6 DIY Home Upgrades You Can Brag About (Without Actually Doing It Yourself)

There’s something about having a home as a millennial that just screams, “I’ve made it!” There’s nothing quite like brandishing a set of keys to your very own front door, even if you’re leasing or renting for now. Sure, other “adulting” milestones like landing your first real-world job and buying your first car are significant too, but there’s nothing better than coming home to your own space and being able to host guests in a setting you’ve designed and curated yourself.

Perhaps even more exciting than the independence and autonomy as the head of household is the creative freedom you have to make the space whatever you want it to be. Even if your home improvement skills max out at creating mood boards or pinning your favorite interior design inspo, you can still accomplish impressive DIY home upgrades with some expert assistance. To help you live out your crib aspirations, we partnered with The Home Depot Home Services to bring you six DIY home upgrades you can brag about … even if you didn’t *actually* do them yourself. Your social media followers will never have to know!

1. Rethink Your Storage Space

Whether you’re a very organized person or just someone who wants to appear very organized, rethinking your closet space can transform a storage area into an immaculate showroom. With flexible, custom home organization solutions, Home Services offers a variety of options in various colors and styles that can make room for more living space, keep your favorite fashion choices on display, and reduce clutter. Go the DIY route with an eclectic mix of totes, tubs, and storage boxes, or enlist the help of Home Services for a complete interior overhaul featuring a custom closet organizer system.

But next-level organization shouldn't be limited to your closet. Think of that other space in your home that you can't seem to get organized to your liking no matter how hard you try: your pantry, your laundry room, garage, and if you're a parent, your kids' playroom. The Home Depot Home Services can help with organization in any part of your house.

2. Create Your Own Bathroom Bliss

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the rest of your home is — nearly all of your guests will spend time in your bathroom. Why not make it a room you want to show off? Take on the challenge of an afternoon DIY project like installing a new bath vanity to add necessary counter and storage space to the room, or spruce up the room with candles, mason jars filled with colorful soaps, and a hand-placed mosaic tile mirror. Home Services can handle everything from small updates to complete renovations, so if your bathroom dreams call for switching out your standing tub for a walk-in shower, you can most certainly call for backup.

3. Turn Your Dream Kitchen Into Reality

Nothing breathes new life into a home quite like kitchen updates. And you don’t need to completely break the bank to reinvigorate the room! Simple solutions like installing new faucets, hanging new light fixtures, or adding a sleek, patterned backsplash behind your sink can easily revamp and add depth to any space. Of course, seasoned chefs seeking bigger renovations — like installing new countertops or refacing cabinets — have the opportunity to consult with a Kitchen designer to make the best color, material, and style decisions for their home. The best part? Kitchen installations come with a one-year warranty and free 30-day post-installation follow-up visit.

4. Show Off The Front Door

Updating or completely changing your front door is a great way to revamp the exterior of your home without taking on a massive, weeks-long project. Go the DIY route and paint your door a vibrant new color, or give your entrance a makeover with a new door style that gives your home the farmhouse chic flair you’ve always wanted. Home Services offers hundreds of replacement exterior doors in a wide variety of styles, colors, and high quality materials, and even offers door insulation for an additional cost.

5. Make The Most Of Your Natural Light

Window treatments — or switching out your windows altogether — are a great way to personalize your home and set the mood of each individual room. Blinds and shades can also help maximize your home’s energy and efficiency, and protect your furniture from fading. Natural light is always in demand, but if your home gets too hot during the day and you’re spending more money on cooling than you’d like, the right blinds or shades could really make a difference. Don’t know where to start? Let a Home Services consultant help you choose the right solutions for your unique needs and individual style.

6. Put Your Creative Side On Display

Don't be intimidated by the blank spaces in your home — instead, see them as an opportunity to get creative! A gallery wall featuring your favorite photographs, canvas art, and posters is a great way to add color and incorporate your personality into any room in your home no matter your DIY skill level. With a few simple tools (tape measure, picture hanging materials, and a hammer) and a few hours of free time, you can use this step-by-step guide to create the perfect layout and liven up any room.

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Home Services.