7 Old Wives’ Tales About Beauty That Can Be True
by Carina Wolff

We've all heard beauty tricks from our mom or grandmother and wondered how accurate they are. Some seem to work like a charm while others are perpetuated myths. It's hard to know what beauty advice is legitimate, but there are a number of old wives' tales about beauty that are actually true, as crazy as they may sound. Sometimes, there is some truth to wisdom passed down the years, and sticking to these traditional habits can actually do your body some good.

Knowing which old wives tales to listen to can not only help improve your appearance, but it can ensure you avoid any beauty disasters down the line. Additionally, it can potentially help you cut down on costs. Instead of loading up on expensive products, you can look inside your pantry or your medicine cabinet for items you already have on hand.

Whether you're looking to improve your skin, strengthen your hair, or even just fix up a minor injury, sometimes it's best to look to tradition for a solution. Here are seven old wives tales about beauty that are actually true — time to thank your great-grandmother for her timeless tricks and continue to pass them on to future generations.


Cucumbers Reduce Eye Puffiness


Cucumbers over the eyes have become a classic spa stereotype, but it turns out they do actually help with puffiness, as the antioxidants in the fruit help reduce swelling. "If you’re looking for a DIY remedy for around the eye swelling, just grab a cool cucumber from the fridge," says Shane Evans, founder and CEO of Massage Heights over email. "The chill from the slice and the water composition is the perfect combo for puffy eyes."


Honey Can Help Heal Wounds


If you've got a skin wound, applying honey to it can actually help. Honey can reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain and help healing along with minimal scarring, according to research in the journal Wound.


Mayonnaise Is Good For Your Hair


You may have laughed at your mom or sister for using mayonnaise in their hair, but it can actually help your hair stay conditioned and smooth. "The oil in the mayonnaise softens the hair, making it shinier," says Angelica Ballesteros Gomez, AWAY Spa Supervisor at W Retreat & Spa over email. "My 'abuela' taught me this tip when I was a little girl, and ever since I’ve continued to use this for me and my own little girl."


You Need Your Beauty Sleep


We've all heard how important it is to get our "beauty sleep," and turns it this saying holds true. "When we don't get enough sleep, we can look tired, with lifeless skin and dark circles," says facialist Angela Caglia over email. "Sleeping time is also the best time to restore your skin with a great face oil or serum."


Tea Tree Oil Helps With Acne


If you suffer from acne, using some essential oils can help, particularly tea tree oil. "Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic that helps fight pimple causing bacteria," says Caglia. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, tea tree oil is as effect as benzoyl peroxide at treating acne, and it causes fewer side effects.


A Beer Rinse Can Give You Shinier Hair


It sounds preposterous, but washing your hair with beer can help you have shinier locks. Because of the barley and hops, beer contains nutrients that can help strengthen your hair, Dr. Ryan Welter told Fox News. The alcohol can also act as a cleanser.