6 Things That Are Worth Upgrading Right Away After Buying Your First Home

There are few milestones in life more thrilling than buying your first home. After the excitement and anxiety of real estate shopping, sorting out financing, and settling on a closing date, there’s a special kind of joy that comes the first time you turn the key to your very own place.

With all the anticipation swirling around, it can be tempting to begin moving in boxes and unpacking them immediately. But all first-time home buyers should know that there are certain projects that are best embarked upon right after closing.

That’s why we’ve partnered with The Home Depot Home Services to provide a list of projects that should be at the top of your list. The Home Depot is already your first destination for buying essentials for your new home, but did you know that they also provide dozens of home services through licensed, insured, and background-checked service professionals? From major renovations to smaller cosmetic upgrades, here are some upgrades you should cross off your list right away.

1. Install Or Replace Flooring

If your place doesn’t come with the exact flooring you want, you should seriously consider this immediate upgrade. There’s a reason to tackle your floors early: You really only get one shot at an easy, straightforward installation or replacement, and that's when your floor is completely clear of furniture and other bulky items. Once you begin the move-in process, moving furniture, appliances, and rugs from room to room to clear the floors makes the process much slower and more arduous. Plus, once floors are installed, you sometimes have to wait at least 48 hours before placing furniture on them, so factor this into your move-in schedule!

2. Upgrade Your HVAC System

Upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system is another top-of-list item for a new homeowner. HVAC upgrades can be a bit of a process, especially if ductwork is involved, so schedule an assessment with one of The Home Depot Home Services’s fully vetted, authorized service providers in order to get a detailed sense of your home’s specific needs. HVAC upgrades are worth the investment, especially if your home's existing system is 10 or more years old. High-efficiency systems can significantly lower utility bills for long-term savings while also improving indoor air quality. A professional can even provide estimates on how much money a newer, upgraded system will save you in utility bills over time.

3. Give Your Cabinets A Makeover

Now that you’ve tackled the more essential, structural items on your list, it’s time to talk aesthetics. Kitchen cabinets are a quick and easy upgrade if you work with The Home Depot Home Services; their cabinet makeover service is designed to maximize what you already have, and to replace the components that will make the highest impact. By replacing only doors and drawers, for example, you can quickly and affordably upgrade your kitchen to be more functional and stylish in fell swoop. Best of all, they offer a free consultation, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into before any work begins.

4. Customize Your Closet

Most homeowners know to look for ample closet space when shopping for a new home, but closets are only as good as how they’re organized, and it's unlikely that a preexisting closet will be designed for your exact needs or wardrobe. Custom shelving and closet installation will help you maximize closet space by designing shelving that is specific to your closets’ dimensions as well as what they’re meant to store; they can even remove old shelving to make way for your own organizational systems. Customized closet storage will make unpacking your moving boxes a dream.

For more inspiration for creating the closet of your dreams, read more here.

5. Go Tankless With Your Water Heater

You never want to be caught without hot water, so make sure your water heater is both functional and efficient, right from the start. Installing a tankless water heater not only takes up less space, but it can also reduce energy consumption by 30% to 40%, which will set you up for success in your new digs.

6. Refresh The Countertops

If you're not buying a brand new home — and in some cases, even if you are — the kitchen is the room most likely to feel a bit outdated. That's why having new countertops professionally installed will make your new kitchen really feel like your own.

Explore all your options for countertop materials, which are available for every budget, and partner with a service provider that can handle removal and disposal of your old countertops and give you great options for the rest of your kitchen, including backsplashes, sinks, and more.

These are just six essential home services that The Home Depot offers, among the more than 400 others. Check out The Home Depot Home Services today for all of your home service needs and discover additional benefits including affordable financing options, expert advice on the latest home decor trends, and free, in-home consultations. Welcome home!

For licenses, visit homedepot.com/licensenumbers.

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Home Services.