6 Toys For Anxious Dogs That Will Help Them Relax

Pet Cube

When your dog suffers from anxiety, it can hard on both you and your pup — you don't want your furry BFF to suffer, and, more importantly, an anxious dog is not a happy dog. So, it's crucial that you take the condition seriously and do everything you can to reduce your dog's stressors. While talking to your vet is the best way to start the process of combatting your pup's anxiety, there are also a lot of over-the-counter options that can help. Much like there are stress balls and toys for people, there are dog toys geared towards anxious dogs.

Reducing your dog's separation anxiety and general state of unrest could be as easy as upgrading your toy chest. According to studies, exercising your dog is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. The less nervous energy your dog has, the less your dog will fret. In addition to increased exercise, toys that create a need for focus or toys that have a calming capability are great instruments to have around.

Here I've rounded up some of the best toys on the market for anxious dogs. Before you try one, check with your vet to make sure that it's right for your dog, as not all anxiety disorders and behaviors are the same.

Classic Kong

Kong Wobbler



The Kong toy is great for anxious dogs because it hooks their attention and keeps them busy. Fill the toy with cheese, peanut butter, treats, or whatever your dog loves the most and let them get carried away with trying to get at it.

Busy Buddy Calming Toy

PetSafe Busy Buddy Calming Toys



This hidden treat toy also comes with a calming chamomile scent, which can help to keep your dog focused and relaxed.

Thunder Shirt

Thunder Shirt


Thunder Works

The Thunder Shirt looks like a super hero cape and it helps to keep your dog feeling held and loved when they need it most. If your dog has separation anxiety, you can put them in the Thunder Shirt before you leave the house.

Pet Cube

Pet Cube Play


Pet Cube

Not only can you keep an eye on your dog while you're out of the house with this WiFi connected camera, but you can also talk to your dog and play laser games from wherever you are, as long as you have a connection. Sometimes all your pup needs is to hear your voice for a second before it can calm down.


TreatStik Treat & Food Dispensing Toy


This food dispensing toy will definitely keep your dog busy, trying to set free treats, having way less energy for anxious behavior.

Pet Acoustics

Pet Tunes Canine


Pet Acoustics

This little boom box for dogs plays canine friendly music for your dog to help relax them and encourage them to calm down. You can control the device from your phone which makes it a great toy for dogs that have separation anxiety, specifically.