6 Health-Tracking Apps That’ll Seriously Boost Your Wellness Game

Ashley Batz/Bustle

We live in the future. There may not be any flying cars (yet), but that smart phone you have in your pocket can tell you anything you like about your health, from your sugar intake to your activity levels to how you're sleeping. You just have to have the right app. A lot of health-tracking apps are developed to help people manage specific illnesses, but there are plenty that can be applied to everybody and that you definitely need on your phone. Keeping track of your body is important, and we can't all afford personal trainers or spare the time to fill in fitness diaries. Thankfully, technology has stepped in to fill the gap.

If you do sign up for a health-tracking app, always be aware of what it does with your data: the MyFitnessPal app recently revealed that 150 million users may have had their login details compromised, according to The Verge. So, as with any app, always make sure that you read the fine print, use unique passwords, and make choices about what you share about your location and device. With that said, health-tracking apps are a huge and growing industry, as people opt for the convenience of a source of health information that fits in the palm of their hands. Get into the medical revolution.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles, Free

This app is a running log that tracks where you run and how much distance you cover. The distinction between it and other tracking apps? It matches with corporate partners who reward every mile you cover (or trudge, or sprint) with a donation to a charity of your choice. It's a way to make the world better while also getting a dose of movement, and it also works on treadmills and indoor exercise mats. As long as you're moving forward, it'll track it.


Headspace, Free

Health isn't all about the body; it's about the mind as well. And this meditation and mindfulness app helps you track your mental health and learn better techniques for calming down and soothing anxiety daily. It's one of the most popular of its kind, and even has guided meditations for kids.


Clue, Free

This period-tracking app is a hugely popular download, with good reason. Input information about your period and what's happening around it and it'll help you track your cycle, moods, fertility and other issues around menstruation. It's a calendar that wants to know everything, from your cervical fluid details to how you ovulate. Being more aware of your cycle is always a good thing.


SleepTastic, Free

Want to observe your sleep patterns? This is one of the most advanced sleep tracking apps around; put it by your pillow and it'll detect how you're sleeping and your different sleep phases all night, and be able to stack them up against one another. Sleep is a crucial aspect of health, and if you're not tuned into how it's affecting your body, you should be.

Stand Up!

Stand Up!, Free With In-App Purchases

This is an efficiency app that also helps your health by reminding you to keep moving throughout your day. It's particularly helpful for people who work desk jobs; you can use it to maintain a schedule and also have small "alarms" that notify you that it's time to get up, have a walk around and get some physical exercise.


Happify, Free With In-App Purchases

Want to track your psychological health? Happify allows you to follow "happiness tracks" that help you conquer destructive thoughts, use guided meditation, and see how your mood is shifting over time. It can be helpful for people with anxiety disorders or mood issues who need a little help outside of therapy sessions, but the meditation guides and other tips and tricks are helpful for everybody who wants to feel happier day-to-day.