6 Things That Happen Down There That Actually Mean You’re Healthy

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Many people with vaginas don't sit around discussing what's happening with them, so it's no surprise that some may think that stuff is going on without realizing it's completely common. There a number of things down there that can seem amiss, but are actually a sign of being healthy. A lot goes on when it comes to our vaginal health, especially since hormones are constantly fluctuating and changing. Vagina's adapt to keep themselves healthy, and though there might be some changes down there that can seem alarming, many of them are really no cause for concern.

"If women can view the creation of life and of all that surrounds that process as mystical and fantastic, then such things as a physiological vaginal discharge and menstrual bleeding will not be seen as gross," Felice Gersh, OB/GYN tells Bustle.

Many people with vaginas can feel ashamed when it comes to discussing their them, which is why so many feel so confused as to what's happening down there. Thankfully, there's no reason to fear what's happening with your body, as most of the stuff that goes on is just a sign that your body is functioning well. Here are six things that happen down there that actually mean you're healthy, according to experts.


Vaginal Discharge

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Some vaginal discharge is healthy and common. "Regular discharge is good because it keeps the vaginal pH healthy, acts as a natural cleanser, helps the good bacteria (called Lactobacillus), and helps sexual intercourse to be pleasurable," gynecologist Dr. Kim Langdon, tells Bustle. "Discharge is also a sign that you are making enough hormones to keep the vagina moist." Normal discharge is either white, clear, or yellow with no or minimal odor.


Unequal Labia

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There is no one way a vagina should look, and to have long or unequal labia majora (vulval folds) is completely common. "Some girls develop negative body image and seek vaginoplasty or plastic surgery, which can lead to further disfigurement," gynecologist Dr. Adeeti Gupta, founder of Walk In GYN Care, tells Bustle. Rather than stressing over what you look like below the belt, you can rest assured knowing all shapes and sizes are typical.


Urine Leakage

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If you've ever peed your pants a little, have no fear — slight urine leakage with ovulation is common. "This is experienced by some women, which simply reflects the spontaneous bladder contractions along with the uterine contractions," Dr. Gersh says. "Therefore, it's best to empty the bladder before engaging in sex."


A Slight Scent

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Don't stress if you have a certain smell coming from your vagina. "All body parts emit some scent, including the vagina area," Dr. Gersh says. "A slight musky, sweet odor is common." But if the scent seems out of ordinary to you, you can always talk to your doctor about what's going on.


Ejaculation During Orgasm

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"Sometimes this is confused with urinary leakage, but research has confirmed that women can ejaculate their vaginal secretions either from glands, the vaginal walls, or both," Dr. Langdon says. Although this topic is the subject of much controversy, it is believed the increased pressure of thrusting can cause fluid to go into the vaginal canal and simulate an ejaculation.



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Vaginal flatus, also known as “varts” or “queefs," can occur when air escapes the vagina, usually during the time of sexual intercourse or even with exercise. "It means that if air enters through [sex], it has a way to come out in the form of flatus, depending on how sex is being performed," Dr. Langdon says. "They sound like regular flatulence from the butt, but they do not have an odor unless something more serious is going on. They are nothing to worry about."

Many things that happen with our vagina can seem strange, but it turns out, they are typically an indication that your body is functioning well.