Here's Why Virgo Season Is Literally Everyone’s Time To Shine

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Woman writing on her daily planner

Summer is beginning to cool off and Virgo season is on its way: My friends, fall is officially near. From Aug. 23 to Sept. 22, we'll be hosted by the intense astrological season that is Virgo season, and it's going to blow the sand from our toes and put us into work mode, whether we're ready for it or not. Virgo season 2019 predictions suggest that this year might be our most efficient year yet, but those accomplishments won't come without hard work.

Bustle talked to astrologers Lisa Stardust, Leona Moon, and Caitlin McGarry about what specific events or emotional experiences we might undergo thanks to Virgo's particular brand of energy. According to Stardust, this will be a transformative season, we'll be quickly and intensely inspired to look at ourselves more analytically than we have in months. While certain unhealthy habits, behaviors, or thoughts might have slid under our critical radar during the earlier summer months, nothing will be getting past us now. By the time the sun moves into Virgo, we'll be able to see ourselves in perfect focus, meaning that on one hand, we'll be more in-tune with ourselves than ever, but on another, that we'll be unable to avoid any self-work that we've been neglecting. If we embrace these fears and hang-ups, according to Stardust, we can achieve all of our goals.

Get ready to be the friend your friends deserve to have, the employee your boss expects you to be, and the partner your partner needs. All Is will be dotted and all Ts will be crossed during Virgo season; here's what's in store for us all:

We Will Have Direction


According to Moon, Virgo season will kick off with a bang and a clear direction to funnel our energy, as we will have five planets, all in Virgo at the end of August (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars). "We're communicating effectively, our standards are high, and our organizational skills are otherworldly. We're approaching life with a no nonsense type of attitude and small gestures speak volumes," Moon tells Bustle. So if you've felt directionless this summer, expect to orient yourself in Virgo season. The planets are aligned to make your path clear, wherever it might take you.

We Will Be Our Most Sensible Selves


"We'll be sticking with a budget and skipping brunch," Moon tells Bustle, predicting that we'll be more likely to save our money, cook at home, and opt for a hike over an expensive workout class or meal. While our attention is definitely on self-care, it's a sensible version that keeps the future in view.

We Will Ace Balancing Our Personal And Professional Lives


In the beginning of the month, Moon says that we are easily able to put our loved ones first and nurture a healthy relationship with tons of energy, but that as we move toward September's full moon in Pisces, our priorities will shift. "Thanks to powerful aspects with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars in Virgo, this full moon has us ready to take chances [outside of our relationships] — projects that we've been brainstorming and ready to manifest in the physical world."

We Will Mend Complicated Relationships


"There's a real meeting of heart and mind when Mercury and Venus meet in Libra the same day as the full moon," Moon says. "Great healing can take place in our closest relationships with romantic partners, and stressful tensions with co-workers have the opportunity to mend."

So while you shouldn't necessarily wait until this time to put effort into fixing fraught relationships, you can rest assured that the issues will have an opportunity to be resolved soon.

We Will Have A Reality Check


Though the beginning of Virgo season will have us racing forward with a clear view of the future ahead, Moon says that as we edge toward the end of the season, that vision will start to fade. "There's the chance we're over-idealizing certain people or a specific situation," Moon says, explaining that finding a balance between reality and illusion will be a big lesson during the end of Virgo season.

We Will Shine


According to McGarry, this Virgo season, we will "feel a push to truly come into our power." After a summer of investing in our future happiness and health, we're finally reaping the benefits of it. "We will all be doing full body scans to see what needs a tune-up in our day-to-day and looking within to see what serves our highest self," McGarry tells Bustle, reminding us that being your best self is a daily effort, but one that is going to be pretty damn easy by the end of Virgo season.