6 Beauty Products To Try This Bank Holiday So You Can Return To Work With A Truly Epic Glow

Kayla Snell/Stocksy

Happy bank holiday! This long weekend calls for easter celebrations, a bask in the long-awaited sunshine, and some proper tender loving care. It's not often we get a four day weekend, so in my mind, there's no better excuse to give yourself a little pamper and pick up a new beauty product, whether it is a new tanning formula, a targeted spot treatment, or an exfoliating body wash.

This week's round up has a definite spring bank holiday vibe, with a focus on prepping your body for skin exposure. We all know that it's incredibly important to wear SPF all-year round, but when the sun comes out, unsurprisingly it is all the more important. My biggest issue is finding an SPF product (be it for face or for body) that is lightweight and non-sticky. There's nothing worse than feeling gross and uncomfortable all day. So I'm pretty pumped that not only has SUQQU brought out a "watery" face protector, but Vichy has also graced us with a water-based body AND face SPF. Stickiness, be gone!

As the weather this weekend is set to be great, you may be opting for a skirt or cute strappy top. And if like me, you're feeling a little lacking in glow, it may be worth picking up Vita Liberata's new tanning cloths, which use a "flash dry technology," meaning you no longer need to walk around naked for hours after tanning application. You could also prep your skin for tanning with Pixi's new glycolic body wash and body cream, which lightly exfoliates.

Also out this week is a targeted spot treatment, and a genius mini hair kit. Keep reading to discover more...

Vita Liberata Phenomenal Organic Tan Infused Cloths



If you're a big fan of Vita Liberata as a tanning brand, you may have noticed they were missing tanning cloths. Yes, they have always had mousses, lotions and other goods, but on-the-go cloths can be the holy grail of convenient tanning. These are 100% organic and have a 'flash dry' technology which means you don't have to walk around naked for ages after application. Win!

Ouai The Easy Ouai



This kit by one of my favourite hair brands (which my boyfriend is also a HUGE fan of, may I add) is perfect for on-the-go easy hair styling. The mini products included ensure laid back perfection in three simple steps. First up, there's the Air Dry Foam, which allows you to get beachy, natural tousle after a wash without having to blow dry. Then there's the wave spray, which adds to your pared-down hair look, and the rose oil, which can be used on both the hair and the body.

Pixi Glycolic Body Wash


Cult Beauty

I'm a huge fan of Pixi skincare and makeup, so am pretty excited to give their bodycare a real try. First on my list is this glycolic body wash, which simultaneously nourishes and cleanses, while gently exfoliating. I recommend following with the glycolic body lotion for the smoothest, glowiest skin ever.

SUQQU Watery Protector 30


We all know that wearing SPF on our face is super important, but finding the right formula can be a bit of a mission. Luckily, SUQQU has answered all of our prayers with this super lightweight lotion, which feels practically undetectable on skin. It also leaves the complexion with a fresh, glowing tinted veil.

Disciple What Spot?


Cult Beauty

Disciple is fast becoming one of my favourite new skincare brands. With their simplistic yet effective approach to beauty that also touches on how stress and mental health are interlinked with skin, it's not just the products that are good. Their new addition is a targeted spot treatment that is clean and vegan, while also using a selection of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to reduce spot size in an instant.

Vichy Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water With Antioxidant


Feel Unique

Hate sticky, tacky SPF formulas? This SPF is completely lightweight and (as its name suggests) is water based. It can be used on both the body and face, so no need to buy separate formulations, and it contains blueberry polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant.