6 Miracles That We Experienced At The Miracle Workers Screening

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Miracle Workers, the anthology series on TBS starring Daniel Radcliffe, has just launched its second season, Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, and, you guessed it: It's going medieval on us. In hilarious ways.

In the first season, Radcliffe and co-star Geraldine Viswanathan (as Craig and Eliza) are two angels in the Prayer-Answering department of Heaven. Their boss, a very distracted God who has grown bored of earth and decided to rededicate his efforts to opening a restaurant, has agreed to a bet with Eliza: He will spare the earth its planned destruction if she and Craig can answer a seemingly impossible prayer. Throughout the season, Craig and Eliza get into all kinds of hijinks (no spoilers here!), meet a few friends along the way, and ultimately forestall earth’s destruction.

Series two transports our protagonists to the Dark Ages, where they’ll discover just how backwards and perilous life in the Middle Ages can be. As Craig, now a medieval prince, learns how to acclimate to a daily routine that includes public executions, and Eliza, now a school maid, attends classes on the flatness of the earth and the existence of the devil. They’ll both have to devise a plan to survive one of the darkest periods in world history. With a cast including Steve Buscemi, Jon Bass, and Karan Soni, Miracle Workers: Dark Ages is just the antidote we need when current life on earth seems overwhelming.

To celebrate the premiere of the new season and to help viewers get in the medieval mood, Miracle Workers: Dark Ages hosted a screening in downtown Manhattan replete with all the trappings of a medieval feast. Upon entering the Dark Ages Tavern (Houston Hall), guests were met with the deep, cool darkness of a stone castle. High above guests’ heads, wooden chandeliers hung from the rafters, which were dotted with pennant banners emblazoned with lions. Candelabras were placed along the walls providing warm candlelight, interspersed with dress forms fitted with medieval garb. Along one wall hung oil-like portraits of Miracle Workers cast members, including one hilarious depiction of Daniel Radcliffe as Craig that is featured in the show. Overall, the cavernous venue was made to feel cozy, warm, and welcoming, despite the somewhat menacing theme.

Read on to experience all of the miracles on display at the screening and premiere party.


Cocktails Made With The Oldest Alcohol On Earth

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Thanks to All-Wise Meadery, a Brooklyn-based mead purveyor co-founded by Dylan Sprouse, revelers were treated to delicious “Mead-ieval” cocktails made with a private label mead. Mead, also known as honey wine, is the oldest alcoholic beverage on earth, and made from honey and water fermented with yeast. The cocktails were a huge hit; by the end of the night a whole new group of mead enthusiasts was born.


A Medieval Buffet Fit For A King

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Thanks to chef Wylie Dufresne, owner of Du’s Donuts and Coffee in Brooklyn, guests were treated to a medieval-style buffet. The feast included a giant smorgasbord of "roast beast" (with vegan and vegetarian alternatives!), cooked and stewed vegetables, and gorgeous towers of Du’s Donuts. The well-stocked buffet was super popular; guests were spotted going back for seconds and thirds.


Ancient Music With A Modern Twist

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Thanks to an incredible live band armed with lutes, flutes, and drums, the crowd jumped and swayed to contemporary pop song covers brought to life by centuries-old instruments. A highlight of the night was a lip synch number by Brooklyn-based drag queen Madame Vivien V., who got the party started in Dark Ages drag.


Executioners, Wenches, And Nuns, Oh My!

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The Miracle Workers screening party brought out dark age revelers not seen in, well ... ages. From the executioner-cum-bouncer who greeted guests at the door (first menacingly, then approvingly, thank God!) to costumed wenches who tossed fabric from their pinafores appreciatively on stage during the live music set, the event made the Middle Ages seem kinda fun.


A Photo Booth For Medieval Portraits

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The line for the photobooth never dwindled, and no wonder: artist Gina Schiappacasse was on hand to do custom illustrations of guests in classic medieval portrait style. Well, technically, “medieval portrait style” would mean oil painting on wood panels, but Schiappacasse’s paintings on paper were much more practical.


A Lofted Screening Room For A Sneak Peek Of Season Two

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The best part of the night was the opportunity to screen the first episode of season two of Miracle Workers: Dark Ages a week before its premiere on TBS. A screening room was set up in a loft in the venue; seated high above the buzzing crowd below, guests were treated to a quiet reprieve where they could catch an exclusive preview of the show.


As if all of these details weren’t miraculous enough, when guests retrieved their items from the cloak check, they were treated to a gift bag containing a bottle of mead from All-Wise Meadery and a to-go box with a donut from Du’s. Thanks to Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, guests were given a whole new perspective on the Dark Ages, just in time to prepare us for season two!

Tune into Miracle Workers: Dark Ages on Tuesdays at 10:30|9:30c on TBS.