6 Apps Like HQ Trivia That You'll Want to Download If You're Already Obsessed

by Tolly Wright

If you’re already a fan of HQ Trivia, then likely you’re aware that the biggest problem with the iPhone game is that you can only play it up to two times a day. But, you can fill the hours between rounds with these apps that have some similarities to HQ Trivia. Do multiple choice trivia games make you feel like a winning contestant on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? Do you love the sense of community brought on by appointment-gaming? Or, maybe you just want to make some extra cash fast? Whatever it is that gets you excited about HQ Trivia there's likely an app out there that will help fill the void between games.

Your best bet for actually gaining the skills you need to actually make it through the 12 rounds of each HQ Trivia game and win that sweet monetary prize is through other trivia games. The more knowledge-based multiple choice question challenges you can play, especially those that cover a huge range of topics, the more answers you're likely to learn when you get it wrong the first time. Also, you'll get better at choosing quickly based on the limited information that the question offers. Below are some particularly engaging — OK, addicting — trivia games.

1. Trivia Crack

Full disclosure, this is my personal favorite by a long-shot. Players compete against friends or random strangers to answer questions in six categories: Entertainment, Art, Sports, History, Science, and Geography. The question levels vary, not necessarily getting harder as the game goes on, and you have a limited amount of time to answer each. One round you can be answering a question that seemingly any fourth grader would know to suddenly puzzling over an obscure trivia tidbit about a Cleveland Indians baseball player in the 1980s (I'm not bitter about that question or anything). You can have multiple games going at once and you can win or pay for extra lives.

2. Knowledge Trainer: Trivia

If you really want a trivia game that will make you feel smarter, then look no further than Knowledge Trainer. The 10 categories are broken up into "lessons" with each lesson offering 10 questions. With each correct answer you move up a level, while incorrect answers will lead to easier questions. You're motivated to answer correctly in order to improve your "Knowledge Quotient" score, which is recalculated after every round. The free version offers only 200 questions, but premium players have access to thousands more, and plenty of chance to increase that brain power.

3. Total Trivia

Like HQ Trivia, Total Trivia comes with the opportunity to win some real-world prizes, but you probably have to be a Ken Jennings-level trivia shark in order to see any of the rewards. Players compete in tournaments for points that can in turn be used to purchase prizes like tablets, household items and jewelry. However, due to the popularity of the game and some players racking up the points over time, you might easily feel like you have to buy points early on in order to be truly competitive in the game.

4. Jeopardy! World Tour

If you're familiar with the classic, long-running game show then you'll understand the game-play on this one. Like Jeopardy!, each question has a money value, with the more difficult ones being worth more. Make savvy wagers during Daily Double rounds and at Final Jeopardy to better your chances at winning the game. Be aware that also like the television series, the questions on this app tend to be on the more difficult side that might be discouraging to trivia newbies.

5. Pokémon Go!

Are you more interested in the community aspect of HQ Trivia? Do you like knowing that you and tons of other people, including some of your friends, are all logging into the app at the same time? You're best bet to recreate that euphoria is a game that needs little introduction.

Unlike HQ Trivia's live games, which happen reliably at scheduled times and can be played anywhere, Pokémon Go! makes its users go out in the real world to capture the famed monsters. During "Raid Battles" players come together at one location to defeat Boss Pokémon. The power of friendship!

6. Lucky Day

Lastly, for those of you who are in it for the chance to win money, there are other apps that allow you the chance to monetize your usage. Most of these apps include surveys or gambling with your own money, but a free one that includes games is Lucky Day.

If you're a fan of gambling, but hate risking your own money, this is a fun alternative. Play games like slots, scratch off, and lotto for the chance to win real money, but note your chance of winning much is slim and you can't cash out with a gift card until you win at least $10. But hey, every once in awhile someone makes as much as a $1,000 and that could be you. Just don't count on it.

While none of these apps offer quite the same magic combination of HQ Trivia — or the popular host/"quiz daddy" Scott Rogowsky — they should keep you occupied for a while. At least until the next time you get a notification from HQ telling you it's time to play.