6 Surprising Mental & Physical Benefits Of Staying Up Late


We all know how important sleep is, yet some of us can't help but to stay up and do things at night. Some people find they're more productive and creative during the night hours, and I have good news for those people: There are some surprising benefits of staying up late. Now of course if you stay up late and wake up early, neglecting sleep, these benefits might not make up for the various other ways you're hurting your health. But if you prefer to stay up late and wake up later, you don't have to feel totally guilty — you might be doing things right.

"There are a few benefits for staying up late and they are of course being more productive and more creative," says Dr. Sharad Paul over email. "The ability to stay up late is linked to adenosine activity in brain, and these are the same receptors that caffeine targets. Studies have shown that people with inherently more adenosine activity may 'naturally' be night owls.

If you're not currently a night owl, there's no reason to try to be one — there are plenty of benefits of being a morning person. But if you do thrive at 2am, you'll want to check out these six surprising benefits of staying up late.