6 Rituals That Will Help You Harness The Energy Of This Month's Harvest Moon

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The full harvest moon Sept. 24 is appropriately named because it's an ideal time to harvest everything you've worked on manifesting this summer. If you're looking to harness the energy of the full moon to reap everything you've sowed, practicing some September 2018 harvest moon rituals can give you a little cosmic boost. Just like harvesting crops, which is how the harvest moon originally got its name, harvesting your karmic energy isn't always easy. Sometimes there's a drought and you're not able to grab any low-hanging fruit. On the heels of the cosmic chaos of the past few months, the full harvest moon is going to make you work a little harder than you want.

"As we navigate this cycle it is important to practice compassion, patience, and kindness to ourselves and others," Spirit de la Lune noted on their blog. "You will gain more clarity and insight if you allow yourself space to do your shadow work, especially now that Saturn has gone direct on Sept. 6." This is where harvest moon rituals can help you uncover hidden gems. What's more, in order to make room for new gifts from the universe, you've got to do a little karmic house cleaning, and that's just what full moons are for.

"The full moon represents the most powerful point in the cycle, it is a time of high energy and high power and is a time to release and let go of all that no longer serves you, in order to welcome in the new," Forever Conscious explained on their blog. "In the cycle of death and rebirth, the full moon represents the starting of the death." If you're ready to retire the dark and twisty energy of the summer of eleventy-million retrogrades, try one of these harvest moon rituals to cleanse your mind, body, and soul.


Full Moon Letting Go Ritual

If you're ready to lay down your burdens, Forever Conscious has an easy full-moon ritual that can help you release all of your bajiggity energy. Gather a small bowl of water, a paper and pencil, a blue or white candle, and a small sprig of sage. Go to a safe place outside under the light of the moon that holds special meaning for you and light your sage to smudge your aura.

Next, light your candle and express gratitude to the universe before writing down everything that no longer serves you. After that, say it out loud, take a deep breath, and exhale whatever you want to let go of. Imagine it leaving your body via your breath. Next, use the candle to burn the paper (safely); then put the paper in the bowl of water. Close your ritual by once again expressing gratitude. You can check out the full ritual on the Forever Conscious website.


Group Harvest Moon Ritual

If you want to get your squad together to perform a group full harvest moon ritual, this one from The Gypsy Thread is totally going to be your jam. For this ritual you'll need "four quarter candles — yellow (east), red (south), green (north), blue (west); a seasonal altar cloth; leaves to decorate the altar and circle area; pencils and paper; cakes or other seasonal baked goods; seasonal beer and ale to share; [and a] goddess candle (white)." Follow the instructions on The Gypsy Thread's website to execute your group full harvest moon ritual.


Create A Healing Spray From Crystals

Mix up a potion to give yourself a little protection during the full harvest moon by making your own healing elixir. On its blog, Energy Muse suggested gathering crystals like moonstone, selenite, and amethyst to amplify your energy field. Then, follow these instructions. "To make a gem essence, place your favorite combination of cleansed moon stones in a bowl of purified water. Allow the moonlight to penetrate the water and infiltrate it with its healing vibrations, a process that takes several hours," Energy Muse explained.

"In the meantime, continue burning sage, Palo Santo, and other cleansing tools to enhance the energetic fields. Make your gem essence even more powerful when you chant a healing prayer such as a Tibetan mantra, which works to reinforce your intention for cleansing and purification." After a few hours, remove the stones and put the water in a little spray bottle that you can use on your body to keep your energy field clear of anything dark and twisty.


Clear Your Energy Field

One of the easiest full-moon rituals is performing a simple cleanse. Get a sprig of sage or a stick of Palo Santo wood, light it, and use it to cleanse your aura and your home. While this great to do during the full moon, you can actually do this whenever you want to rid yourself and your space of bajiggity energy.


Organize A Group Meditation

As with most things in life, the energy of many is more powerful than the energy of one. If you want to best harness the energy of the full harvest moon, organize a group meditation, or attend a group meditation class or sound bath.


Take A Moon Bath

Fall is the perfect time to wash away any residual stress from the long, hot summer. Use the full harvest moon to take a moon bath. Energy Muse recommends drawing yourself a hot bath and adding some himalayan sea salt to pull toxins from your body. While your having yourself a good cleansing soak, set your intentions and release everything that no longer serves you. No matter which ritual you perform during the full harvest moon, remember to go in with an open mind and an open heart in order to harness all of the positive energy you deserve.