6 Ways The Gang From 'Tag' Is Just Like You And Your OG Buddies


There's nothing like hanging out with your "back-in-the-day" friends. For you, that could be your college crew, your childhood squad, or your game-time team. Whoever makes up your motley band of "been there forever" weirdos, you'll easily identify with the magic and mayhem sparked by the friends at the center of the new wild comedy Tag.

Led by an all-star cast (including Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Annabelle Wallis, Rashida Jones, Isla Fisher, Leslie Bibb, Hannibal Buress, Jon Hamm, and Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner), the film follows a group of childhood friends in the midst of a zany and ruthless game of tag that they've been playing since first grade. These grown-up kids are committed. The game lasts for the entire month of May, and no situation — funerals, the birth of babies, important business meetings — is off limits. With the sole undefeated member of their group Jerry (Jeremy Renner) getting married this time around, the group sees a golden opportunity to finally end his streak. But nobody gets that far in this game without being ready when people come for you. And he's ready.

Join us as we count down the various ways that the posse in Tag will remind you of you and your old-school friends. And make sure to tag your friends to see Tag , in theaters everywhere June 15th!

1. You Basically Devolve Into Kids Around Each Other

You laugh! You play! You essentially regress into the people you were when you all first met! But just as the Tag gang has been playing this game since virtually kindergarten, you all bring out the ~inner children~ in each other in the best way.

2. Group Traditions Are Non-Negotiable

Whether it's a friend's birthday, 4th of July, or the 20th anniversary of your friend losing their virginity, attendance at all-friend holidays is strictly mandatory. For instance, no matter what's going on in the lives of the Tag gang — promotions, tax season, family emergencies — there's no "opting out" of the friend tradition.

3. You Have Endless Embarrassing Stories About One Another

If you wanna be extremely petty in a game of "Never Have I Ever," this is the group to do it with. You know which skeletons are in which closets, and you know exactly when to reference those skeletons for dramatic effect and entertainment.

4. You Can Predict Everyone's Behavior In Any Situation

Together, this group of misfits comprises an expert team capable of decoding what you're gonna do in literally any situation. And though everyone is convinced that they can tag Jerry at his wedding, he (of course) sees it coming from a mile away. Don't grift a grifter.

5. You Have Unique Ways Of Staying Connected

As you get older, life happens! You and your friends move away from your home town, you get married, have kids, and generally grow into different people. So it only makes sense to come up with playful ways to stay connected. Whether it's a years-old email chain, a chain of singing telegrams, or a country-wide game of tag, sometimes you've gotta make staying in touch into a ritual.

6. You're Rough With Each Other... Out Of Love, Of Course

You might be competitive... even ruthless at times. You might slip each other obscene notes at extremely vulnerable and inopportune times. But at the end of the day, you share a sick, twisted sense of humor and a mutual love that will last a lifetime. And if anyone else tries to give you crap, they'd better watch out.

This article is sponsored by Warner Bros. Tag, in theaters everywhere June 15th.