51 Clever Inventions You Never Knew Existed That Solve Your Random Annoying Problems

by Emily Estep

Earbuds getting snagged on door handles; an itch on your back that you cannot reach; liquid lipstick that won’t scrub away — these are each excellent examples of life’s most irritating grievances. That said, you’d be surprised by how many clever inventions exist simply to solve these random, annoying problems.

Once you discover the foolproof solutions that lead a more efficient life, free from the aggravating little things that sometimes add up and make a good day take a sharp left turn, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these life-saving products. From a makeup mirror with a phone charger built-in to a cup holder that attaches to your rolling luggage, the opportunities are vast.

The Eureka moment that struck the inventors of these products can now benefit everyone. It's only a matter of time before every person has a water bottle that keeps their drink cold for 24 full hours, and we'll look back at our old water bottles and laugh.

You might be amazed that many of these brilliant inventions aren’t household staples at this point, but given their popularity online, perhaps that will change. We've assembled the best of these problem-solving products, freeing you from the annoying things that plague us all.


A Diffuser That Gets Rid Of Any Car Smells

You can use this car diffuser to combat dry air or to diffuse essential oils — a couple of drops can be added to its water reservoir to fill any vehicle with pleasant, calming aromas. The humidifier has an auto shut-off feature for safety and offers seven LED light options to boost your mood while you're driving.


A Paracord Bracelet That Has A Built-In Compass So You'll Never Get Lost Again

This paracord bracelet is an excellent survival tool that has five hidden functions — and all could save the day in a pinch. The bracelet has a compass, a fire starter, a fire scraper, a parachute, and a super loud emergency whistle. The bracelet is available in two sizes: large and medium, which fits most wrists.


A Weight That Keeps Any Book Propped Open

Covered in rubber material so that it will not slip, this bookmark weight will keep heavy books propped open, so you'll never lose your place. It has two weighted ends that hold the book open, and since it's easy to clean, you can use it in the kitchen to prop open a cookbook, too.


An Insulated Bottle That Keeps Drinks Cold For 24 Hours

This water bottle is double-wall vacuum insulated, giving it the power to keep drinks hot for six hours and cool for up to 24 hours. It's also covered with a powder coat that prevents the bottle from ever getting slippery while preventing condensation. The bottle is also designed to fit in any standard cupholder, making it a go-to for both hot and cold drinks in the morning on the way to work.


A Fitness Board That'll Finally Create A Usable, Easy Home Gym

Instead of buying a host of expensive equipment, you can get a solid workout at home with this fitness board. Combining unique twisting motions with balancing, this forces you to engage your entire body — but specifically targets the back and abs, and it comes with an instructional DVD. Anyone up to 400 pounds can use the board, and when you're done, its compact, lightweight design allows you to store it neatly and conveniently.


A Hand Warmer To Keep You Toasty Without A Flame

Offering flameless, gentle heat, these hand warmers fit nicely in the palm of your hand to keep you warm wherever you go. The fill cup is designed to be easy to use, meaning minimal spilling, and the warmers heat up quickly to provide immediate comfort. Once you turn it on, the warmer will give off heat for at least 6 hours, whether you keep it in your hands or stash it in a pocket.


A Balm That Packs A Moisture Punch For Your Lips

This balm is a game-changer for dry lips, reducing roughness by up to 40 percent in as little as an hour. It's got a light, glossy finish, and the balm's formula is also completely natural and hypoallergenic, with no parabens, artificial flavors, or artificial fragrances to irritate sensitive skin — so you can use it anywhere on the body. It can even be used on the hair as a serum.


An Unusual Patch That Might Help You Sleep Deeper

These vinegar foot pads slap right onto the bottom of your feet and offer a long list of benefit — they possibly promote a deeper sleep, relieve fatigue, improve metabolism, and even ease constipation. They're filled with bamboo extract, lavender extract, grape seed, and more, which absorb into your skin while you sleep. The foot pads are totally natural, and they're safe to use on sensitive skin.


A Huge Book Of Games That Stops Boredom In Its Tracks

It’s basically impossible to be bored when you have UNBORED Games at your disposal — a book that includes 70 games total. But these games aren’t your traditional crossword puzzles and word finds, the games span from old fashion to high-tech and include things like intricate clapping games, bike rodeo, Google Earth challenges, croquet golf, capture the flag, as well as the best apps. Fifty of the games are brand new, original ideas, while the other 20 are classics that are always fun to revisit. The book is a great way to spend a rainy day or a quiet night in with friends.


A Memory Foam Pillow That Will Align Your Knees While You Sleep

This memory foam knee pillow can be used in a variety of ways, from propping up your feet to relieve back pain to relieving fatigue from tired feet. It's great to use while sleeping, and it will keep knees aligned while sleeping. The memory foam inside is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and the cover can be removed and put in the washing machine.


A Pain Relief Cream That You Can Apply Anywhere

Packed with arnica flower extract, vitamin B6, and more, this pain relief cream can be applied directly to your body to quickly and thoroughly ease your pain. The scent goes away fast, it doesn't leave any residue behind, and it won't stain your clothes. All you have to do is massage the pain relief cream into an area of your skin for about 30 seconds to feel results, and reviewers say it's "magic in a jar."


A Natural Sleep Supplement To Help You Get Some Rest

If you have trouble falling and staying asleep, this natural sleep powder can make a huge difference, with a formula that contains both melatonin and GABA — and because it contains no chemicals you can become dependent on, the sleep powder helps you drift off naturally. All you do is pour it into a glass of water, drink up, and sleep soundly. Best of all, the powder doesn't leave you with a groggy feeling in the morning.


A Set Of Silicone Baking Mats That Are Easy To Clean

These baking mats are made of food-grade silicone that can withstand temperatures of up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for use in the oven or on the grill. They have a pyramid design that allows hot air to pass underneath whatever you are preparing for more consistent cooking, and drains the grease for crispier food. The mats are also incredibly easy to clean.


A Set Of TSA-Approved Travel Bottles And Containers

You'll be fully prepared to slip through security at the airport with this set of TSA-approved bottles that you can fill up with all your preferred toiletries, makeup, and more. The set comes with containers of various sizes, including small tubes and a large pump, and it even comes with funnels and a small spatula to help you transfer the products hygienically and efficiently.


A Dishcloth That Won't Ever Build Up Odor

These dishcloths will not accumulate odor over time and last three times longer than sponges and cotton cloths, making them a more economical, environmentally-friendly, and fresh-smelling option than your standard dish-washing scrubbers. Each antibacterial dishcloth is an 8-inch square and has a loop for convenient hanging and drying. They're also safe to use on non-stick pans and other sensitive cooking utensils.


A Smart Plug That Makes Anything Wi-Fi Compatible

Once you insert this smart plug into an outlet, it can instantly control whatever device is plugged into it via Wifi. You can download an app to control the smart plug, or you can use either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant — which also allows for voice control. The plug also has a timer option, so you can designate a time of day for your appliances to turn on and off.


A Set Of Insoles That Keep Your Feet Warm All Day

These warm insoles are all you need to keep your feet nice and toasty when it's cold outside, with an aerogel that both keeps in heat and adds a comforting cushion to your shoe. Not only do they keep heat inside your shoes, but also, they keep the cold outside of them. Whether you're taking your dog for a walk or are going to be skiing all day, the insoles will keep you cozy.


A Food Cover That Keeps Your Microwave Clean

You can prevent a slow build-up of debris in your microwave with this anti-sputtering food cover. All you do is place the cover over any dish, and in the event of a food explosion, the mess will be contained. The cover is dishwasher-safe, and unlike some other covers, this one has a high dome so there is plenty of room to pile your plate high.


A Kitchen Knife That Has A Cutting Board Attached

This clever kitchen tool functions as both a knife and a cutting board, allowing you to chop up food without having to take up counter space — it can be done directly over the pot you're cooking in. The sharp blades cut through veggies, cheese, and meat quickly, while a safety hinge prevents you from accidentally cutting yourself. The whole appliance stores conveniently in any small space, and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


A Pair Of Nail Clippers With A Brilliant Handle To Keep Things Accurate

These nail clippers are made of high-quality steel, shaped in such a way to cradle fingers for a well-contoured clip — and have a brilliant handle that lets you see exactly what you're doing. The sharpened blades are sharp enough to cut through super thick nails, so stubborn toenails are a breeze, and reviewers say they're incredibly easy to use.


A Pair Of Hooks That Lets You Hang Anything, Anywhere

With the ability to hold nearly nine pounds, these versatile hooks can clip onto almost anything, instantly giving you a free hand while reliably keeping your belongings safe. The hooks can clip onto bench tops, desks, and tables, too, so a hanging rod is not required to use them. The utility of the hooks is endless, giving you additional storage basically anywhere.


A Brush That Gets Rid Of Lint And Maintains Your Clothes

This clothing tool does it all — it's a shoe horn, a clothing brush, and a lint remover in one. It has crisp, chrome accents and weighs less than a pound, making it incredibly easy to use and carry with you. It's made of sturdy walnut, and the brush is made of synthetic fibers that don't shed.


A Portable Light That Can Sit Or Attach Anywhere

With the ability to attach to anything with a small hook or to just stand on its own, this small bug-shaped light can illuminate anything, from the book you're reading in bed to the back of the television when you're searching for an HDMI port. You can alter the brightness of the light, and the battery will operate for up to ten hours — even on the brightest setting.


A Multitool With Seven Distinct Uses

This slim multitool knife has seven built-in tools: a knife, a bottle opener, two slotted screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver, an LED flashlight and a key ring. The super slim design fits right in your hand, and the key ring makes it convenient to keep the multitool on you at all times. It's also made of stainless steel, and is durable enough to withstand wear and tear.


A Set Of Detangling Brushes That Get Rid Of Knots

Even the most tangled hair is no match for these brushes, which have wide, soft bristles to glide through hair, untangling knots as it easily slips through. The brushes are appropriate for all hair types and are kid-friendly. Using a detangling brush can prevent significant hair breakage over time, as well as all the frustration of literally ripping your hair out when it's extra knotted.


A Surge Protector With A Clever, Circle Design

With this 5-outlet surge protector, you can safely turn any outlet into five, with a round design instead of the typical vertical design, which prevents any bulky plugs from taking up too much space. It also has two USB ports for charging your phone, as well as a 3-foot extension cord for flexibility. The surge protector is suitable for any appliance and safe to use with sensitive devices.


A Small Clip That Keeps Your Cords From Falling

A handful of these cable clips offer an immediate solution to crowded desktops and tangled up cords — they'll securely keep chargers and other various power adapters in one spot. Plus, if your charger becomes unplugged from your laptop, the cable clip will keep it in place and prevent it from falling down behind your desk, yet again. The clips have a peel and stick system that adheres to nearly any surface without damaging it.


A Closet Organizer For Camis Or Accessories

There's no end to the ways you can organize your clothes and accessories on this clever hanger, which only takes up the space of one article of clothing in your closet. It's ideal for holding up camisoles, tanks, and sleeveless dresses, but you can also use the small hooks to hold up belts, scarves, hats, tights, and more. You can also use it hang clothes for drying.


A Multitool That's The Size Of A Credit Card

Whether you're a survivalist or just someone who likes to be prepared at a moment's notice, you'll love this wallet tool — it only takes up the space of a single credit card but functions as 12 separate survival tools. The wallet tool includes a knife, a blade sharpener, a magnifying glass, a ruler, a bottle opener, a toothpick, a pair of tweezers, an emergency whistle, and more.


A Self-Massage Tool That Can Hit Every Pressure Point

With this massage tool, you can thoroughly massage your back and shoulders without having to bend your body awkwardly to access those hard-to-reach spots. It has 11 therapy knobs that allow you to reach every pressure point in your body, so you can relieve sore muscles and loosen up knots. The tool's rectangular cross-sections make it strong and more durable, while still only weighing less than a pound.


A Natural Deodorant Made Of Charcoal And Magnesium

This mineral-enriched deodorant is packed with charcoal and magnesium to keep you dry and odor-free throughout the day, without aluminum and other potentially skin-irritating ingredients. The formula is also completely vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free, making it ideal for anyone with skin sensitivities. One Amazon user raved, "This is the best deodorant I've ever used in my entire life."


A Durable Backpack That You Can Fold Up And Store

This extremely versatile backpack has 20 liters of storage space and is made of tear-resistant nylon material, making it dependable and strong. That said, it's also super malleable and easy to fold up and pack away. It's the ultimate backpack to tuck into your luggage when you're going on a trip, and since it's exterior is water-resistant, you can take it anywhere, from camping trips to Splash Mountain.


A Spray That Helps Your Leather Shoes Fit Just Right

This shoe spray allows you to stretch parts of leather shoes that are too tight on your feet, without damaging the integrity of the leather. This way, you can basically create a pair of shoes that fits you perfectly — no “breaking them in” blisters necessary. All you do is spray the product on your shoes while you’re wearing them and walking, and the formula will do the rest. It can also be used on suede and canvas shoes.


A Therapy Kit That Strengthens And Soothes Hands

This hand therapy kit can improve flexibility, eliminate stiffness, and even ease away chronic pain in your hands. The four-piece kit includes three massage balls that range in firmness so you can increase t he intensity as your finger and hand strength develops, and a finger massager that promotes blood flow in your fingers while rolling out aches and pains. Plus, the kit includes a convenient guide to get you started.


A Wine Aerator That Makes Cheap Wine Taste Delicious

This small and compact wine aerator enhances the flavor and body of wine with minimal effort, all in a dishwasher-safe design. All you do is hold the aerator over your glass and then pour the wine right through, instantly aerating it by mixing the proper amount of oxygen into any glass — no matter the price. The aerator also has a no-drip stand to store it on, so you won't create a mess on your bar in between uses.


A Bowl That Pops Kernels In The Microwave And Without Oil

Made of durable, BPA-free silicone, this microwave popcorn popper makes up to 14 cups of the delicious snack, and doesn't need oil or butter if you're trying to cut down on those things. It becomes completely flat when you're done with it, and you can add customizable seasoning to the kernels to make different variations.


A Value-Pack Of Fashion Emergency Problem Solvers

This set of goodies includes a sponge that removes deodorant marks from clothing; a package of breast lift tape that makes going braless more comfortable; and a pack of fashion tape that allows you to make quick repairs without a needle and thread. Basically, these staples stash conveniently in your purse and could come in handy anytime, whether you lose a shirt button or want to go sans bra.


A Cleansing Pod That Eliminates Steps From Your Beauty Routine

These cleansing pods can replace four products in your skincare routine, which will save you time and money. One cleansing pod can be used as a sponge, a cleanser, a mask, and an exfoliator and can be used two to five times. Featuring nourishing and brightening ingredients like kaolin, aloe vera, and vitamin E, these cleansing pods will removes dead skin, deep clean, moisturize, and brighten your complexion for silky smooth and radiant skin. The pods are cruelty-free, safe to use on any skin type, and made of all natural ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive skin.


A Six-Ingredient Skin Cream With Endless Uses

Talk about genius products that fix all your annoying problems, this one might literally fix all of them. It heals chapped lips, burns, cuts and scraps, cracked heals, dry skin, eczema and can be used as a make up remover, hydrating face mask, hair conditioner, after shave, and more. This unique skin cream is made with six — and only six — natural ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis. It embraces the inherent healing properties of everything made by bees to create a decadent and nourishing cream that’s gentle and safe to use anywhere on your body. It has no artificial fragrances or dyes, so you can use it on sensitive skin, too.


A BBQ Multi-Tool That You Can Use With One Hand

Featuring a spatula, a pair of tongs, a pair of toothed tongs, a fork, a releaser, a lock, and even a bottle opener, this single multi-tool can replace your whole BBQ kit. The tool is made of stainless steel and its handle is covered in rubber for a comfortable grip. It makes one-handed grilling easy, so you can focus on other food prep.


A Fridge Deodorizer That Gets Rid Of Unwanted Odors

You can get rid of unwanted refrigerator odors with this deodorizer that works better than both baking soda and charcoal. Instead of covering up unwanted smells or absorbing them, the deodorizer neutralizes them completely for a fresh-scented fridge. A single deodorizer helps to keep food fresh and can take care of a packed fridge for up to six months before you need a replacement.


A Makeup Remover Pen To Create Precise Lines

This makeup remover pen makes it incredibly easy to perfect a cat eye or to remove smudged mascara. Infused with vitamin E, cucumber, and chamomile, the pens remove makeup precisely while nourishing the skin wherever you use them. The pens are also great to stash in your purse for when you re-apply lipstick, or any other product that may require a bit of clean-up.


A Cuticle Oil Your Nails Will Thank You For

Brittle, easy-to-break nails will thank you for splurging on this natural cuticle oil. Formulated with pure olive oil, avocado oil, castor bean oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, and lavender, lemon and tea tree essential oils, this nourishing oil strengthens nails, prevents ridges, and increases flexibility. It even comes with a brush for mess-free application.


A Back Scrubber That Exfoliates And Smooths Skin

With this back scrubber, you can reach not only anywhere on your back but also your legs, feet, and other difficult-to-reach areas without having to bend. This way, you can exfoliate your skin to help prevent acne, dry skin, and itchiness. It has two sides, too: one with a scrubbing loofah and another with polishing cotton that smooths your skin.


A Handy Tool For Your Next Long Flight

This universal device holder holds up a smartphone or tablet — and even holds a cup or bottle without having to take down the annoying tray. It comes with a canvas bag that's convenient to store, and it can fit any bottle or can as well. One reviewer writes: "This definitely made it more comfortable in the cramped area that you get on flights today. I am so glad that I had this with me, it is very much worth the money."


A Light To Illuminate What's Inside Your Purse

With a touch sensor, this bag light makes it easy to quickly find things in your purse. It has a bright, LED light that turns on when it detects motion, immediately illuminating all your stuff. And it doubles as an external battery to charge your phone on the go.


A Nail Polish Holder You Wear On Your Finger

This nail polish holder slides onto a finger like a ring, propping up your nail polish of choice so that you can paint your nails anywhere — no flat surface required. It's small and lightweight, allowing it to fit in your makeup bag, and it's designed to catch any nail polish that drips, keeping your hands polish-free. You can also clean it with nail polish remover. It's also easy to remove while nails are still wet.


A Set Of Blind Spot Mirrors With A Swivel Head

Thanks to these genius adjustable blind spot mirrors, you can switch lanes and backup your vehicle with peace of mind. Just pop the adhesive mirrors on to your existing sideview mirrors and adjust the 360-degree swivel head to get the perfect view.


A Packing Folder That Makes Travel Extra Easy

This packing folder neatly stores folded clothing while also compressing it to save you more space. You can pack 10 to 15 clothing items, ranging from T-shirts to lightweight sweaters, in a single folder. The folders even come with a shirt-folding board that helps you quickly and efficiently fold your clothes before you store them.


A Small Brush That Cleans Your Messier Hair Brush

With this brush-cleaning tool, you can get all the excess hair out of your brushes, keeping them nice and clean no matter how frequently they're used. It combines the power of a bristle brush with a comb, allowing you to remove all the debris that accumulates in hairbrushes. Whether your brushes just have some hair buildup or have accumulated hair product crud, this cleaner can get them to a good-as-new state.


A Hook That Creates A Hanger On Your Headrest

The totally universal design of this hanger holder turns the headrest of any car into another place to hang your purse, umbrella, a small trash bin, or fresh laundry, so you no longer have to throw your things on the floor of the passenger seat or in the trunk. The hooks install quickly with no tools, and each one of them can hold up to 18 pounds.

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