The 6 Most Romantic Moments From 'Younger'

Summertime means late nights at rooftop bars, making eyes at cute strangers at outdoor concerts, and minimal clothing. All circumstances are perfectly aligned for a summer fling, and we all couldn't be more ready to sow our wild oats after four (let's be honest, more like six) months of winter.

In addition to all the summer flings, another thing we have to look forward to this summer is the return of Younger. With the new season premiere quickly approaching on June 5th, we're getting excited for all the steamy drama that's sure to come: the hookups, the office intrigue, the after-work drinks. However, things are set up for us to expect the unexpected now. The game has changed with Josh! Liza is, um, doing her best to steer clear of Charles? And rather than keeping her secret, the most important thing for Liza to do now is to maintain the increasingly precarious relationships in her circle. But with that OMG moment with her and Charles at the closing of last season — seriously, it was about time! — it feels like anything can happen.

You can take that as inspiration for a summer full of possibilities! We've rounded up a series of the most romantic moments from Younger to get you in the mood to kick off that summer fling. And make sure to tune in to the season premiere of Younger, Tuesday June 5th at 10/9c on TV Land. After all, you might just be one trip to the park away from meeting your next Josh or Charles.

1. Liza & Charles' Tender Concert Moment

Is there anything more romantic than slow-dancing to the songs that you used to slow dance to at high school functions? For Liza and Charles (and also for us), the answer is "no." So when we found these two doing that very thing in Season 3 after the Hamptons book excursion, their sparks were bound to flourish into full-blown fireworks. To repurpose in your own life, get thee to a throwback pop dance party, and ask a handsome stranger to dance to the first song that makes you feel mushy inside.

2. When Josh Takes Care Of Liza... Post-Lollipop

You can feel truly safe with someone when you end up a little vulnerable around them, and they're not at all perturbed if they have to look after you. We see exactly what that looks like after Liza consumes an entire special lollipop, and Josh tenderly helps her come back down to Earth. In fact, the experience leads to them to discussing next steps in their relationship. Lollipop, anybody?

3. Charles Making His Grand Gesture

That moment when Liza leaves Empirical and Charles makes a grand gesture to chase after her (while she's working retail, no less) never ceases to make our hearts leap. And while your own circumstances might be slightly different, you can take inspiration from Charles by being spontaneous!

4. Josh Cheers Kelsey Up Post-Colin Fallout

Who better to pick you up from your troubles than a lively, fun-loving roommate? And sure, Josh and Kelsey definitely aren't meant for each other. But it's sweet to see Josh give Kelsey support after her breakup with Colin with a little bit of a two-step and some jug music. Writing this one down as a must-do summer fling activity.

5. Anton Takes Kelsey Candy Shopping

Mix business with pleasure at your own risk, but if there's candy involved, just go for it. In Season 1, the Kelsey/ Anton tryst may have had its sordid moments, but being mysteriously led to a candy shop is, dare I say, pretty sweet. Perhaps some ice cream at the end of the tunnel for your summer romance is the way to go, weather permitting.

6. Manhattanhenge

Continuing the pattern of Josh being the sweetest person ever, remember when he walked Liza home and they just happened to stumble onto Manhattanhenge? (Manhattanhenge being the phenomenon when the sunset perfectly aligns with the grid streets of the borough). There's no greater incentive to get out there and find a summer boo than the possibility of running into something magical.

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