52 Of The Most Brilliant Products On Amazon

There are a lot of little annoyances in life I figure I just have to put up with, but then along comes a genius product that proves me wrong. Case in point: a toaster with a window. I'm always guesstimating if the toast has been in there long enough to reach the right amount of golden brown, but if there's a window on the side of the toaster? I can see it with my own eyes. (Yes, I realize toast "done-ness" is the definition of a first world problem.) That toaster is one of the most brilliant products on Amazon. (Well, in my opinion.) And I've got good news: there's a whole slew of other genius products on this list too.

Want a sneak peek of some of these products?

Of course you do. There's a futurist-looking mask that uses light waves to zap acne and soothe inflammation. There's a lightbulb specifically designed to compliment your body's natural circadian rhythms so you get a good night's sleep. There are high heel protectors so you don't sink into the grass on your best friend's wedding day.

Okay, I won't give it all away. Click through for these products that'll solve life's little annoyances in the most clever and unexpected of ways.

1. This Toaster With A Window So You Can Accurately Monitor Toasting Progress

Dash Clear View Toaster, $34, Amazon

This toaster is absolutely genius. The side window allows you to see the bread as it's toasting — so you can pop it out as soon as it's perfectly golden (or dark and crispy, depending on your preferences). It has extra-wide slots, so you can use it for bagels and pastries too. The toaster has seven settings, and also includes options for defrosting and reheating.


2. A Giant Fork That's Actually A Combination Whisk/Spatula

Kuhn Rikon Whisking Fork, $10, Amazon

This whisking fork is perfect for making a stir fry or whipping up scrambled eggs. Unlike traditional wire whisks, food doesn't get stuck in the silicone tines. It also works great as a spatula — you can spear food with it or use the angled tips to flip food over with ease. With a sturdy flexible steel core, the fork is heat-resistant up to 428 degrees.


3. A Deodorizer That Neutralizes The Odors Coming From Your Cat's Litter Box

NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer, $11, Amazon

The biggest downside of being a cat person is the, um, fragrance coming from your cat's litter box. You can majorly cut down on that with this litter deodorizer. It's completely free of chemicals and fragrances, and instead of masking any odors, it actually neutralizes them. All you have to do is sprinkle a thin layer of the deodorizer over the litter and you're good to go.


4. This Pan That Makes Every Brownie A Perfect Brownie

Wilton Brownie Pan, $13, Amazon

This brownie pan has an impressive 4.7-star rating, and for good reason — it makes every brownie in your batch perfect. The individual compartments mean that you get crisp edges on every side, while the extra-deep slots ensure a soft and chewy inside. The dishwasher-safe pan is non-stick, so you can easily flip out the brownies when they're done baking. Use it for blondies and lemon bars, too.


5. These Refrigerator Liners That Keep Your Produce Fresh Longer

Any Kitchen Stuff Fruit and Veggie Life Extender, $11 (4 Pack), Amazon

These fruit and veggie life extenders are a must if you find yourself constantly throwing out fresh produce before you get a chance to eat it. Just lay the foam liners on the shelves of your refrigerator, where they'll promote air circulation and absorb moisture. This will keep your strawberries from molding and your spinach from wilting, so you can make that delicious salad on your own timeline.


6. A Salad Dressing Shaker With A Whisking Ball

Whiskware Dressing Shaker, $15, Amazon

This dressing shaker comes with a stainless steel whisking ball that blends all your ingredients more thoroughly and efficiently. It even keeps oil and vinegar combined for up to an hour after shaking. And when you're done blending the dressing, you can pour directly from the container, because an auto-closing spout keeps spills at bay. Keep the shaker in the fridge and simply shake again the next time you make a salad.


7. This Hair Catcher That'll Keep Your Shower Drain Clear

TubShroom, $13, Amazon

The TubShroom is a drain-saver for anyone with long hair. Just stick it in your bathtub drain to catch hair and keep clogs at bay. It fits snugly into any shower drain and features a cylindrical catcher that actually works. The cylinder has holes, so that water can flow freely through — and in other words, the floor of your shower won't turn into a lake, and you'll never have to hire a plumber to snake your drain again.


8. A Cooler To Keep Your Can Of Beer Ice Cold

BruMate Hopsulator Insulated Can Cooler, $25, Amazon

This insulated can cooler leaves old school beer koozies in the dust. The cooler is made from double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel, and comes with something called an "Arctic adaptor" which is filled with a freezable gel to keep drinks extra chilly. The cooler holds 12-ounce cans and 16-ounce cans. And you can even use it if you're drinking from a keg — the insulator doubles as a pint glass.


9. This Infinity Neck Pillow That Can Be Used Any Which Way

Huzi Infinity Neck Pillow, $36, Amazon

This infinity neck pillow is incredibly versatile. It can be twisted into a variety of positions to give you the specific support you need. Loop it around once for neck support, twice for all around support, or use it as a cushion for resting your head against the window, The pillow is made from super soft bamboo and polyester microfiber and is machine-washable. Use it to make long flights and road trips more sleep-friendly.


10. This Light Bulb That Encourages A Better Night's Sleep

GoodNight Light Bulb, $16, Amazon

Your phone, computer screen, and light bulbs all give off blue light — which mimics sunlight and is notorious for disrupting circadian rhythms — and can keep you awake long after you've gone to bed. This light bulb gives off less blue light than other bulbs, so it just might help you get a good night's sleep. Just screw it into the lamp of whatever room you spend the most time in before bed, and the warm, soft glow will help trigger melatonin production so you can get some rest.


11. This Futuristic Light-Emitting Mask That Treats Acne Breakouts

Angel Kiss LED Face Mask, $100, Amazon

Forgot about rubbing toothpaste on your zits (it only makes things worse), and use this acne light therapy mask instead. The mask emits seven kinds of light waves: cyan light waves that helps with inflammation and yellow light waves that helps with dark spots and blemishes. Just slip the mask on like a pair of sunglasses, press a button, and sit back for 10 to 20 minutes while it works. It's chemical free, and unlike many acne treatments, it won't irritate sensitive skin.


12. These Gap Covers That Keep The Floor Between Your Stove And Countertop Clean

Linda's Gap Covers, $11 (2 Pack), Amazon

It's only when you're deep cleaning your kitchen that you realize just how many crumbs and dried bits of food have slipped down into the gap between your stove and countertop. It's a not-so-appetizing discovery. These silicone gap covers keep your kitchen tidier by catching all those crumbs before they have a chance to make it down to the floor. Each cover is 21-inches long, but can be trimmed down with scissors.


13. This Desk Cup Holder So You Don't Have To Worry About Spills Around Your Laptop

Cupright Cup Holder, $20, Amazon

There's nothing more panic-inducing than spilling a full cup of coffee all over your desk, right next to your brand new laptop. Luckily, that crisis is totally preventable with this cup holder. The bottom is heavy-weighted and will keep beverages from accidentally tipping over. The neoprene interior also works to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold — and it doubles as a coaster, protecting the surface of your desk or coffee table from condensation.


14. These Odor-Resistant Dish Scrubbers

Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubber, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

Theses silicone scrubbers makes doing the dishes much more sanitary. Unlike sponges, they have extra-large pores that dry out quickly and don't hold on to debris, which means the scrubbers won't become moisture-laden breeding grounds for bacteria and odors. And unlike wire scrubbers, these won't scratch up your pots and pans. They're durable, flexible, and are guaranteed to last for 90 days.


15. These Masks That Deeply Exfoliate And Soften Feet

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask, $17 (2 Pairs), Amazon

These foot peel masks are nothing short of magical, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Slip them on and let your feet soak up the exfoliating and moisturizing botanical extracts. Within four to 14 days, callouses and dry skin will begin to flake off (yes, there is a delayed result), revealing newer, softer skin. One reviewer writes: "I am now a true believer, and look forward to following the company's recommendation to use the second pair in the box for a subsequent treatment in about a week. I usually treat my calloused feet with an electric emery device, but this is much easier. Five stars for sure!"


16. These Silicone Lids That Keep Food Fresh

Perfect and Simple Silicone Bowl Lids, $16 (5 Pack), Amazon

Forego plastic wrap in favor of these reusable silicone bowl lids. They keep food fresh and fit snugly around bowls, pots, pans, plates, and jars. You can also use them to cover food in the microwave to prevent splatters. Each pack comes with four different-sized lids. They're BPA-free, as well as odor-, mildew-, and stain-resistant.


17. These Patches That Spot Treat Acne While You Sleep

Avarelle Acne Patches, $12 (40 Pack), Amazon

These acne patches are a perfect spot treatment for breakouts. Each patch is made from hypoallergenic dressing and soaked in calendula oil and tea tree oil, which work together to fight acne-causing bacteria and soothe inflammation. Each set comes with 40 patches in a variety of sizes so you can treat small or large breakouts. Put one on before bed and wake up with calmer, clearer skin.


18. A Dusting Cloth That Fits Like A Glove

Groovy Glove, $25, Amazon

The groovy glove is a microfiber cleaning cloth that fits directly onto your hand. It gives you greater control while cleaning, so it's great for getting into nooks and crannies or dusting delicate objects. The glove can hold up to 60 times its weight in dirt, grime, and liquid, and the water-resistant liner keeps hands dry. Throw it in the washer and dryer after you're done, then use it again and again. It also has lots of different uses: you can even clean your dog's pads and feet with it.


19. An Extra-Long Shower Scrubber With Pockets For Your Soap

SoapSleeve, $24, Amazon

The SoapSleeve is a pretty ingenious way to get clean in the shower. Slip a bar of soap in one of the pockets, seal it closed, and then scrub away. The sleeve is over 3 feet long, making it easy to clean hard-to-reach places like your back. The material does a great job of exfoliating, but is more gentle on the skin than loofahs — and it's hypoallergenic and fast-drying.


20. A Smart Notebook For Digital Note-Taking

Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook, $30, Amazon

When it comes to note-taking, this smart notebook is the perfect marriage of digital and old school. Use a Pilot Frixion pen to write in the notebook by hand, then blast the notes to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or iCloud. Each of the 36 pages wipes clean and can be used again and again. This is perfect for people who like to write or draw by hand, but still want the convenience of digital storage.


21. A Pen Loop So You Never Lose Track Of Your Pen Again

Violin Crik Adhesive Pen Loops, $10 (10 Pack), Amazon

If you're constantly misplacing your pen, get a hold of these pen holders. The tab is made with high-quality leather and has an adhesive backing that can attach to calendars, journals, and notebooks. The elastic loop keeps your pen (or pencil) secure and ensures you never lose it again. Each order comes with ten loops in colors like, black, red, blue, pink, and navy.


22. This Peeler That Makes Quick Work of Peeling Apples And Other Produce

Dash Rapid Peeler, $18, Amazon

This rapid peeler makes peeling fruits and vegetables a cinch. Place your produce on the bottom spoke and secure it with the top spoke. Power it up, and the produce will spin around on a wheel while the paring arm peels away. The peeler comes with two replacement blades and operates on batteries or AC power. Use it for apples, potatoes, pears, zucchini, and citrus.


23. An Anti-Chafing Balm To Prevent Skin Irritation

ChafeZone Anti-Chafe Balm, $13, Amazon

Rub on a little of this anti-chafing balm to protect your skin from rubbing, irritation, and blisters. The formula is powerful and long-lasting and is resistant to sweating, chlorine, and salt water (yep — it even works when you're swimming). Use it between your thighs, under your sports bra, on your mid-section, or anywhere else you experience chafing. This reviewer writes: "This stuff is great! I use ChafeZone on my inner thighs when I go running and it helps prevent skin irritation. I also live in Florida where it's really warm year round, I use this on hot days on my inner thighs to prevent chafing and it works wonders!"


24. A Spandex Belt That Holds Your Phone While You Run

Stashbandz Running Belt, $23, Amazon

Need a place to stash your stuff while you're running? Check out this running belt. Made from durable spandex, the belt fits snugly around your waist and features four zippered pockets that are ideal for storing small items like your phone, keys, cash, credit cards, or passport. The belt is lightweight and moisture-wicking, so it won't slow you down or make you sweaty on your jog. Choose from seven colors.


25. This Next-Level Lunchbox For Serious Lunching

Homiry Lunchbox, $15, Amazon

This easy-to-organize lunchbox is perfect if you're the type of person who takes her lunch break seriously. The set comes with a 16-ounce water bottle, four 2-cup containers, two 1-cup containers, an ice pack, and even a vitamins case. The bag itself is thermal-insulated to keep your foods temperature-stable, and features a grip handle and a mesh carrying case on the side for your water bottle. The containers are microwave-safe and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


26. A Mounting Clip That Holds Your Roku or Apple TV In Place

Emerald TV Clip, $17, Amazon

This TV clip solves the problem of where to place your Roku or Apple TV box. Simply place your media box on the platform and secure it with the elastic. Then clip it onto the top of your TV screen. (Don't worry — it won't obscure any part of the screen.) The clip features rubber panels, so you don't have to worry about scratching up your TV.


27. This Camping Lantern That Doubles As A Fan

AGPTEK Camping Fan and Lantern, $17, Amazon

I'm a sucker for a two-in-one product, especially if it frees up packing space on camping trips. This combo camping fan and lantern does just that. It runs on batteries and can power up to 37 hours of LED light and 50 hours of fan power. You can stand it up on its own as a fan, or hang it from a hook to light up the night.


28. A Hot Air Brush For An At-Home Blowout

JOYYUM Hot Air Brush, $30, Amazon

This hot air brush will help you get a salon-worthy blowout at home, while majorly cutting down on styling time. Ion-infused heat from the barrel dries hair and the built-in round brush will help you get a perfectly smooth and voluminous style. The brush operates on three heat settings that you can adjust for your hair type. This reviewer writes: "It leaves my hair super soft, and it also helps me create the perfect blow out! I love that the brush can rotate, it is literally a two in one. I no longer need to have my blow dryer in one hand and my round brush in the other."


29. A Popcorn Popper With A Built-In Butter Melter

Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper, $14, Amazon

Use this snack-sized microwave popcorn popper the next time you stay in to watch tons of movies. Just pour in the kernels and stick it in the microwave for three minutes. Here's the best part: the popper has a perforated slot for your butter — put some in and it'll melt directly into the popcorn while it pops. The popper is made from temperatures-safe borosilicate glass and can be put into the dishwasher.


30. A Phone Holder With A Super Long And Flexible Arm

ZTON Universal Cell Phone Holder, $10, Amazon

This phone holder has an extra-long arm that measures in at 29.5 inches. The arm can be rotated 360-degrees and is flexible so you can mount your phone at any angle or direction. The holder has a built-in clip that attaches to the edges of tables, desks, and countertops. It's compatible with most iPhones and Androids — so use it when you FaceTime.


31. A Protective Case For Your Apple TV Remote Control

AKWOX Apple TV Remote Case, $7, Amazon

The Apple TV is great, but the remote control it comes with is ever so delicate. This remote case will keep your remote control safe, protecting it from dust, spills, scratches, scuffs, and drops. It's made from soft but durable silicone and features cut-outs that give you full access to all the ports and buttons.


32. This Powerful Pet Odor Eliminator

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator, $23, Amazon

This pet odor eliminator is hardcore. it was originally formulated for industrial use, but now it's available for at-home use. You might think that means it's filled with chemicals, but it's actually non-toxic and biodegradable. The eliminator is made from cold-pressed orange peels and works to control and remove pet odors and stains. It's safe to use on carpet, hardwood, and concrete.


33. A Blend Of Calming Essential Oils To Help Dial Down The Stress

Bliss Bound Wellness Anxiety and Sleep Essential Oil, $15, Amazon

This therapeutic grade essential oil will help you chill out after a stressful day. Made with a blend of ylang ylang, cedar wood, cypress frankincense, marjoram, lavender, and cinnamon — the oil will relax your mind, ease anxiety, and encourage a restful night's sleep. The roll-on formula is vegan, non-toxic and cruelty-free. And you can feel good about your purchase — 15 percent of profits go to supporting the World Wildlife Fund.


34. This Silk Pillowcase That'll Have You Saying "I Woke Up Like This"

ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, $22, Amazon

It might sound strange, but this mulberry silk pillowcase actually has real beauty benefits. High-quality silk creates a slippery surface which is ideal for skin and hair. Unlike cotton pillowcases, it won't tug on your face — causing pillow creases the next day — and it also won't tug on your hair — which can cause breakage. Another benefit? Silk won't sap oil from your hair, so you're less likely to wake up with dry, frizzy strands.


35. This Nail Polish Barrier So You Can Give Yourself A Perfect Manicure

Magique SecondSkin Nail Polish Barrier, $12, Amazon

When I do my own nails, I always end up with stray nail polish on the skin around my nails, so I'm super into this nail polish barrier. Just paint the liquid around your nails and it'll catch any run-off nail polish. Once you're done polishing, you can peel the dried barrier off, and it'll take any stray polish with it. You can also put it directly on your nails to guide you as you create precise, intricate nail art.


36. These Invisible Protectors That Make It Easier To Walk In Heels

Solemates High Heel Protectors, $11, Amazon

Oprah calls these high heel protectors "genius", so you know they've got to be good. The nearly-invisible protectors guard your heels from damage, significantly extending the life of your shoes. They also create a more sturdy base for your heels, making it easier to walk on grass and ensuring you won't stumble over cobblestones, sidewalk cracks, or subway grates. The protectors come in three sizes: narrow, classic, and wide.


37. An At-Home Gel Peel For Radiant Skin

Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel, $12, Amazon

Want to revive your skin? Try this peeling gel. It removes impurities on the surface of your skin, sloughs off dead skins cells, brightens the complexion, and leaves you with a smoother, softer skin texture. Made with sea salt and nut shell powder, the gel is is safe to use on all skin types: dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. This reviewer is sold: "Oh my gosh, I'm in love with this stuff! I've stopped wearing foundation for the first time in years! It's really helping my skin look bright & clear."


38. A Dish Rack That Doesn't Take Up Counter Space

Surpahs Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack, $23, Amazon

Okay, so your kitchen doesn't have a dishwasher and your dish drying rack takes up an insane amount of counter space — which you already have very little of. I've got a solution for you: this roll-up dish drying rack. It fits across the width of your sink and then rolls up for easy storage when it's not in use. The BPA-free, heat-resistant rack is made from durable silicone-coated steel.


39. This Home Security Camera That Works With Your Alexa

Wyze Labs Smart Home Camera, $26, Amazon

Rest secure with this smart home camera. It works with Alexa so you can say "Alexa, show me the front door", et voilà, you'll be shown your front door. The camera has night vision, motion-tagging technology, and two-way audio. Video can be accessed for up to 14 days with cloud storage. The camera sits on a rotational axis and features a magnetic base and 6-foot power cable. The camera can be mounted screw-free with the help of the adhesive metal plate.


40. This Minimalist Purse Hook

Center Stage Purse Hook, $15, Amazon

Purse hooks are great. After all, you don't want to put your fancy bag under the table at a restaurant where spilled spaghetti sauce might be lingering. I especially like this black leather and chrome purse hook, primarily because of its understated aesthetic. It's got other great attributes too: it can fit onto tables of any thickness and can hold up to 35 pounds of weight, which is perfect if you've stowed your laptop in your bag.


41. This Three-In-One Massager That You Can Use In The Shower

MARNUR Electric Massager, $17, Amazon

This three-in-one handheld massager will not only relax your entire body, it'll also help you get squeaky clean. The massager comes with three interchangeable pads: a knobbed pad to massage the neck, shoulders, and feet, a bristled pad to massage the scalp, and a loofah for sudsing up in the bath or shower. The battery-powered massager has an ergonomic handle so it won't slip out of your hands while you're using it.


42. This Beautiful Makeup Brush For Beautiful Makeup Application

Lagure Foundation Brush, $13, Amazon

This foundation brush is straight Hollywood glamour. The soft, rounded bristles are extra-dense so that you can get even an even, non-streaky application. The curved handle gives you greater control, so you can blend your makeup thoroughly without applying too much pressure. The brush works well with cream foundation, concealer, and powder. It also comes with an instruction guide that has tips and tricks for perfecting your makeup game.


43. This Gadget That Lets You Spritz Fresh Citrus On Anything

BLUETOP Citrus Sprayer, $6 (2 Pack), Amazon

I'm completely fascinated by this citrus sprayer. A filter screws into the center of the fruit and extracts the juice, which is then spritzed out of the nozzle when you press down. Each order comes with two sprayer sizes: a large one for grapefruits, oranges, and lemon, and a small one for limes and tangerines. Spritz your salads (or martini!) with a little lemon for added zing.


44. A Garbage "Can" That Keeps Your Car Neat And Tidy

Drive Auto Products Car Garbage Can, $14, Amazon

If you spend any time in your car, you know that it can quickly turn into a receptacle for wrappers and receipts. Keep things tidy with this car garbage can. It clasps around your seat headrest, keeping your car floor free and clear. You can keep the top of the can open for easy access or Velcro it closed so you don't see the contents. Each can comes with 20 liners.


45. A Bluetooth That Tracks Down Lost Keys

Njoiii Bluetooth Key Finder, $19, Amazon

Your keys fell between the couch cushions. Or you left them in another purse. Or you dropped them in the grocery store parking lot. Find them with this Bluetooth key finder. The finder works with a phone app that tracks the last known location of your keys. And if you lost your phone, but not your keys? Press the button on the tracker and an alarm will sound on your phone. It's a must for those of us who are a bit, well, absent-minded.


46. A Backpack That Keeps Your Laptop Safe And Charges Your Phone

KOPACK Laptop Backpack, $32, Amazon

This laptop backpack is perfect if you get nervous about hauling your computer around town. The laptop compartment is behind the strap, making it less accessible to would-be pickpockets on the train, and lockable zippers add extra protection. The front compartment has space for cables, phones, pens, and other small items and it's waterproof to guard your devices from rain. The coolest thing about this backpack? It comes with a detachable USB port so you can charge phones and tablets on-the-go.


47. This Six-In-One Charging Cable Set

CHAFON Multi-USB Cable Set, $9, Amazon

Forget about bringing multiple cables with you the next time you travel and take this super convenient multi-USB cable with you instead. The convenient port has six types of cables to fit all kinds of devices: a USB-C cable, two micro USB cables, one mini USB cable, and one USB 2.0 A cable. It works with both wall adapters and computer charging ports, and you can charge multiple devices at one time.


48. This Really Soft And Absorbent Microfiber Towel

AQUIS Waffle Body Towel, $29, Amazon

Step out of the shower and wrap yourself up in this luxurious body towel. It's made from ultra-soft microfiber and woven into a waffle pattern, making it extra-absorbent and quick-drying. It's gentler on skin than traditional terrycloth towels, and it's thinner and lightweight, so it takes up less space in suitcases and linen closets. The towel is machine-washable.


49. This Cutting Board That's So Much Better Than The Rest

TNK Brand Multi-Functional Cutting Board, $22, Amazon

This cutting board puts all other cutting boards to shame. A removable corner barrier provides several functions: it keeps food from sliding off the board and onto the counter while you're chopping, it doubles as a produce rinser and strainer, and it acts as a funnel so you can easily pour whatever you've cut up into a bowl. The barrier lays flat when you're not using it, so it takes up almost no space in your cupboard. It's BPA-free, anti-microbial, and dishwasher-safe.


50. A Microwave Rice Cooker That Cooks Rice In Minutes

Joseph Joseph Microwave Rice Cooker, $15, Amazon

Cooking rice can be a time-consuming and tricky process, especially if you're trying to do it on the stove. This microwave rice cooker is pretty fool-proof, and cooks rice quickly and easily. The set comes with a 2-liter cooking pot and lid, a measuring cup, a colander, and a rice paddle. All items are dishwasher-safe, so clean-up is a breeze (read: no more scrubbing burned bits of rice from the bottom of your pot).


51. This Lay-Flat Cosmetics Bag So You Can Find Your Mascara Without Rifling Through All Your Other Cosmetics

Beauty Cinch Up Cosmetic Bag, $7, Amazon

If organizing your mascara, lipstick, foundation, blush, and eyeliner isn't your thing, this lazy cosmetic bag is for you. It opens wide and lays flat so you can get a good look at all your cosmetics. When you're not using it, it seals up with a drawstring and has a Velcro closure so smaller items don't fall out. The bag is made with wear-resistant, waterproof Oxford cloth, and there's an outside pocket to keep your favorite lip gloss within easy reach.


52. A Wet Brush For Serious Hair Detangling

Wet Brush Hair Brush, $9, Amazon

Trying to detangle your hair after a shower can get messy (and painful) fast, but this wet hair brush can help. The bristles work through knots gently and easily, but won't cause breakage. "This brush will turn that 20 minute hair brushing session into 5 minutes AND protect your hair without it looking like you’re ripping your hair out!" Oh, and — the brush works great on dry hair too.

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