Shiatsu neck massager delivers pressure that feels like real hands during a Shiatsu massage. The four yellow knobs are designed to help ease any soreness or pain in your neck, all while improving blood circulation as well as flexibility in your neck. The knobs can even be adjusted — choose between a two-point deep tissue massage and a four-point gentle Shiatsu massage.


38. A Pair Of Shoelaces That You Don't Have To Keep Tying

Caterpy Laces No Tie Shoelaces, $12, Amazon

Whether you have trouble bending down or simply don't feel like tying your shoes ever again, the Caterpy Laces no tie shoelaces are right up your alley. These shoelaces have adjustable tension that you can customize between each eyelet for the most comfortable fit that works for you, and since there are no knots or plastic hardware in them, they don't create any uncomfortable pressure points.


39. The Sandwich Maker That Works In The Microwave

Maconee Official Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $28, Amazon

Whether you're in a dorm or an office with a small kitchen, the Maconee Official breakfast sandwich maker can deliver a crispy panini-style sandwich in just three to five minutes — and in the microwave. This sandwich maker is made from platinum silicone with non-stick aluminum plates, which means you can also use it to cook burgers, steaks, vegetables, fish, chicken, and more, and because it's dishwasher-safe, clean-up is a breeze.


40. A Miniature Fridge That You Can Easily Take With You

Chefman Portable Fridge, $30, Amazon

Whether you're looking to stay hydrated during a long drive or simply want to keep a few cold cans available at your desk, the Chefman portable fridge is the solution you've been looking for. This portable fridge can hold six 12-ounce soda cans, and the removable shelf means that you can fit more in there. And unlike other portable fridges, this one can double as a food warmer too.


41. A Hair Brush That Helps Reduce The Time It Takes For Wet Hair To Dry

Wet Brush Speed Dry Hair Brush, $10, Amazon

You'd be surprised how big of a difference your choice in hair brush makes when blow drying hair — and the Wet Brush speed dry hair brush's ventilated design not only reduces the time it takes for your hair to dry, but the contoured shape also hugs the scalp so each stroke is comfortable. And because the bristles on this brush are heat-flex, that means they won't overheat when used with a blow dryer.


42. A Razor That Gets Those Annoying Spots You Can't Reach

EVOLVE Body Razor Back Shaver, $20, Amazon

Whether you've got unwanted hair on your back or can never quite reach those awkward spots on your calves, the EVOLVE body razor back shaver is for you. This razor lets you shave anywhere on your body with its 16-inch reach, and since it shrinks down to only 8.75 inches when compact, you can easily take it with you for use on vacations. This one comes with four shaving cartridges and can be used wet or dry.


43. The Night Light That Lets You Plug In Other Devices

Ashbringer LED Plug-In Night Light, $13, Amazon

Whereas most night lights take up an outlet, the Ashbringer LED plug-in night light provides you with two USB ports so that you can still plug in devices to the wall. This night light has a sensor that allows it to turn off when the room is lit, and turn on when it's dark so that you save money on your utility bill over time.


44. An Essential Oil Diffuser That Requires Zero Water

Ominihome Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser, $50, Amazon

Because it's completely cordless and doesn't need to be plugged into an outlet, this essential oil diffuser can be placed anywhere in your home or office — and the rechargeable battery gives you up to 80 hours of use off of one single charge. Unlike other diffusers, this one doesn't require any water, which makes it an incredibly unique find. One reviewer commented: "I was looking for a diffuser that was both waterless and rechargeable and this one fits both criteria. Perfect size, easy to use and puts out a lot of scent. Can’t hear it running at all. Love it!"


45. The Board That Helps You Uniformly Fold Every Shirt

BoxLegend Shirt Folding Board, $14, Amazon

There's nothing quite like having a dresser full of perfectly-folded shirts, which is exactly what the BoxLegend shirt folding board does — all you have to do is place a shirt in the center, then fold the flaps in the designated order to wind up with a crisply folded garment. One Amazon reviewer even raved: "This makes a boring, tedious task silly and fun!"


46. A Tool That Helps You Tuck Your Bed Extra Tightly

The Tucker Bed Sheet Tucker Tool, $20, Amazon

Instead of cramming your fingers down between the bed frame and the mattress, get your sheets super-snug by using The Tucker bed sheet tucker tool. This handy gadget makes stuffing the sheets down into the bed frame super simple, and since you'll no longer have to lift the mattress to get the snuggest sheets possible, this tool is also great for kids to use.


47. The Massage Tool With 11 Therapy Knots For Every Pressure Point

Body Back Original Self-Massage Tool, $30, Amazon

Whereas most massage tools only come with a few knobs to tackle pressure points, the Body Back original self-massage tool has 11, each of them intentionally placed so that you can easily locate and relive the pain from spasms, knots, soreness, and trigger points. It weighs 2 pounds and can even be used inside the shower.


48. A Pack Of Silicone Straw Lids That Work On Any Size Tumbler

ModFamily Silicone Straw Lids, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

While traditional plastic lids are prone to leaks and spills, the ModFamily silicone straw lids not only have a non-slip grip that won't let your drinks spill out, but these lids can stretch to fit over tumblers of all sizes. It doesn't matter if your drink is hot, cold, or somewhere in the middle — because these silicone lids will keep your beverages safe and secure.


49. The Bag Sealer That Keeps Your Food From Going Stale

TenTenLabs Premium Bag Heat Sealer, $17, Amazon

Regular plastic food baggies are not airtight enough to keep your food from spoiling over extended periods of time, but with the TenTenLabs premium bag heat sealer you can ensure that your snacks will stay fresher for longer. This heat sealer is rechargeable so that you don't have to bother with wasteful batteries, and because the base is magnetized, you can easily stick it to your fridge for safekeeping.


50. A Curling Wand Set With Five Interchangeable Barrels

Herstyler 5-in-1 Curling Wand Set, $37, Amazon

Monday you're feeling beachy waves, Tuesday you're looking for loose curls, and by Wednesday you're just looking to change it up — but it doesn't matter what day of the week it is, because this curling wand set comes with five different attachments so that you can change your style depending on your mood. And because the barrels are made with ceramic to prevent damage, your hair will be left looking shiny and frizz-free instead of dry and damaged.

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