6 Most Gripping Plot Twists From 'The Resident'

Like any great medical drama should, Season 1 of Fox’s The Resident went deep on showing us the craziness of working at a hospital. With the premiere of Season 2 of The Resident on the horizon (airing on FOX on Sept. 24 at 8/7c), we've got all those moments of steamy and adrenaline-pumping intrigue on the brain. These doctors are fighting to protect patients over profits of the hospital, and it gets complicated.

Set in Atlanta, Georgia, The Resident follows the work lives — and love lives — of a group of doctors at Chastain Park Memorial, including jaded third-year resident internist Conrad Hawkins, his idealistic first-year intern Devon Pravesh, and Nicolette “Nic” Nevin, an overqualified nurse practitioner (and Conrad’s off-and-on love interest). While these folks try to do their best to save lives, some folks further up the ladder — like the prestigious oncologist Dr. Lane Hunter and famous surgeon Dr. Randolph Bell — will do anything to take advantage of hospital politics to further their own ambitions. Between their own turbulent dynamics, and the patients that desperately need their service, we've seen plenty of OMG plot twists from Season 1.

On the eve of the Season 2 premiere, it’s the perfect time to revisit the most riveting plot twists from Season 1. It goes without saying that major spoilers lie ahead. If you need to catch up on The Resident’s first season, all 14 episodes are bingeable online!

1. Mina Performs Surgery For Dr. Bell

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When Dr. Bell has a tremor attack in the middle of an appendectomy and accidentally kills his patient, it's apparent that his time to retire is now. But driven by ego and pride he refuses to step down, though the talented young surgeon Dr. Mina Okafor is willing and ready to take over the job as hospital's head surgeon. To prove how fit he is for the job, Bell takes on a televised surgery using a state-of-the-art new medical tool... which he really can't get the hang of when Dr. Okafor tries to teach him how to use it. Dr. Bell performs the surgery, and to everyone's shock, it's a great success. How did that happen? Turns out, Dr. Okafor was behind a curtain as the real surgeon the entire time.

2. Conrad’s Ex-Fiancé Comes To Chastain Park Memorial

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When a beautiful woman comes to the hospital with acute abdominal pain and demands to see Dr. Hawkins, Conrad is surprised to see his ex-fiancé for the first time in 11 years. Nic is even more surprised to learn he had one. With Conrad's former love in the picture, it becomes harder for Nic to deny her feelings for him. Especially when the ex-fiancé calls out how clearly smitten with Nic that Conrad is.

3. Nic Discovers The Darkness In Dr. Hunter's Treatment Program


When Nic has trouble accessing the files of beloved patient Lily Kendall from Dr. Lane Hunter’s renowned chemotherapy clinic, she decides to visit the clinic herself and is shocked by what she finds. Though it looks like a spa, there are far too many patients packed into one treatment room, and the chemo dosages seem way too high. When the clinic staff acts secretive and dodges her questions, Nic grows increasingly suspicious — and with good reason.

4. Dr. Hunter Frames Nic For Lily's Death


When Lane finds out Nic went behind her back to refer Lily to another oncologist — who wants to check out all of Lily’s records — she puts Nic back on Lily’s case. Dr. Hunter directs Nic to give Lily potassium, but slowly. Nic questions the dosage but does as she’s told and goes home for the night. Shortly after, Lane creeps into Lily’s room, ostensibly changing the dosage—and framing Nic for what comes next. Though Conrad tries to save her, Lily dies of a potassium overdose. Ugh... heartbreaking.

5. Dr. Bell Helps The FBI Catch His Lover Dr. Hunter


When Nic, Conrad, and Devon realize that Lane has been running an insurance fraud scheme at her clinic by over-treating cancer patients and diagnosing patients who don’t have cancer with the disease, they contact the FBI about what they’ve learned. After they tell Dr. Bell (who's having an affair with Lane) about their findings, he goes straight to Lane to tell her to destroy any files that could be misconstrued. But back at her clinic, Lane is shocked to find that Randolph wasn’t protecting her after all: He’s delivered her to the feds himself, to protect the hospital from going down with her. (And uh… also to protect himself.)

6. Conrad's Father Becomes Chair Of The Hospital Board


Dr. Bell enters a board meeting to a round of applause, as the board congratulates him on turning Dr. Hunter in. But things get real quickly, and the season ends on a cliffhanger. Turns out, Randolph's got a new boss. The Chastain Park Memorial board’s new chairman is none other than Marshall Winthrop, a.k.a. Conrad Hawkins’ father. This should be interesting...

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