6 Zodiac Signs That Actually Should Travel During Mercury Retrograde This Month

by Brittany Bennett
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Traveling during Mercury retrograde? On purpose? That might seem like a daredevil thing only the most extreme adventure travelers would do — after all, Mercury retrograde is notorious for ruining travel plans. But, there are some zodiac signs that actually should travel during Mercury retrograde this summer. With Mercury's next retrograde happening from Jul. 7 to Jul. 31, 2019, it'll be hard to avoid jet setting during the planet's backspin. July is prime summer vacation time. Even though astrologers caution against travel during this transit, some signs might not experience the trademark travel setbacks Mercury retrograde famously has in store.

This retrograde notoriously interferes with travel, so any trips taken during this time should be meticulously planned with back-up plans in place. You should plan for longer check-in and security lines, and triple check all your confirmations before leaving for your trip.

But Mercury retrograde won't completely derail your travel plans. The planetary forecast isn't worth cancelling your trip over. For Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces zodiac signs, it could actually be a good time to travel.

According to astrology guru Susan Miller on her site, Astrology Zone, taking a trip during Mercury retrograde may actually be a good idea. "During a retrograde phase, you might want to travel to a place from your childhood that you loved but haven’t seen in a long time. It could be lots of fun because going back to places you knew is favored," Miller wrote on Astrology Zone See? Mercury retrograde isn't all that bad. There may be tedious snafus but the planned upon good times won't be threatened.

Bustle spoke with globally-published astrologer Kyle Thomas to get the details on what signs should actually travel during summer's Mercury retrograde. Put your time off requests in now Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces! Bon voyage.


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Retrogrades are about reflection and revisiting the past. "You’re being called to travel and speak your truth this season, so go somewhere nearby. Ideally this would be a quick trip to somewhere you’ve been before," Thomas tells Bustle. This time spent returning to a place you've been before might even stir up inspiration. "It’d light up your nostalgia and get your ideas flowing," Thomas continues to explain.


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Looking for adventure to stay stimulated this summer? Of course you are, Gemini. "Mars, planet of drive, is packing a punch in your sector of fast and furious trips. Consider places from your past that will get your heart pumping," Thomas says. Boredom won't be the problem this July (phew) but watch out for unnecessary aggravation. "Just double-check the details so nothing is overlooked and you don’t fly into a rage. Mars rules aggression and if things mess up, you could find yourself cranky." Breathing exercises and maintaining your sense of humor will help with any annoying mishaps.


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Have you been to a place you'd swear you return to and just haven't gotten around to it yet? Mercury retrograde may be the perfect time to book your ticket back. "You’re truly the most blessed sign for travel right now, but it’s focused on somewhere that is truly unique and different from you. However, with Mercury being retrograde, you’re advised to go to somewhere that you’ve been to at least once. Mercury Retrograde summons us to the past, so consider popping into that place you always wanted to revisit," Thomas advises. Who knows what inspiration and adventure you'll find once you arrive!


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You're literally in luck. Thomas says, "Jupiter, planet of luck and glory, is in your sign until December. This gives you divine luck in nearly every way! You’re a sign who loves to travel, and Jupiter is all about growth and expansion, so what’s not to love? With so many hiccups from Mercury Retrograde about to hit, why not fly the coop to investigate somewhere you’ve wanted to embrace once again?" You can't necessarily escape Mercury retrograde but you can make the most of it by re-discovering the joy of past vacations.


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When Mercury is retrograde people from our past are likely to revisit us. Running into your ex might not be something to dread, Capricorn. "If you’ve been hoping to rekindle a flame with an ex, ask them to go for a quick day trip somewhere or go to a place you’re likely to bump into them at. They’ll likely feel the spark reignite," Thomas reveals.


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Still got it for your ex? Ask them to spend a day with you at a local beach. Thomas explains, "Harken back to somewhere near water that brings out your nostalgia together. The retrograde happens a great deal in a fellow water sign, bringing out your greatest intuition. If you’re close to your element, your heart will feel more sensitive and flowy, so bring that love back to life." A beach day? Rekindled love? Mercury retrograde doesn't seem so villainous anymore, right?