52 Clever Inventions You Never Knew Existed That Solve Your Random Annoying Problems

By Emily Estep
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Earbuds getting snagged on door handles; an itch on your back that you cannot reach; liquid lipstick that won’t scrub away — these are each excellent examples of life’s most irritating grievances. That said, you’d be surprised by how many clever inventions exist simply to solve these random, annoying problems.

Once you discover the foolproof solutions that lead a more efficient life, free from the aggravating little things that sometimes add up and make a good day take a sharp left turn, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these life-saving products. From a makeup mirror with a phone charger built-in to a cup holder that attaches to your rolling luggage, the opportunities are vast.

The Eureka moment that struck the inventors of these products can now benefit everyone. It's only a matter of time before every person has a water bottle that keeps their drink cold for 24 full hours, and we'll look back at our old water bottles and laugh.

You might be amazed that many of these brilliant inventions aren’t household staples at this point, but given their popularity online, perhaps that will change. We've assembled the best of these problem-solving products, freeing you from the annoying things that plague us all.

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