6 Reasons We Shouldn't Arm Teachers, According To These Thoughtful (And Scathing) Tweets

George Frey/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President Trump hosted a listening session at the White House following the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida. During the event, the president proposed giving teachers guns as a way to prevent future mass attacks at schools, and the next day he tweeted about it again, writing that "trained, gun adept, teachers/coaches" would be a "GREAT DETERRENT" to stop a school shooting. And in response, Twitter offered reasons not to give teachers guns that will make you think.

The idea to arm school employees is popular amongst many on the pro-gun side of the aisle, though notably not all Republicans support teachers packing heat during the school day. But for those who are avidly opposed to regulations on guns, the option they often consider for security is allowing — perhaps even requiring — a certain number of teachers to carry concealed weapons on campus.

The argument goes like this: If someone plotting a school shooting knows there are armed teachers who will shoot back, they might decide against targeting a school at all. Should a person choose to go through with it, a gun-toting teacher may be able to stop them long before law enforcement arrives.

There are quite a few counterarguments to this take on securing schools. Below are just a few of the reasons people don't think arming teachers is a viable solution.