Easy Hacks To Make Reading On The Beach Even Better

by Julia Seales

I have always loved reading on the beach. Something about the sound of the waves, the warm air, and the soft sand combines to make the perfect conditions for relaxing with a book. And if book is a perfect beach read, that’s even better. Book-lovers know that there’s nothing better than summer spent reading on the beach (other than autumn, winter, and spring, all spent reading, of course).

Other than finding enough beach reads to keep you entertained for your vacation and still fit in your suitcase, more than a few issues can arise while reading on the beach. Maybe you thought you had the perfect book with you for the day, but it turns out to be different than you expected. Maybe you brought your e-reader so you would have plenty of reading options, but you got salt water on it and ruined it. Maybe the noise on the beach is distracting you, and you can’t get fully immersed into the novel you’re trying to read.

These problems don’t have to stop you from thoroughly enjoying the paradise that is reading on the beach. With the following tips, you can fix all these small problems and get back to bookworm bliss.


Waterproof Your E-Reader

Merit Waterproof Case, $26, Amazon

It's tempting to bring your eReader to the beach, so you have plenty of books to read at your fingertips — the only problem is the risk of getting it wet or sandy and breaking it. Luckily, there are cases for that. Waterproof your e-reader with a case like this one — which can be submerged in over 6.6 feet of water — and you won't have to worry about water damage on the beach.


Listen To A Book With A Soundtrack

Leon Neal/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If noise on the beach distracts you from your book, why not try reading a book with a soundtrack? The music will cancel out any bothersome noises, and you can enjoy the weather and your book without hearing any unwanted noise. will help you find books to read with soundtracks, and even offers audiobook and soundtrack options.


Get Free Audiobooks For Your Vacation

If you'd rather listen to an audiobook than read while on the beach, you can download a book for free when you sign up for Audible. Or, if you prefer renting audiobooks, you can use the Overdrive app to download tons of audiobooks from your local library. Library books might get ruined if you take them to the beach, but you don't have to worry about that risk with audiobooks, which make them the perfect choice for vacation.


Listen To Audiobooks While Swimming

Waterproof Mp3 Player and Headphones, $125, Amazon

Take your audiobook game one step further with a waterproof mp3 player and waterproof headphones, allowing you to listen to your books even when swimming.


Waterproof Your Book Covers

Channel your inner Martha Stewart by DIY-ing your own waterproof book covers, so you'll never have to worry about ruining your precious books.


Store Your Beach Supplies In A Lit-Inspired Tote

Persuasion Tote, $29, Litographs

Obviously you want your beach supplies to show your passion for reading, and what better way to do this than by storing everything in a book-inspired tote? Litographs has tons of options, featuring totes with images made from the text of your favorite classics.