Lockdown Is *The* Time To Try These 6 Gnarly Foot Peels

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BabyFoot, the original foot peel, launched in Japan in 1997. It's pretty wild to think the product has been around for over 20 years now, but it's one that's certainly had an influential impact on the world of beauty. In fact, BabyFoot has inspired a huge range of foot exfoliation options from other brands, and they've proved incredibly popular. So how do exfoliating foot peels work exactly? The process is pretty simple, but there's probably some stuff you should know before you try it.

The masks work with exfoliating acids that "break down the outer layers of hard dead skin, kick-starting a peeling process which then encourages new skin cells to form," Aesthetic doctor and founder of Clinicbe® Dr Barbara Kubicka explained to Get The Gloss. Most of the peels usually contain a concoction of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (such as lactic acid) as well as Beta Hydroxy Acids (salicylic acid) to target the dead, dry skin on your heels and feet in general. In addition to these exfoliating agents, many also feature nourishing, moisturising ingredients like aloe vera to ensure feet aren't left drier than when you started.

The masks don't offer instant gratification; instead, you need to wait up to a week to begin to see results, meaning it's a question of patience. Most options require you to leave on a pair of foot masks drenched in the exfoliating liquid from between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the make. After removing the masks, nothing will happen at first, but after the exfoliants get to work over the next few days, you will begin to see the outer layers of dry, dead skin peel away, almost like a snake shedding its skin (soz).

A few things are important to remember if you want this to work properly. First, you must keep the masks on for the required time to see real results. Don't be tempted to skip out early because your Netflix series has ended and you're bored of sitting still.

Second, it's good to remember that in the couple of weeks after usage, your feet will become flaky and pretty unattractive. Take it from someone who forgot all about using the mask and opted for sandals: closed footwear is your friend.

Finally, while these masks are suitable for most, if you have super sensitive skin or suffer from conditions like eczema or psoriasis, it's best to step away from strong exfoliating formulas like the ones featured in these booties. If you're not sure whether you should be using them, you could always do a little 'patch' test of sorts, and rub a little of the liquid over your feet before you plan to use them, being sure to look out for any signs of discomfort or reaction.

If you're tempted to give these acid foot peels a try, these are six of the best reviewed on the internet right now:

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