6 Mail App Improvements In iOS 13 That Are Subtle But Super Helpful

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The new Apple software update is coming this fall, and you know what that means: a whole host of changes to your daily iPhone routine, hopefully for the best. There will be a ton of little tweaks and improvements across the board, but the Mail App improvements in iOS 13 are particularly notable. In fact, the Mail App might just become your new favorite app once iOS 13 is ready to download.

First things first: iOS 13 won't be available to download until later, as it's set to drop this fall. It'll be available for you to download straight from your Apple device, so you're not going to have to go to a store or anything to get it. It's also worth noting that the software update won't be compatible with the iPhone 6 model or anything older. All of the more recent models, including the 6S and the 6S Plus, will be good to go. If you do have an iPhone 6, you can read this explainer on when the best time to buy a new iPhone will be.

For anyone with a compatible iPhone model, your email experience is about to get upgraded. Here's what you need to know about the improvements to the Mail app, through iOS 13:

Multicolored Flags

If you've ever wanted more flag colors to choose from, you're in luck. According to iDownloadBlog, you'll soon have a variety of colors to choose from for the flags in your Mail app, and you'll be able to sync them across your iCloud. The site reports that you'll be able to change those flag colors whenever you want, or remove them at any point.

Easier Navigation

According to BusinessInsider, iOS 13 is going to offer an easier navigational interface for the Mail app. For example, the Reply menu (which pops up when you click the Reply button at the bottom of an email) will include more options, such as the option to mute a thread (more on that below) and the option to flag a message or move it to the trash.

Address Autocomplete

This is a simple update, but a much-needed one. Your new Mail app will offer up email address choices when you type in a name, allowing you to select an address that much more quickly. This one's going to be a real savior for those massive family emails or college reunion threads.

More Font/Design Options

iOS 13 is giving us way more formatting options, according to iDownloadBlog. This includes new font styles, options for numbered and bulleted lists, the ability to align and indent, and more. A lot of this stuff sounds kind of boilerplate, but the Mail app has never had it before — and you'll definitely be sending more colorful emails as a result.

The Option To Mute Threads

Are you a part of an ongoing group email thread that's getting on your nerves? Yeah, well iOS 13 is here to save you. The new software update will offer the option to mute whole email threads, just like you can mute group messaging chats in iMessage. Oh, and even better — Apple says this muting option will work across all of your Apple devices, from your iPhone to your laptop. What a gift.

Extended Blocking Capabilities

For that not so special person in your life, blocking capabilities just became that much more thorough. iOS 13 will allow you to block a sender so that their emails go straight to the trash, if that's what you want. And just like the new mute option, this blocking capability will run across all Apple devices, so that you never have to worry about seeing an email from your ex again.

The Mail app isn't the only part of your phone that's getting a pretty substantial makeover this fall. If you're interested in all of the ways that iOS 13 is going to change your life in a few months, you can check out Apple's iOS 13 preview.