Things Are Getting Real On 'The Good Fight'

Ever wish you could fight back against political injustice, battling it out in the courtroom instead of social media? Wonder what it would be like to go head-to-head with those in power? Dream of grilling witnesses in Congress? Then prepare yourself to #JoinTheFight for Season 3 of CBS All Access’ The Good Fight.

The show follows Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, a Chicago law firm — helmed by Christine Baranski as take-charge political lawyer Diane Lockhart — which fields cases bearing more than a passing resemblance to recent headlines. The teams tackle immigration law, police bias and more, with results that don’t always go the way you’d expect. Mimicking the chaotic political and social climate we live in, the show takes on a chaotic world with humor, sharp intellect, and even sharper street smarts.

This season, they're throwing away the playbook and things for our favorite lawyers are getting a serious shake-up. From new cast members, to activist fringe groups, to our beloved characters taking serious looks at themselves, things are getting very real in Season 3. And if The Good Fight teaches you anything, it’s that the line between good and evil is blurrier than you might think, and that another twist is always around the corner to make things interesting.

Here are five things that are seriously shaking things up in this next season of The Good Fight, now streaming exclusively on CBS All Access.

1. A Rule-Breaking Lawyer Is Joining The Firm

If Diane Lockhart is as moral as they come, new lawyer Roland Blum is her opposite. Played by the devilishly charismatic Michael Sheen, Blum puts more stock in victory than playing nicely with others. He’s a treat on his own, but watching him butt heads — and ethics — with Lockhart mentee Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie) makes for some can’t-miss TV.

2. Diane Lockhart Is Fighting Back Harder Than Ever

Is this champion of justice ready to #JoinTheFight at all costs? As she dives deeper into the #Resistance this season, Lockhart is about to find out just how far she's ready to go to fight back against the current administration. This season, her firm just might have the information it takes to shut it all down. But the definition of justice is messier than she might have expected, and you’ll wonder how far she’ll go to fight for what she knows is right.

3. Prepare Yourself For A Musical Duet

The show’s writers have copped to a few upcoming surprises, including a musical healing session between two lawyers who couldn’t be more different. When it’s revealed that they’re both '80s pop fans, Lockhart and Audra McDonald’s Liz Reddick-Lawrence put their convictions aside to belt out a tune. Given their Broadway backgrounds (McDonald has a record-breaking six Tony awards), the two pack quite the musical punch. Yes, it’s as kooky as it sounds, but that’s what makes the show so good.

4. We're In For Some Team Building Exercises

After two seasons, we know that all the strong, opinionated heads of Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart tend to lock horns on the regular. The lawyers continue to confront their biases and privileges this season, digging in with the help of a sociologist who reportedly visits the office for an on-site training. The show runners haven’t revealed much, but expect some difficult conversations and realizations — both in and out of the courtroom.

5. Lucca Takes On Motherhood Like A Boss

Last season, badass lawyer Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) had the surprise of a lifetime when she realized she was pregnant. This season, she reconciles her high-powered career with life as a new mom, fighting back against stereotypes (nope, she’s *not* a nanny), and struggling with feeling pulled in two directions.

6. The Lawyers Grapple With The Truth And How Much It Matters

What matters more when it comes to seeking justice: honesty or success? That’s the golden question for Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo) and Reddick-Lawrence, who struggle with a world where the best story wins. Do they start to spin their own tales or stick to the cold, hard facts? And what good is a victory based on lies? You’ll have to watch to find out. Season 3 of The Good Fight is now streaming exclusively on CBS All Access.

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