6 Ways To Wear Scrunchies That Feel Fresher Than Ever

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Now that the return of the scrunchie is here, it seems to have been fairly inevitable. Scrunchies are cute as heck, sure, but they also offer up hair health benefits that your typical elastic hair tie can't: All that soft and puffy fabric means scrunchies are less likely to snag and pull at your strands. Plus, they seem to reduce the risk of waking up with a ponytail crease after a night of sleeping with your hair pulled back. Honestly, why were we even messing with elastics in the first place?!

Luckily for our hair, scrunchies kind of seem like they're back in style for good: Vice cites 2012 as the year the brand My Crazy Scrunchie helped the hair accessory make a comeback by enlisting their celebrity friends — including Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse — for a promotional video, and designing a version for Vivienne Westwood. There have been scrunchie sightings on the runway ever since, most recently a $195 version at Balenciaga's Resort 2018 presentation in late 2017. But if a couple hundred bucks isn't exactly what you were looking to spend on a single hair tie, you can check out just about any drug or fast fashion store to find something more in the double-digit (or lower) price range.

To kickstart your collection — or give you an excuse to buy more — hair stylist Ashley Rubell created six scrunchie-centric looks with some of the cutest options for sale in 2018.


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Pink: Scünci Mesh Scrunchies, $4.99, available at Rite Aid Stores

Denim: Scünci Mini Scrunchies, $4.99, available at Walgreens Stores

Why stop at just one? Layering thinner scrunchies in your bun creates an even more extra look, plus can help keep your hair in place.


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Invisibobble Sprunchie Spiral Ring Hair Scrunchie, $9, available at Nordstrom June 2018

If you have finer hair, this scrunchie from Invisibobble is honestly your dream come true. It has a spiral ring underneath the fabric, which creates even more grip on slippery strands.


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Dazzle Brocade Scrunchie, $8 each or 3 for $12, Free People

According to Rubell, scrunchies are especially great for thick hair because they have more grip than your typical hair tie. This look is the easiest one of all: Just pull your hair back at the nape of your neck, and pop a scrunchie on top. If you have loads of curls or thickness, there's no need to even double it!


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Slip Skinnies, $39 for 6, Slip Silk Pillowcase

If your hair's too short for a traditional top knot, try this double bun technique on for size. These thin scrunchies work great on fine hair, plus they're made of silk, which has been proven to protect your strands.


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Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set, $12, Urban Outfitters

Buy a pack of scrunchies in complementary colors to easily mix and match in any style — including this very cool version of a bubble pony.


Milano Scrunchie, $6, or 3 for $12, Free People

Ribbons for hair are trending, but they tend not to stay tied all day. Luckily, lots of scrunchie makers are adding bow details, which let you cheat at achieving the look. For a full side braid that lasts longer than your morning commute, Rubell recommends teasing the lengths of your hair before you braid. This adds more volume, plus creates extra grip.


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Velvet Sequin Scrunchie, $6, Urban Outfitters

Want to jazz up your everyday topknot? Add a scrunchie. Bonus points if it has sequins.

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