6 Must-Have Denim Skirts That'll Work In Literally ANY Weather

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Come rain or shine one thing is certain, denim skirts are always in. While other items of clothing only have the lifespan of a season, like a floaty summer dress or a classic autumn over coat, denim skirts really can last you all year round. If you ask me, they are a necessary staple that everyone should have (at least) one of in their wardrobes. So here is my pick of the best denim skirts available to buy in the UK. You can thank me later.

You could be forgiven for thinking that denim skirts were a thing of the past. Lets be real, patterned an acid wash denim skirts and co-ords were huge in the '80s. And the '90s too, actually. I mean, who can forget Pamela Anderson in that classic light blue denim mini skirt? But as we know, fashions will always keep coming around, and so the '80s and '90s have had a massive resurgence in recent years. I would definitely hop on board if I were you.

There are a number of different styles that you can rock when it comes to the denim skirt. You have your classic mini or your acid wash, then there's the midi and maxi that are proving very popular in 2019. And, let's face it, the list goes on.

Check out the 6 options below and be prepared to make space in your wardrobe.